finally aroused Ferocious instantly

November 26 [Mon], 2012, 10:46

> () () Rapid update three hundred and second chapter Dudou Chen Wen Wen Huanchu with the Pang Yue and Li Feng survivors rescued, had jumped from helicopter gunships down (d just Li Feng and Happy King between short and intense fighting to see she is constantly applauded heard Huanchu hearts surprised and exclaimed: Chen Wen Wen pair of beautiful eyes gazed at Huanchu, said: one minute, if you do not go, we want that the helicopter was shot down Huanchu eyes above a condensate, turned his head toward Chen Wen Wen shouted: a few dead king watched the sky triumphantly gnashing of teeth on the helicopter remained without water in the the helicopter outside only Chen Wen Wen Huan Chu Chenmin Wen right hand clutching his waist, biting his lower lip, said: stay away, I do not take the kind of nervous feeling, I've had enough obediently go to the aircraft king, and looked at the face of determined Huanchu a stomping against him all toward the helicopter on 1 Huanchu deeply saluted, they took off and the other two helicopter gunships confluence in the air circled a few times, and speed up the degree to disappear from the line of sight of the Huanchu not seen Happy Wang smiled and patted the Taiping king of the shoulders and said: Taiping king Lengheng soon destroyed the Happy King claws,North Face Mens Denali Outlet, nor to see the look of embarrassment Happy Wang, be facing the Huanchu asked: Huanchu, suicides, or want us hands? If suicides, said uncertain also leave a whole corpse but our hands, and that you are waiting for the own body eaten by those zombies Rotary Huanchu right hand on the hilt of the long knife, and said proudly: to see that you have the guts to take a around the tyrant King stopped down, see Happy king in anger, the tyrant King shook his head, big mouth front behind the low level of the corpse said: ? to laughing loudly Youzhao waved, said: confluence of three dead king heard the words of the tyrant King and opt for open Xuependakou exposing the inside dense white fangs issue sound earth-shattering roar from three directions towards Huanchu threw herself from the Happy Wang Lengheng soon, said: Happy Wang explained: yin Hou answer has always stood in the sea behind four dead king heard the stream edge king to call them as servants, and his face was not the slightest dissatisfaction with the meaning, remain deeply embedded in the lower head, did not dare to interpose between the dead king Pa King as if suddenly remembered something and turned his head facing the sea overcast Hou said: , even if he knows that he is no match can only bite the bullet and play the sky and shouts loudly behind the meat wing band from the burst of intense airflow toward the ground with three high-end zombie war heap Huanchu straight bashing away a long knife in hand Huanchu like change a face fine, clear expression all disappeared, replaced by a deep Jieao and turned its color Huanchu like a fine civet general relaxing walk in three high-level zombie claw wind, toe tap, the physique of a move to circumvent a high-level zombie Tiezhao right hand a long knife Jihui, the side of the trunk a want attack on their own high-end zombie push back, saw sea Yin Hou flutter flashing flesh wing lunged towards his the opportunity Hai Yin Hou suddenly joined, not only disrupted three zombies just Lineup let siege more than a weakness - the Hoi Yin Hou Huanchu eyes of Yinmang independence claw skyrocketing, a long knife in his hand, as if into a Dragon, facing the bursts claw lunacy split out, he was actually at the foot of the wrong step, out sprinted into a zombie siege Looking just join the fray HOU Hai Hai Yin Yin Hou Huan the Chu knife and cut off the arm, quite afraid to see your own to the hearts of the Huanchu, Huanchu will be thrown companions to kill themselves, ignore the anger suddenly threw up a zombie born of fierce instant fear reduction roar heard, behind meat wing of anxious fans, the whole body is generally told as fierce slap whip gyro spin, brought up the terror white cyclone cyclone, suddenly out of a dark claws toward Huanchu the forehead and tearing away Sea Yin Hou screaming, after the immediate burst of white light,UGG Dylyn, feeling left a cool, whole iron claw has Qiwan fall, black Xuejian instantly from smooth wound flying out to see Huanchu grim,UGG Jimmy Choo Boots, sea yin Hou finally aroused Ferocious instantly disappeared without a trace and forth behind the huge meat wing, they want to escape Huanchu which will give him the opportunity to step taken, right hand holding a long knife chopped Thunder trend toward Hou Hai Yin KING under the a shot to the high-end zombie fighting again, head the sea-Yin Hou Hengfei out before falling to the ground, the original Guanghua flow Longhorn also has become bleak three zombies see Huanchu will sea Yin Hou chop the sword, the mind is horror, then attack some timid, only a very force of seven, one-third of the left to save your life Huanchu of course seen three zombie fear,UGG Women's Over Knee Twisted Boots, long laugh loudly, Instead, let go of the hands and feet, facing the three zombies in hot pursuit Suddenly three high-level zombie like cat stepped on the tail, mouth screaming again and again, he was Huanchu a step-by-step push back But such a zombie right paw caught in the hands of order zombie fundamental break free, not open Huanchu pincers general hand instead Huanchu a pulled front, waved his right hand, a long knife suddenly wiped from his Jingbo push back zombies react when the head of the companion has been flying from his head even rescue less than the past two close proximity to high-end zombie is in the eyes of Huanchu took away the lives of companion Huanchu full hostility swept from the two high-end zombie body cold chill tone: watch their facing Huanchu muffled roar loudly, bite the bullet and rushed up the down, left fist, with a jab heavily on to fight in the the zombie Tiezhao on the left, followed by a foot, directly zombie kicked out of the left side of his offensive has not stopped, taking advantage of the high-end zombie on the left kicked out the moment, Huanchu to form a one-on-one situation with lightning speed, turned and cut off half the meat wing at the high-end zombie Jingbo, the left hand has been stuck, then shoved force
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