stomach of a sharp jabbing colic

December 21 [Fri], 2012, 17:38
Idiot.I coldly at Kaiser at a glance, he grunted.Kaiser?Really TMD when you are that the Kaiser is not?No strength, do not install B, since you want to be a silly B, then, I have become fully!When the whole world face, was I ",north face cheap;see you later, also how to look up.The world's most powerful sorcerer?Oh, just like this, perhaps can win the Xuanyuan sword in frost aria, but never beat her sister, and wings enable powerful than he can solve it easily, most also is a tie.Ha-ha.Kaiser, really awesome!My speed a lot, it solved most of his grasp!"The wind must shadow moving rapidly, gave a hearty laughter.He is known now to speed, and in this field, after addition, faster chips.A master, perhaps the strength is not very strong, but his heart will be strong, must firmly believe that their own strength.A person, if even the forces of their own do not believe, how then can become the master?The wind has lost is that to believe in themselves, for his own speed it is with absolute confidence."Close combat blocking up, a remote attacker is ready to release large magic, not less, so there is no role for Dragon warrior!"Have to say, imperial blood or super master.In a short time not to adapt, suddenly is reaction over, calm in command.Although everyone is equal in status, as one of the country's great game player, but at this time no care is it right? Himself in command, a pressing matter of the moment is to beat me, anyway, imperial blood the night they want to do.Therefore, eighteen people suddenly started.",UGG Suburb Crochet;Night hunting!"As a special occupation of the imperial blood and vampire gentleman, first launched the attack, blood emperor rapidly toward I run to, while the vampire gentleman is shaking his feet to completely wrap the cloak, a large group of about a meter long bloody red bat crazy towards me coming.Hum, is worthy of the pope.This attack, definitely may see him as a numbers game player and not a little water, is absolutely real.Unfortunately, this degree of attack, for I do not play role.Hand, wielding a sword!A red sword went out, he hit the first bat, the moment will seckill, then energy extended until ten several meters, killed at least hundreds of bats, the rest of the bat is the burning flame to encircle, one another, all burned up.The gentleman sees this, hurried up, then retreat two step, it is not to burn."The really good stuff, then I!......Wind break Xiang killed!"The wind has lost voice suddenly sounded in my ear, a furious cross wind attack towards me and come, sharp energy even cutting off air.I smiled grimly, body slightly stirred, disappeared in situ, let his attack at weekends.Sorry.The wind has lost sight of the moment I lost sight, suddenly shocked."You also called speed?"Light and sarcastic voice in the wind has lost my ears, let his pupil suddenly shrinks, the next moment he felt the stomach of a sharp jabbing colic, then become an immortal like flying.Oh?A little skill, even by me a heavy foot died, is worthy of a German!I was a bit surprised look at have residual wind bully, with my current strength, although only or foot, no powerful skills, but they are certainly not so much.The wind has lost the child even by foot is not dead, not simple!"Dare you still absent-minded?......Blood traction!"Ear rings the imperial blood that hideous sound, the next moment I feel blood a little beat up, as is subjected to a powerful force to put them out in general."Control the ability of blood, do not generally the same.Unfortunately, absolute power, can compensate for the effect of special ability!"I smiled grimly, a Dodge, kicked in the face of the imperial blood, he kicked the ground from the air.Damn it.Rocket blast!"See their eldest child abuse, as the United States of America's No. two, iron man start that is similar to Adou Ki's feet to sound like the backlash speed impact and come, the iron fist had over a layer of light red.Energy fire?Metal armor,UGG Slippers Discount?
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