holding the laugh walk speed

December 22 [Sat], 2012, 18:21
Before looking at the step of feather and section of dust, laughing people's eyes flashed a dignified color, this time, there is no way in front of a mad, dust, and behind him a like wolves step feather eyes to his smile, at the moment, all eyes are full of dignified color."To solve this guy again!"Period of dust at the front of a laugh people said, immediately, directly rushed forward, and in the period of dust out moment, step plume body is a smart move, immediately rushed to laugh people behind, dagger with a dark cold cold awn, direct stabbed over.Now, laugh at people saw the impending violent swords, and behind with a Black Dagger pierce and two overseas Chinese, Wu will laugh people retreat completely closed, either forward or backward, will be the one to hit.Damn it.Laugh people through clenched teeth cold grunted, then, suddenly jumped towards the back, since inevitable, then choose a relatively attack low point person, this person is a natural step.Now, laugh at people's dagger also brutally stabbed step plume, since they cannot escape, simply hold a, if can will step feather kill, is also a good choice."Hum!"Laugh people attack to her size, step feather was a sneer, thereupon, hard to laugh at people, dagger direct bombardment,Women's Canada Goose Solaris Cheap, violent explosive sound moment sounded, all of a sudden, smiling people was the attack hits directly burst out laughing, and at the moment, people attack is the same role in the plume's body, two attacks are bombarding each other, each other in general strike took a step back, but, smiling people lost much, laugh at people because the rear, and a mad dust plume, pace attack in the past, the moment would laugh Cang fight towards students mad dust rushed over, for a moment, smiling people have appeared in the period of dust."Boom!"Period of dust Sabre mercilessly broke out, knife down, smiling people look sank, and this moment, smiling people directly is away most of the output, if it continued to strike down, he will surely die.Think of here, smiling people look sank, but at the moment, some dust again to laugh people attack the past, this moment, smiling people eyes in a flash of dignified, reflexive will escape, but this moment, step feather has already blocked laugh people escape route, a moment to laugh people attack in the past, overbearing attack force directly outbreak, smashes into the human body will laugh, laugh people to hit the back."Boom!"Laugh people were repulsed at the section of blades is hard, dust storm, once again at the bombardment in whole body, will laugh people directly hit the back out, now, laugh at people's eyes are full of fear of color, the two people together, they simply do not have any defense, and such thus, smiling people eyes in nature is inexplicable panic."In this way, even the most basic resistance is very difficult!"Looking at a front and a back two people laugh, people look that is full of solemn, now, is not on his side, the rest of the people there are almost the same, dream weaving in the arrow, is almost the biggest threat, the arrow down, can make a game player panic so, especially in dream fabric range and far away, at this moment, in the distance, releasing a arrow awn, and the game player has no close dream weaving.Now, laugh at people in the period of dust and step plume under siege, and retreat, smiling people a sharp, he wanted to run away, and saw this scene, step plume is naturally won't let him win, fast with a flash,Men North Face 3 in 1 Cheap, the common people to laugh along the way, immediately, directly on the laugh people attack, thereby holding the laugh walk speed.Inexorably hangs on.Watch step feather rushed to his people, smiling face sank, step that follows his own feathers, do not be able to quickly build run, it will be such constant stall, continuous press."Laugh at people, come to stay!"In the smiling people look gloomy time, laugh at people's side,UGG Ultra Short Sale, a shadow appears again, Wu chinese.Damn it.Laugh at people's face suddenly changed, one step is enough tough feather, plus the last arcade overseas, the two Ranger force, they simply could not hide too
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