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> Full moon night, the Addict war nine sword! This is the rumors on the rivers and lakes, and also the expectations of many martial arts human, however, it is not the expectations of the cold. Few people are aware, there had been a fierce collision between the remote mountain village, Addict Scriptures and Dugujiujian. That a collision is cold in the step-by-step Camp, designed Feng Qingyang, final although not the high score, but also let the forest cold to find out Dugujiujian the ins and outs. If Linghu Dugujiujian does not have its own characteristics, cold in does not look forward to! The fear of cold in the heart, is the internal forces LINGHU. Has been in internal strength, are cold in excess of Linghu many, therefore, the previous several opposition are cold compacted in the end. But this time, if Linghu really completely digested Shangguan Digital Evil elders skill, for fear the situation will be reversed between become more Linghu skill,UGG Mini For Cheap. If matched with suction - Star - Large - law, the cold will be very difficult, the end result will be how, depends on both sides retreat results. On the peak of Jade Taishan, a pedestrian Zuoleng Chan, Lin Han, Qiu Li, non-smoke rendezvous with Li Ji, Shi Tao, have jade Isogo, jade tone sub, jade chime, etc who accompany them. This time, Qiu Li, non-smoke two did not, as usual, waiting at home, Lin cold asked their opinion, the two with the side. Be jade the Isogo arrangements Zuoleng Chan Ding Mian, FEI bin, bell town, Qiu Li, non-smoke, as well as one hundred the Songshan disciples of accommodation when cold, Li Ji, Shi Tao trio together. Room cold in two stare uncomfortable, muddy and not emboldened to ask: Tao sighed and said, it is full of grievances nowhere to vent. Vaguely guessed at the reasons, forest cold watching the two 'settle old debt collectors' general eyes, smile: Tarzan-management manual labor, are also considered leisure., but you have to come up with a 'decisive battle' thing head of the summit of Mount Tai, now how many martial arts swarms? almost did not we exhausted! complain, as he did, then a few people, is also open to talking, cried the day song. Li Ji, Shi Tao, two of you, I have one, keep chatter cold in the cold in confused scalp tingling, buzzing ears, like a hundred ducks disturb. After a long, cold in the recovered quickly hands held high for surrender-like smile: air is crisp, but do not want to knocking the the forest cold so rogue, paused born was born in mid-air, breath did not connect to face Biede. Li Ji, Shi Tao, the two of them as one, Hensheng said: nodded: Laughter stop, cold in the two looked puzzled, asked: As if the feeling of a calculating, cold in the not so sure and asked: Cold in nodded, and no wonder, but the hearts of anxiety is more intense, suddenly asked: expensive, otherwise, how worthy of our busy these days. the restaurant? Shaolin Temple who was a monk who is really down son,UGGs Classic Tall Fancy Boots, vegetables and tofu these things in their hands can make meat. therefore, willing to spend money is a lot of people. with slaughter thirtieth, hate teeth, done extremely well, I heard those accustomed to lavish meals dignitaries are rare to go, Shaolin as the background, but also no one would dare to make trouble. technology good kitchen monk,uggs for women, go to a restaurant to do the chef! Three of laughter burst of Shi Tao, Stern said: Stone Towers nodded arranged the Taishan business in Tai'an City, Linghu a pedestrian, it is difficult to escape their eyeliner before entered Taian City, they found Taishan segment disciples waited in the dark the trail. The Linghu live inn but live in homes in the cold in the already mentally prepared, not surprised, nodded and asked: the people, specifically who do not know, following not close. For one, I think of cold in Ren Yingying between various versions of the gossip and rumors, could not help laughing out loud. Shoulong lived smile, Li Ji frown: the Stone Towers nodded The guru 'Lanfenghuang,'. Linghu that kid, but added good fortune to go have women like,North Face Steep Dolomite. girl and Ren Yingying is the case, Lin Han could not help but smile. However, after the participation of the cold, Lingshan go, according to Lin, the little nun fooled meal wake no I do not know, non-smoke girl the Linghu not the slightest relationship, Ren Yingying elude him figure it out, afraid The only 'Lanfenghuang' still Linghu around. Shi Tao shook his head: go, Shi Tao proceeded, did not notice the change of the cold, but he is to see the face of the cold becomes more and more ugly. Li Ji was about to say anything Inquiries cold in already drew a deep breath, emotional repression. Moment, after the finish of the stone Tao, also feel cold in the expression that something was amiss, he asked: guessed wrong! Banquet above, in addition to the Five Sacred Mountains the Zuoleng Chan, cold, martial arts legend under the approval of the Zuoleng Chan, Jade Isogo turn stay in Taishan, please, of which there are Shaolin party card, Wudang Chongxu, Kongtong Xu Huai Shan, Qingcheng static dust Taoist, Emei golden Exalted, Kunlun Zhenshan sub Diancang Liu Suifeng. Of course, the outstanding disciple of the factions to the lot of which there are many cold in the know earlier. Did not reach the last the Songshan beggars Bangzhu solution wind, this also came not only himself, but also the two illegitimate child close at hand. Cold in bad taste looked two people really is in accordance with the solution wind of mold carved out, but also cut corners twins This is no wonder that the solution of the wind will be as valued them. This time of the banquet, although many martial arts predecessors, but the focus was cold in, after all, he is the incident one of the two parties, and positive character. Therefore banquet above the greetings of people flocked so cold in struggling to cope with. The feast the end, the next time, Lin Hanan static to stay in a small courtyard, and there was nothing else to disturb only A from non smoke two by his side. Has immense confidence cold in Afghanistan from non-smoke two or worried, as a kind of mood, only experienced, to be able to appreciate. Right and left arms from A, two of the non-tobacco, smoke Ting Feng listen listen autumn forest cold suddenly laughed out loud. Lin Han shook his head, but my mind was thinking: Why do these days, non-smoke girl is not very 'idea that' to the requested devotion to it? Wasted how classic plot! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ August 14, sunny, no rain, nothing! August 15, sunny, not last, the disciples to report, the Linghu have to! Out of the yard, Lin Han saw the Linghu a pedestrian. Linghu to a black Touzha Baijin! Lin cold do not care ...... team Kingland for weapons! Cold in the not too concerned about the ... team Kusang Bang as a weapon! Cold in the eyes of a slightly reduced ... team, three woman, Ren Yingying, Lanfenghuang, and that Hu Mei woman stared at the Hu Mei woman ... tightly Lin cold deep sigh, again turned Linghu surface without expressions authentic:
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