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December 03 [Mon], 2012, 17:36

back to my mind. A pool of blood, a middle-aged couple life go away to the west, next to two five-year-old look like children, sitting on the ground crying wah-wah. Liu Ziyang long breath, pale face surfaced once again the usual hint of a smile, and said: brothers will stay in this place for several years, the original, he is in order to protect the girl of weeks if Mann for a sin he had committed an error. Although there are too many rogue gas him, but indeed dare dare Emotion Shigeyoshi man! This rogue - what it used to! hospital that old Dean asked to be weeks if Mann was adopted a couple of rural down this road, I'm here to find the other girl, so far there is no news, only to know that she is a rich adoption, other on no news,UGG Tall Sparkles. A big crowd, and how to look for? We can not stand in the street and saw a girl went up and off they pants? Tang Jia some moist eyes, she thought Liu Ziyang is always one I do not know what sorrow, now I know, in fact, the heart of each person has his sorrow, but some people do not like to reveal it. She suddenly felt the brothers imagine greater than themselves. Who have made mistakes, but not everyone is willing to pay for their own mistakes. ...... To have such a man for their own, he would have preferred to do a lot of people are afraid to do it, did not even dare to think about things, is it, this is love? Liu Ziyang lazily opened his eyes and saw the sadness in the eyes of weeks if Man gently got up to her in my arms. This week if Mann did not refuse, meekly against his shoulder, his eyes glide trace crystal teardrop, the teardrop of happiness. Room atmosphere about ambiguous, Liu Ziyang entire body has a reaction, and looked down at the scenery of this girl collar really like reaching into the probe on a probe, may be afraid to upset the atmosphere now is really a dilemma. Faced with another woman, Liu Ziyang, countless types provoke their desire can face weeks if Man, he really is unable to do anything. Then cattle X rogue week if Man, unable to deal with a woman feel the lower part of the body to be a hard stick withstood the little face Shua click on the red extricate himself from Liu Ziyang arms secretly glanced at the corner of his eye. Liu Ziyang took a deep breath, some greedy sniffing the air taste. Well, incense ... eating breakfast, Liu Ziyang Huangyou go to Internet cafes, Jin Xiaohu still look cool appearance, sitting on the bar daze. Tiger behind a large forest waiting for you na Why would hang a crooked neck tree? brother take you to the red light district revolution either night, you vent the fire? his eyes, he knew Liu Ziyang want some of their happy, can a quiet mind is full of Dong Jie pure smile. How he did not believe, Dong Jie is the kind of fast and loose money eyes of the girl? Perhaps, she really is what are the difficulties? Tonight about Dong Jie Meet Jin Xiaohu sighed, some things, he still would like to personally ask. Liu Ziyang nodded, it was just a total nor is it a way to eventually be a result. Two guys covered Hengrou wait for the body of the shirt is bursting at the seams, straight in front of the two men walking The one write Liu Ziyang two one, growled Road: Jin Xiaohu surprised a moment. Single Hung? Liu Ziyang surprised, this guy cattle cross it? Grab other people's girlfriends, and even dare to come to the threat? But the thought of Wei said lock, single-Hung Liu Ye men sworn brother of one of the Four Diamond also relieved, indeed, they have the arrogance of the capital. To see Jin Xiaohu anger, Liu Ziyang first to step stood up, reaching across the table to pick up a carton of cigarettes and handed two man. Both some proud man, contemptuously looked at the front of the two men, who grab the hands of Liu Ziyang's smoke,North Face Gore Tex Waterproof Jackets Sale, been people I did not expect to beat poke. Jin Xiaohu the cigarette thrown behind him,UGGs Adirondack II Cheap, his face still cold, said: Had Miss Dong pleading for you, brother, I can scrap Ah! shatter this Internet cafe! Jin Xiaohu writings both eyes are red, but for Liu Ziyang desperately pulling, estimated that he and two dry on. Liu Ziyang indifferent smile, his face is still a cynical look, said: Jiehen, that we look for a single Hung
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