Rizhao City are all a bunch

December 17 [Mon], 2012, 16:30
People say ! Hua Feng replied ,he would cover the quilt to sleep .Bubble - Book _ bar ( ) but ,this time, Pan Qingqing is angry to bed Huafeng jumped past tightly pressed him .
At the time of National Taiwan University NTU College of nursing ,her first school flower ,is one of the ten NTU Campus Belle ,I do not know how many of the outstanding young men is to invite her to go on a date .
However ,her disdain ,never accept those men to invite .While her birth family is destined to her identity is different from the others ,so she green Princess identity ,attract more outstanding young men in pursuit of her .
But ,regardless of those men how to please her ,she would not accept ,because she wants to find a man let his heartbeat .She at the National Taiwan University reading, hearing his brother in the mainland things ,she also came to the city of Lanzhou ,did not think of at that time ,she was in and his brother are deadly enemies like a man interested in .
When she came to be Pan Zhushan called him to the Huafeng side undercover when, she did not want to agree .However ,she knows not brother reasons, but because of their own for the man curious reason .
In Shanghai, the first time see Hua Feng ,but let her feel disappointed, but made her all the more curious .But ,today, Hua Feng and her remarks ,but made her very unhappy .That last remark ,but broke her .
Hum !I want to kill you, you will not put me in the eye ! Pan green pressure in Huafeng quilt on time, kept banging quilt of Hua feng .However ,it is Hua Feng captures ,and couldn .
I want to kill you ! Pan Qingqing is getting more and more excited ,tears flow out, more is the bow will bite the quilt Maple body ,soft flesh .Although ,now China maple is a quilt ,but the comforter is too thin .
So ,when bitten by Pan Qingqing Hua Feng that shoulder ,or let him produce the pain . You are a dog ? Last time, Hua Feng Zhang Yina bite, that also left blood, and now he can let Pan Qingqing in on him leaving the wound .
Who ,who call you bully me ?Who told you to look down on me ! Pan Qingqing shouted to maple .She would bite at the time ,was Hua Feng turning her under pressure in the body ,look at each other and said .
You better don ! hungry ?Not to look down on me ? Pan Qingqing wiped his face tears pant said .The first time, and a man got so close .But ,now smell Huafeng emanating smell when men ,is to make her feel panic .
In the darkness, see Hua Feng that eye to her, Pan Qingqing is to wipe the tears in my eyes ,eyes to elsewhere . ,if you don fight well ! Pan Qingqing sighed and said ,look away .
Alas ,if Taiwan returned to good ! Hua Feng also laments .This time, he turned to the other side .Where there is no Huafeng pressing circumstances, Pan Qingqing released a sigh .But ,don hear Hua Feng that sentence, but want to laugh .
Hey ,what seems to you and it doesn ! Those who like you and it doesn ! Hua Feng looked back at her and said .. .. Prince ,according to plan ,should now be on the new hongmen ! Lin Qilei looked aside quietly sitting there in the dragon stone sky said .
Since he was at the Tsinghua University known dragon stone sky ,he found the dragon stone sky and others are different ,the dragon stone sky was able to become the official two generation boss, but because the other family background, is because someone thinking is different from the others .
Because the dragon stone sky do ,can let the capital below the official two generation clothing is more convincing ,can suppress the official capital of two generation . Yes ,UGG I Do Discount,success is not far from us .
Long Shitian said .The seconds ticked away ,but now he is getting nervous .Tonight, is in his heart the most intense and the most exciting one night ,he knew in his success is not far .
Moreover, since he entered the road, he never considered failures ,even without considering the consequences of failure . Hey ,what ? In the dragon stone sky brother just finish the sentence ,Lin Qilei still did not answer ,and a Democratic member receiving just called it, face is big ,holding the mobile phone were too frightened to fall on the ground .
How. Long Shitian face some not to ask .He was covered with confusion don that person ,such a person in his view can .While he like those from the army trained commando ,no matter what happens ,is as usual calm .
But ,now that follow him around so long time * * * head was covered with confusion . Prince ,the situation is somewhat different ! The * * * members quickly pick up the mobile phone .
What All come out ,Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka Outlet! Long Shitian looked at the time ,that it is the morning time ,from the * * * members launched a new site is also the time of the descent of Hongmen without how long ,how can there very soon the news ? Prince ,just beyond the call, that we in North Anhui and Anhui in North Hubei Province ,southern Shaanxi ,big city ,all were new Freemason descent .
And those who went to the south of Hubei Province ,Southern Anhui ,South of Jiangsu * * * members ,now it is not safe to go back in the news ! The * * * head trembling and said .Sorry.
Long Shitian and Qi Lei also asks strangely .Now the brother are dead ,except for new members from ,how may be the first to attack them ? You have to ask what is what? Dragon Stone sky asked .
However ,he just had finished speaking, the * * * head also does not answer, another * * * members ran over and said . Prince ,is not wrong ! s wrong ? Long Shitian asked some anger .
We are the new power in the Northeast Hongmen attack ,now almost all failed ! The * * * responsible for fear that looked to the dragon stone sky said . What the hell is this ? Cry ,give me clearly ? Dragon Stone sky breath ,trying to calm down and asked .
However ,in the * * * head also does not answer it, see the addition of a * * * responsible person was in a hurry to get to their direction over said . Prince ,we in the north of the coastal city ,UGG Bailey Button Krinkle Boots,now Dandong City ,Yingkou City ,city of Dalian ,Tianjin city ,Yantai city ,.
.., Rizhao City are all a bunch of strangers from port ashore to descent ,and now we are in the city to escape to members and not a lot ! Sorry. Lin Qilei heard ,almost to the ceiling .
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