with some gold and silver instead

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Chapter 45 of balance, if not a few years honed, Li Wei is likely to be fooled. Exchanged for ordinary people is certainly at this time the two answers, the first answer, say I have a service arrangements that texts. Then PEI Yan certain on the potential list goes, what do you have? Liu Rengui absent, he is the Prime Minister, this is not within the palace affairs, with the sentence, Li Ji, inside the palace thing is the emperor family, good prevarication, the prime minister the right to intervene. Li Wei is not answered truthfully, after how cross? Non-ships, private transactions, even if it sold ten thousand copies vessels fell, PEI Yan only look on in despair. There are many standard weapons, such as standard horn bow with a variety of crossbows, crashes, trebuchet, gunpowder, and even standard Crosses and street knife eventually also have to negotiate with the prime minister, this time lied about how future to do? Truthfully answer, then Lee Wei and countless other Minister of impeachment. Or another answer, do not you tube, can not say so? Can not. Businessman is this era's most under splash of a group, the most famous examples in the history of Zhang Yi brothers rights too powerful, Banquet, please Yizhou several businessmen seated, results of a harsh lesson meal Song Jing, Zhang Yi Brothers also have to admit Pei Li. Liang Jinzhu Whether dressed in what kind of coat, or a businessman, so get so many benefits, Cheng Kar marry a daughter of the concubines, changed the family name to marry the hearts still not convinced one also do this, therefore. Li Wei is the emperor of the world set an example, if reactive, occasional dinner back a Syria, such as Li Zhi dinner Zou Feng Chi, or disaster relief, Chang'an Orient House dinner Liangjin Zhu is still possible, but between too much a dignified prime minister,Canada Goose Chateau Parka Outlet, how can we ask, however ? A gentle questioning, but hidden so much of swords. Seriously PEI Yan did not know Liangjin Zhu and Lee Wei busy What? So quite know people can Pei Xingjian the celebrity of his own family, is very offensive. Pei Xingjian also let him be as the officials, officials dry only, all fairly to rank, Hao Jun strike at political, few to a few to go, only its first, followed by Xue Yuan super this to Liu Rengui. The On Kiyona married Sikong. On scholarship, Lee Wei Liu Rengui and neither. Said all the saints righteous cause, written by both righteous and moral article. Tried to grab a Wu Chengsi the error casually forward I grabbed a handful out. PEI Yan's negligence may be looking for even more difficult than Shudao. Li Wei Li also non-old let him word stuffed speechless, immediately said: no small matter, and other things that some conclusive since when Zhuqing consultation. Wonderful ah, this one answer. PEI Yan equally taken aback, and said: These two is the most urgent task is to do something urgent matters from the right, it is not an exaggeration. Sealed their mouths, and they did not leave the handle. But it is also a little tentative the Orient House upgrade, get a catchy title, is to pave the way to marry the daughter of Cheng Kar, Zhu Wu, however, has the same upgraded or promoted to Jazz, this is the real deal benefits. The Dowager heart want to stabilize the situation, so Pei Yan this time is very honest, with the tacit understanding. PEI Yan and Li Wei's fluent this time the audience was only two off or slightly noticed. The minister did not know the truth can be seen a few, but it came out a lot of rumors. Has played a good role. The beast born by the river heard many rumors, the hearts of worried. As Woguo sent envoys of the Permanent Mission of the surrounding countries, this is not without wisdom, on the contrary, the wisdom is very high. So hearing Cheng Kar-linked pro, immediately great courage to the Tang Dynasty emperor proposed pro, do not expect to be successful, one more try. So a Lee Wei back to Beijing, to find Li Wei, ask for help. Liang Jinzhu talk to him, but the beast born by the river could not be unaware that the low status of the Tang Dynasty, merchants,UGG Ultra Short Discount, such a big thing, how could call the shots is a businessman. Multi d Liangjin Zhu Tan, tantamount to the emperor talking about emperors feared uncontroversial. Now negotiations down, and the results for Li Wei stunned. He underestimated fell on mineral resources, especially gold and silver resources. In the history of the Ming and Qing Dynasties silver currency unit, the main reason from Woguo is been a lot of silver, only the late Ming China from Woguo through trade means to get the two hundred million tons of silver, tons is treated as a unit, into two would it be? So many silver hit in the Tang Dynasty, and hundreds of Jiangnan also developed. Backward and fell on the exploration, mining, smelting technology in Woguo accumulated a large amount of silver, but the Tang Dynasty too powerful civilization fell almost attached to the Tang Dynasty exist, Tang Dynasty, only coins for the monetary system, lead fell on the same copper coins, and even Tang Dynasty coins as currency. More money, and not worth the money. This Haike past few years, also trying the low price of silver, twelve silver fell on the local price of only two or three hundred text. Did not say that the river beast Health, Li also did not think so the Lee Wei agreed to purchase the weapons of the Tang Dynasty, and quite Woren tempted to gold and silver. Not only money, she fell not produce gold, this idea is equally wrong, Woguo gold production. Later, Marco Polo Woguo called gold country, is that there are a lot of gold and silver deposits. At this point, fell also undergoing a de change. Sui Dynasty when Buddhism was introduced to fell, fell on the two forces, the Soviet Union's support of Buddhism, Monobe's support for the traditional Shinto, the Battle of folds in the clothing, the Soviet Union's defeat Monobe Moriya prevail. , And then the Soviet Union's affinity royal female xìng Imperial food catering house Kyi Empress Suiko. Immediately pushed the ancient Queen ascended the throne after the nomination of Prince Shotoku, regent of its children, from an early age, it resembling history did not Paul's. From attitudes towards their loved ones, but also slightly better than Wu Zetian a chip. Of course, a different environment, the situation is different, resulting in their mentality is different. At least for now Empress Wu Li Wei and not moved much Murder contention is the allocation of rights. The Prince Shotoku throne Xiaode Emperor immediately learn the system of Sui Dynasty reform. It fell into the civilized era laid the cornerstone. Tianzhi Emperor a war White Eguchi, fell on the gap between realized and Central Plains, again imitate the Tang dynasty household registration management system, strengthen the power of the king. But a few years ago, fell on the recurrence of a major war. Tianzhi a younger brother of the Emperor, called the sea of ​​people, very intelligent, sea have a wife, called Nukata king is a woman Geishas, ​​looks very beautiful. This woman is not only beautiful, not simple minded, and later fell on the expedition Silla, she personally led his army to cross-sea combat before. Original side room for the sea of ​​people, born the the Imperial Daughter 10 cities, to let the Tianzhi Emperor forced into harem. But the sea has to bite the bullet, be careful of the to assist Huangxiong dealing with government, quickly and Nakatomi Kamatari, the Tianzhi Emperor and de facto ruler of the Big Three become Woguo. Order to win over, Tianzhi Emperor established sea artificially crown prince, and his four daughters married him. Hindsight Woguo chip, there are many pieces, which fell on ancient tradition, they must not be surprised. But then again Tianzhi Emperor snapped this go back there for two reasons, the first in his later years the Tianzhi Emperor like Longji began to fall, and pleasure, but the sea is very good as white Eguchi defeated, he immediately read in Orient House fell so Jiazi on the famous Chao. This caused anxiety and alertness Tianzhi, this is rather like Li Zhi and Li Wei. Second, for a woman. The amount of Tian Wangcheng for Tianzhi woman, with her ex-husband lingering in hunting sea of ​​people can not help but to Nukata king Huixiu affection amount Tianwang Li a yín song: purple 茜 hunting field, Jun Ma are wandering around. Yu Would not people see Jun sleeves Cornell Young. So many people watching, you have to be careful with the sea of ​​people dream of the day thinking, do not control, actually Song replied: Purple Yan Qian with sister between the hunting field. What to others fù, smoothie off my intestines. Face so-the deficit ǒ the prospect of a solution teaser, students xìng alert Tianzhi does not turn a blind eye, Shortly after, Tianzhi high temple in Lake Biwa banquet ministers, pleasure, brother Wen Tien Wu Divertimento dissatisfaction the sea to guns consistently deposited board, expressed anger. Under the old passions Tianzhi To the sea of ​​people introduced to beheading. Nakatomi Kamatari struggling to intercede, and it did not kill into. In order to maintain their status, Tianzhi change a way, not only a few of his daughter married to the sea, his wife, sister to marry again concubine, Nukata king Nakatomi Kamatari wife had Nakatomi Kamatari and their daughter marry a ocean artificially Ceshi. Temporary maintenance fell on the court Ping. Shortly after, Nakatomi Kamatari died finally unable to reconcile the, Tianzhi brothers contradictions began to set aside his love child Otomo Prince upper. Otomo Prince three great disadvantage, fell on the prevalence of horizontal tradition of royal succession,North Face Boots, first brother, after the heirs. Otomo own mother is local Haozu, and, in the palace, but only Uneme very humble. Into the palace, Otomo Prince a lack of national experience. But Tianzhi has used various means to force paving the way for his son, first son is too political minister, first appeared on the Woguo history titles. Appointed Otomo Prince confidants deficit brother left Minister, Nakatomi gold even right minister, Soga fruit safety, the grand potential Beadon discipline adults minister for royal doctor. Dying when Tianzhi Zhao sea palace, to the sea to ascend the throne. This is very dangerous once summoned. If the sea was promised, it will immediately be put to death. But the wily sea has not only promised to pass the throne is located in the Queen Mother, but repeatedly let Tianzhi National Policy the prop negative to Otomo Prince, afraid of his brother moving to kill, to request his brother so he became a monk. Dodged a bullet, still seclusion up. So low-key Sadness the Tianzhi harder. In the same instant naive the Otomo Prince, impatient with several confidants Tears of Blood for the Union, to speed up the pace of the class wins, grab. The Tianzhi dying when Soga Chek brother took the opportunity to force the emperor to abdicate, forced Tianzhi Xuantai You for the heir to the throne. The funeral unfinished, Otomo Prince immediately ascended the throne, said Hirofumi Emperor. Then prepare the troops and horses and forage, ready to wipe out the sea of ​​people in one fell swoop. But neglect their own side of a person, Otomo Imperial Daughter of the sea, the daughter of 10 cities for the the Otomo positive wife heard this news, immediately notify the father. The sea immediately revolted against, this is Woguo history, the famous Renshen of chaos. Soon after, Otomo defeat, and long hanging in Piedmont. The sea of ​​people ascended the throne as the days Wutian Huang. In this farce, two the important women xìng character, fate very miserable Nukata king the elderly sè decline loving is not. Imperial Daughter of the 10 cities to help the father, but ruined by the husband xìng life in my heart to leave a lasting trauma haggard death seven years later. But finally the spoil of the country, the sea of ​​people very cautious, fell on the history of a useful as the emperor ascended the throne immediately after a series of reforms. And modeled after the Tang Dynasty, to create a the earliest coins Woguo history-rich capital. As another noun, which is ambitious. Silla Wang method sensitive generation is also greater odds, that they have the touch ... will be worth seeing. Hear the river beast born then, he did not know the new emperor of the Tang Dynasty actually worried about a thousand years after the hatred and fear that this is a golden opportunity, immediately agreed to down. But the hearts of some concerns, which is the river the beast of Health proposed two postwar interests how to divide up, and allow their conquest of Silla people. All the way burning the past, or all the way to useless humanity past. If the latter, he did not want to attack Silla. The results undoubtedly let the river the beast of Health is very pleased. Get this agreement, Li Wei immediately came on Yang Palace. Also sad reminder fell on every emperor ascended the throne is not easy, he is not easy, now want to really do something parents must tie. Not only with parents, but also several of the prime minister shouted over. At the same time, also with some small things enter on positive Palace. The matter of the agreement did not say that, but several of the prime minister know Woguo messengers left Luoyang back Woguo about the negotiated. In the minds of some people, such as Cui Zhi Wen, very much in favor, no matter fell Silla how, at the moment of the Tang Dynasty too much, you seem to say money. Several prime minister arrival, Li Wei said before the matter of the gold and silver, said: his mother on the mentioned want to do gold and silver coins, auxiliary currency, reduce waste, and to make up for the lack of money and valuables, and is very convenient to carry but his mother said a very wise, gold and silver are few people is difficult to recognize. even copper coins has the civil sī cast, repeated Moreover, the more valuable gold and silver coins. Of Xue Yuan Chao, Li Wei does not hate this person is very weak, intimidation became the mouse across the street, another arms Chuaizhuo a big single, also emboldened. Calmly said: Since seafaring began toward multi-exporting country, gold and silver start, used as utensils, the same is a waste, so Er Chen has an idea, with some gold and silver instead issuing salary Lu, some remote areas, grain silk for tax contribution cross, sometimes the court obtained enough freight expenditures can also be replaced by gold and silver. alternate gold and silver prices be decided down Er Chen would like two silver price of twelve hundred penny, two gold price of six thousand penny short sentence, it contains a lot of things. Want to gold and silver to become the official currency is difficult. But at least make it to maximize the flow of this a go, no amount of gold and silver, and also less than the expense of the court, then gold and silver circulate. A circulation up, people you know will be increased, from the official to the private sector evolved gradually. This is a gradual process, without any compulsion. Circulation is also the premise of stable against the price of gold and silver price very soul of chaos, high gold value of more than eight thousand text twelve low of only five thousand text, silver high reached two thousand text low one thousand text . The prices are not the same, around three ports, because the more, the price is low, and in remote areas of heavy jewelry, the price will be high. Use is also more than jewelry and utensils, the shape of pure gold and silver are not the same, pancake, ingots, leaves, note, there are irregular shaped. You want to cash the money must go to the cabinet Square, professionals, take a look into sè try the severity, knocked voice, and then bite a bite hard and soft, it sè how pure knowledge, according into sè, cashed coins. In fact, some large transactions have been quietly using gold and silver instead of convenience, without conspicuous. But not in the mainstream, Hu cake such as a buy, the price is worth only a penny, or even two of a penny, take a five or six double the gold cake husband how to find to you? Some find that, in case encounter Imperialine goods how to do? We do not sell it? Wei Tong Xuan said: Such as that, too expensive, civil circulation is not easy. Also, many of the interests of the association. Open cabinet Fang, major family with various forces wealthy businessman, through vertical against price each year, can bring many benefits to them. Lee Wei Xu said: few soft metal has its softness, its brightness is not immediately circulation ...... say disputes of interests, appears to be, but the long-term it is a win-win, more circulation, the more exchange more, the standards set down, they Suntory less can be more than one income instead rose up look at things, not just look at the disadvantages to see it actively xìng the side. Qin with strict laws. derived from the world. again lost world by strict laws. Han so loose that the law and order, and once again was the world, the Eastern Han lost in the world. So after Three, the two Xianxiang Zhuge Liang and Wang Meng, the usage is very Tough, precisely because when with the different. example, people wear clothes, wear thick winter clothes, summer clothes wear thin, you want to advance with the times, this is the country's long-term solution. every change will have an interest disputes. see the gain and loss, like this ... In addition, there are several different sizes of weights.

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