previously tried to hide the minions

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult He found she lacks what to do ? Shui consonance curiosity is pulled ,thought :is there some people jealous she lacks now seats ,trying to hurt him ?But think carefully ,but think that is unlikely, since she lacks is generation of patriarchal status ,away from the real sit on the snake heads in place and there is a certain distance .
Moreover ,the current situation of confusion ,there are twelve veins behind things mix snafu, who at this time to fiddle with the hands and feet, not only is no good ,I will bring about .
Oh ,he finds she lacks is not what you want to do ,I secretly follow a road ,now his sole purpose is to tap out she short of their conversation . Qin Hansheng said slowly .Shui consonance glanced at the Qin and Han Dynasties ,see the look like the details already understand, frown ,road : who is this what identity ,and why she is short of their conversation .
You do not fast as I say ,what to sell on . Qin Hansheng shook his head : not me in suspense ,but the identity of the person is too important ,if I expected good, he should be the twelve veins as changeable as clouds and rain .
The behind . Sorry. I Shui little exclamation ,suddenly tilted up, eyes stared straight at the students ,asked : are you sure you have studied ? Qin Hansheng patted Shui Lingxi sweet shoulder ,signed her to relax ,this is nodded and said : from his whereabouts, and his automatic speaking words ,I think ,my judgment should not wrong .
This is the person who killed a tiger day three young people North Face Down Jackets Outlet. Shui consonance was slightly changed, that such news, she apparently some do not sit, tense said: Hanson ,if it really is the person ,then he night to my day a snake ,no ,he will be under a hands-on target in our day a snake ? Here ,I would Shui body movement ,dressing up, the mouth is more rapid and said: the message is very important, I want to inform Xi missing them .
Don worry .Qin Hansheng saw this ,he took her, shook his head : well ,in my opinion, this behavior may not be to snake a day . Why. Shui consonance syndrome up ,puzzled to see Qin and Han students .
The student said: you hear me out first . I nodded Shui .The physiological science thoughts ,it said slowly : because I own reason ,I can not directly reveal the true identity of the man ,otherwise I will also exposed ,so I can only secretly follow him .
Fortunately, his vigilance is not small ,but did not show me in the dark, peep . Shui alike reproachfully : it is natural ,if you are a person directly reveals the identity ,even if not to mention your identity will be exposed .
To the serious ,I am afraid you have now be fraught with grim possibilities . Qin Hansheng smiled ,continued: I was now his whereabouts ,and follow the road ,the first in two short loft for a period of time, then sneak down the hill .
But in the halfway up the hill ,but stopped footsteps ,perhaps out of the master takes place in the family ,he also relaxed .Then automatic speaking a few words, these words were accidentally I heard a .
Subsequently, Qin Hansheng will be the Peter automatic speaking words repeat it again .Shui consonance heard this ,his face suddenly reveals the strange color, indissolubles: if he speaks these words according to understand ,he did it behind the wrong .
But ,his speech is mentioned in the ninja ,air Yang God and Lord ,and so on ,what is the meaning of this? Is he from earthly in the tiny country of Japan? Obviously, Shui consonance to Ninja ,existence ,also slightly hear .
But for the vast majority of yogis ,earthly in those loopholes ,rarely pays attention to ,don .That makes two of us .Qin Hansheng : he nodded I have been walking in the world ,so for these things to know more .
He now referred to these ,it must have its own identity is from Japan ,that is accurate in Japan from nine Ju a wrong .Moreover, he mentioned air Yang God ,is a nine Japanese chrysanthemum in the Andouble family general God one, with extraordinary energy .
I remember you said the consonance ,veins have got the original behind the break a few young people a magic weapon ,the legacy weapon debris .In these weapon debris left on some energy, from the behind .
Now with this person said ,these weapons on the residual energy ,should belong to empty Sun God energy .And the true of tigers day et al under the pain killer ,I think ,should be the empty sun god .
Empty Yang would be what ? Shui consonance frowns .Qin Hansheng himself knew about the Andouble family twelve god thing roughly speaking again .After understanding Shui consonance ,nodded: it is not wrong ,it is the empty Yang will move .
But this control with empty sun god murderer also cannot be underestimated ,after all he can safely hiding in my veins twelve ,has not been found ,so it is not simple . The Qin and Han Dynasties rimpled brow and said: our power alone ,in my view ,this practice is setting up Dan period ,do not talk to go up more .
Coagulation Dan ? Shui consonance with a variable ,exclaimed : you say he is setting Dan period? As you say so ,that he is not training people ? Qin and Han students nodded: good .
Shui consonance face instantly change color ,she suddenly understood why the person should choose the day the snake a snake on the day ,why the elders are bugged ,and why can hide so far not be now .
Through the Qin Hansheng mentioned his coach car ,then the answer is only one :the person with training practice hiding in twelve ,as part of a team being ignored .And chose a day the snake ,presumably ,he is hidden in a day the snake ,with to attend the air assembly .
If it is really so, it can be a big problem . Bad . Shui link road .The Qin and Han Dynasties rimpled Mei, : bad ? Shui consonance will quickly reassured that again, Qin Hansheng heard ,lit up and color, said : no wonder .
I was wondering ,why this man in the halfway up the hill ,but ran directly into the mountainside those ordinary people live .According to what you say ,I this is really a pseudonym hiding in a day the snake ,to ordinary people who participate in this time the pulse assembly .
While he was yet being the trail ,it is a very cautious person ,the other side is the twelve pulse reflection range did not fall into these people student body, thereby completely be ignored .
Shui I hear this word ,mind is entirely sure down .Anxious : Hanson ,this may be how to do .He was hiding in my day the snake a pseudonym .It must be immediately the information she lacks them, otherwise I would lead to a disaster .
Qin Hansheng thought, shook his head : it is of great importance ,but if you are so bold words ,would run counter to one . Shui not startled, indissolubles: why ? It simple .Now on the history status and so on are I between two of the conjecture ,the specific situation, we can not determine .
If trade to notice she lacks them, one is not good, it would be easy to act rashly and alert the enemy .Moreover ,this thing is not good it ,or if she is short of asks how you know ,how do you reply ?In addition ,now twelve veins form and on the behind the attitude you are not clear ,but she lacks ambition as you can see ,so in my opinion North Face Denali Jackets Sale,it is not so simple to inform the Xi .
Qin Hansheng slowly analysis .Shui consonance listens, show frown tighter ,she he nodded : you are right UGG Suburb Crochet Short,I think is too simple .This thing is really not so easy to say ,or to you and I ,for one day the snake ,not necessarily is the best thing .
But if not, with you in my two people ,how to take this .Don let them continue to do evil all kinds of evils ? Qin Hansheng thought for a while, it just slowly said : well ,You Xi missing this how ? Shui not startled, apparently some don why Qin Hansheng suddenly asked this ,but she still slightly paused for a moment ,she replied: the lack of this man is not simple, at least is a quite deep .
They appear always stand aloof from worldly success ,appear trite and insignificant ,but in the cypress Shuihan died, he had the different peaks protruding The North Face Hoodie Solid Thicken,previously tried to hide the minions are exposed .
Qin and Han students nodded: good, I also have this feeling .Because of this ,I think she lacks the man ,if I took the chief place, for you and your son, cypress hill ,not necessarily is the best thing .
Perhaps for a time, he also demonstrated considerable sincerity ,but it is just in order to consolidate his authority ,to help him by God a snake heads .Wait for him to sit in this seat ,I he will tell you the two adverse .
Shui not surprised : Hanson ,why do you say so .In fact, even if not she lacks take this seat, for others, probably not much difference . The student said: well ,you can your identity .
Although theoretically speaking ,you no .But you madam ,even the cypress Shuihan died, your identity is still the same .Likewise, you in the days of snake a still has considerable appeal and prestige .
As the saying goes ,a mountain ,you think she lacks to completely hold this position, will tolerate another authoritative presence ? Shui I suddenly felt a jump ,she suddenly thought of a generation of patriarch .
The original Parker Shuihan got the chief position, also experienced a lot of competition ,and also in the last generation of madam to hold this position .The specific process Shui consonance ,although did not participate in ,but also some what ,after all ,Shuihan is her husband .
According to her, cypress Shuihan the destiny of no one, can get a generation of Madam support ,largely ,because madam Bai Shuihan weak, easy to control .So he and Parker Shuihan made a deal .
The contents of the transaction generally is full support Shuihan get Phat matriarchal ,but Parker Shuihan must in the generation of patriarch son grow up, and then the seat to him UGG Greenfield For Cheap.
In simple terms ,cypress Shuihan is a transition ,patriarch who eventually to a generation of leaders of hands .If with the show down ,I day snake heads would not Bai Shuihan ,but the generation of the son of duke .
Unfortunately ,in the cypress Shuihan succeeded him soon, a generation of madam and the patriarch because of some reason have died of illness .Then ,Bai Shuihan around, it thoroughly .
The chief seat ,so far no one can shake .A generation ago madam and his son ,Shui consonance has doubts ,but she is not willing to go to get to the bottom of these complex things ,so it is to turn a blind eye .
But now falls on their body, but she ignored it, now Qin Hansheng was a coaching ,she has finally come to his senses ,and panic . Hanson ,you have a point there .However, Hill today is still small, and I could not do, in that .
.. ... Then, what shall I do .Shui consonance some hesitation road .Qin Hansheng stroked the Shui Lingxi sweet shoulder ,said : you don panic, this is just a tentative plan .As you said, even if she don sit on the seat ,for other people ,is not much .
So ,if you want to do, it must want to master certain power .But ,don make some arrangements for the hills ? Shui consonance eye one bright, said: when you ,is it right? What method ? Approach ?I had not ,the best way ,but also is the hill out of you and family ,to find another place to retreat to settle .
The time passed, have not on who threatens to, and then back to group words ,without any problems .But now ,if you take advantage of this behind things, but also not different approaches but equally satisfactory results ,even on the hills ,he inherited the snake heads in place, is not no chance .
Qin Hansheng says slowly .I said : even Shui Hanson ,how to do ,I have to listen to you . Qin Hansheng smiled and said : in fact, it is not difficult .I remember you mentioned ,twelve pulse on the behind the attitude ,have the verdict of .
Who to capture this behind ,who can sit on the twelve base seat on ? I nodded Shui .Qin Hansheng added: so you can see ,the twelve portal ,really qualified to sit on the seat also only the two veins and the Decepticons denon .
Other venous system really got behind if caught ,seated on the seat ,I am afraid it is difficult to get benefits .In accordance with the Decepticons Denon and strong ,will only cause to suppress the ending .
However ,I am afraid that there will be such an outcome ,there will also be a person cannot help ambition ,jump out, after all twelve base seat ,for any a ,have incomparable temptation .
Even will affect the later twelve pulse pattern exhibition .Am I right . Shui consonance nodded: you are right ,but I don this has to do with me ! Qin Hansheng smiled and said : this is big .
Now we have mastered this behind the trend, its value, I think you should not be difficult to understand .Can say ,we hold this secret ,for any a ,have incomparable temptation .If you give the told she lacks, whether she lacks his hand ,seize the day ,the snake a arch seat seat ;or the Decepticons win for Denon or patron capital ,for she lacks ,such success, enough to let him sit on a subset of the chief .
But the same thing ,you can do the same ,why let Xi missing to take away the rich fruit ?Of course ,to you I two people present status and ability ,want to capture the single-handed ,not too .
But as long as you hold this capital ,make good use of a great ,natural help . Shui consonance frowned : I understand ,you mean ,let me this message is provided to the Denon or the Decepticons ,in order to get the capital ? Qin and Han students nodded: well ,this is what I mean .
In so doing, but also to you ,and to the hills ,to the day of a snake ,the best method . Shui consonance he nodded : do good ,really ,but the Decepticons and we never really touch the snake ,if the message is used, also can inform a denon .
Qin and Han students nodded: of course is to inform a denon .Don now in a small Denon ,and identity is not low ,and you live in the junior Su back now also in a Denon and spinule them in practice .
Moreover ,Denon pulse is always the day the snake a patron ,so choose, can choose a Denon ,this is the best for you . I hesitated for a Shui ,finally make a decision : good ,I then went to find a Denon Denon ,chief consult about the matter .
Believe that send a such big, Denon also could not bring my love .Later a Denon as patron ,even though she lacks sit on the patriarchal seat ,he did not dare to act rashly and blindly .
Don . Qin Hansheng waving said: now have to do ,is to investigate ,the hiding the identity .I think ,the person should join a day the snake is not a long time ,it is highly probable that in recent years ,in the outer return family man .
Careful investigation, grasp the accurate ,you will visit the junior Su xiaorou to name a Denon past ,so as not to what basket . Good ! Shui consonance to nod .... ... ... .
.. It was already clear .Denon resident Qin thorn abode ,four young people a night ,almost all in a long chat through .And although the companion of death into a sad ,but in a prison and the exquisite Su Xiaorou these peers in the conversation, is gradually easing mood ,to emerge from the shadows of some .
Up to now ,into the graceful can already be open ,and the two girls with laughter, glabella gloom away many .But for the Qin .They three people, into the graceful is always an outsider ,so in the conversation, not scruple .
But that three person accident is ,the rabbit graceful nature ,and that Lan Haotian is different ,serious along later, is also a moral good girl ,which is also called the three dropped slightly ,but also began to slowly accept the girl .
It soon dawn ,hee hee ~ family ,sister ,sister ,family ,together we go get some breakfast . Bi Linglong have a look it ,said with a smile .Some wonder rabbit graceful : exquisite family sister ,you are not up ? Bi Linglong smiled and said : why up ?Delicate food is also a kind of enjoyment ,but also does not need to go up ,can be avoided .
Into the graceful : in our days passed ,can achieve up level ,we basically are rarely eat .Because this kind of food intake essence complex, will have a slight influence on culture .
A prison exquisite Pie : limpet ,a little effect what .Well, don ink clan sister, we go out to breakfast ,let you feel not back up . Said, took up the rabbit ,and Su Xiaorou ,in the Qin spines called a sound ,then left the loft .
Soon, the three girls carry the box back, box placed in the breakfast was fine, four young men to eat eat with appetite ,it doesn people who practice in life .He was already up long into the graceful are some couldn appetites .
I just finished breakfast ,100 Tengjiao come, come to look into the nature is graceful ,ask stayed here is desired ,as shown in a Denon pulse on Lepus attention .Into the graceful natural answer is another hundred Tengjiao satisfactory ,then hundred Tengjiao to a prison Linglong Road: Linglong ,patriarch calls you and happy girl over there .
A prison into one : what happened ? Hundred Tengjiao startled, then smiled and said: not clear ,you do not know me . It is sue xiaorou seems to hear a little ,said : it must be for yesterday provided on the baby on the left energy of fragments .
This group of tertiary presumably because rabbit graceful in reason, so it is not convenient to directly speak out . So ,Su xiaorou pulled a prison delicate hands ,nodded: family uncle, then we go .
A prison Linglong frowned : kylin brother not to go ? A little way: have you gone ,who will accompany the graceful girl . In fact ,100 Tengjiao to call Su Xiaorou and a prison for precisely that fragments of Linglong wave energy on the matter ,as to why not let Qin thorn ,it is to let her stay with rabbit graceful .
After all now Denon deliberately courting days ,so on the surface of etiquette must be done in place .Moreover ,Qin thorn nature most calm ,know the weight ,leaving him with nothing in a rabbit .
If you leave a prison ,refers to this girl will say anything nonsense . 100 family uncle, I do not matter ,something you would go .Not with me . Into the graceful classical Chinese ,he said .
Hundred Tengjiao waving laughs: no no ,kylin ,hello to accompany the graceful girl .Fine ,delicate ,let . Qin thorn nodded .A Jiao took Su Xiaorou and a prison Linglong left loft
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