tendons are mysterious force to resolve

November 24 [Sat], 2012, 10:35

The article best refining division 52 chapters, if you like the best refining division 52-chapter collection of Need refining division 52 chapters! Qin Fei, Chapter 52 tendons Cunduan turned to look at a death at 8 Spirit room, is preparing to leave when the 8th groaning came the cry of death, suddenly heard the Spirit room look good novel: endless sword installed the latest chapter. Qin Fei stature meal, help expand their own sky-head down the Spirit room. Saw death No.8 cross one's legs while sitting still in practitioners, her whole body covered with the rich aroma of Black Mist ** body, actually faint black silk clouds, giving a very strange feeling. Black line is constantly changing, moving in her skin, like a black stream wave. Qin fly there observed a moment, and finally understand the point of this black line is the dark cloud toward the dark energy in the body, where he carefully observed, actually found in this energy toward faint, with their daughters get through The trend of Renduermo same purpose. Qin fly Babel mesh scanning capability added to the strongest start Eight memory of the death glance UGG Bailey Bow. In the blink of an eye, he not only understand the essence of the practitioners of the death of bone, but also understand that the thing to do at this time of death Eight. Death tissue death bone, called bone, but the actual meaning is not such a thing as children. In fact, it is also for the tendons more amount of expansion, so that the body can instantly to withstand enormous energy throughput energy values ​​dramatic increase in defense and attack. If we are fighting and attacks likened to drink water in a teapot, that water is itself energy the tendons will spout children. Pot of adults, inside the store how much of the water that is the strength of human strength. But the spout the size you can instantly display their attack force. Some people perhaps body with high strength strength North Face Panther Print Outlet, but they did not know cast or poor, and can not really own fighting completely play nice novel: I warlords career TXT download. Some people may be low strength, and his battle, however, can be their own fighting completely cast out, which belongs to a way of fighting the problem of power law. Previous Qin fly not only to daughters transformation physique, and also for them to get through the Renduermo it big as daughters pot add water, but also they spout expand. This rapid increase their strength has the energy cast means a full raise. Death bone death on the 8th refining stronger, Qin Fei observed that the tendons in her body actually has turned into a translucent and swollen to the extreme expansion. If you continue to expand down Death Eight of the body will not bear, and the implosion occurred, thereby lost their lives. Qin Fei is preparing to act, Death Eight issued a cry of pain moaning, I saw she shuddered body suddenly uttered Qing Xiang, who translucent the tendons and actually really the entire burst open. Dark energy from broke out among the tendons UGG Women's Button Mini, launched a dark body of death at 8 Biao wind. Death Eight of energy under this implosion is already chaos, there is no ability to protect themselves UGG Roxy Short Boots, very clear that Qin fly. He shocked under hastily cast mysterious force protect the back of the Death No. 8, the body's organs, so they avoid being hurt. He also distracted trying out six life treatment and surgery, consecutive to the death on the 8th cast of six, this barely keep death at 8 lives. Qin fly mysterious force six life therapy technique to keep death on the 8th of lives, but her body under that dark Biaofeng been a great deal of harm North Face Womens Closer Triclimate Jackets. Her body hanging limply down, the whole body was Ukrainian cyan, straight Qin Fei looked extremely anxious: save me. Rao is the case, she is still trying to extrusion smile said Qin flying. The under Qin flying comfort, death No.8 feel like in the tenderness of the mother being in general, felt a strange tenderness. She slowly close your eyes and arms lying in the Qin Fei, and pretty soon they fall into a deep sleep. Death No. 8, breathing evenly, should not have any life-threatening, Qin Fei could not help calm down. Him again to Babel mesh makes viewing Death Eight of the constitution, I hope you can find a treatment approach. Qin flying after careful observation, started to use the mysterious force and life practice of force to clean up the body to death on the 8th. In the comprehension, Qin fly for the structure of the human body have a thorough understanding, this time to clean up from the Death Eight of the body, natural Qingjushulu. Death Eight of the body under the care of the Qin Fei is doing the quick reply. Ren Qinfei just how efforts, those the broken tendons and also can not be undone, her body broken tendons are mysterious force to resolve, eliminate the invisible. The where the death No.8 body, there is no shred of tendons, leaving only a skeleton, flesh, skin, just as big trees do not have branches, it seems very strange. Even Qin Fei also never encountered such a situation, he will be looking at the death at 8 inside the body, help tightly brow wrinkled with. Face of such circumstances, Qin Fei did not know how to deal with, and continue to nourish Death Eight of the body can only take advantage of the training of the force of life. Under the life practicing the power of the role of, those dark Biaofeng the damage brought about by the death No.8 body gradually calm down. After a full day, Death Eight only sober over. She slowly opened his eyes, the first thing they see Qin Fei looking anxious face, No.8 feel at this moment, death wrapped in an unprecedented warm meaning himself, she slowly stretched out his arms hugs the Qin Fei: fly fondly stroking the hair of Death Eight, most gentle voice said. Speeding provide the best refining division 52 chapters full text reading, if you like the best collection of Need refining division 52 chapters refining division 52 chapters!

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