also wanted Zhao Baogang

December 24 [Mon], 2012, 12:50
It is to pass this viaduct, Chu LS simply do not worry, let stand in the car to be asleep.For boring, Chu LS standing on the bridge, look at the bridge of salvaging drifting kayak.Look for a long time, Chu Linsheng only saw the kayak on bustling about the staff, but did not see what the water floater.The crowd more and more responsible for the evacuation, the police busy, but more and more people become powerless, no way, Chinese people is like that, no matter what happens, always likes to see a lively, not to mention now is based on events.For more than an hour, divers in the water finally shouted the words: "finally found!"All the police look is one of shake, will look neat down to the bridge on the kayak.Kangding county belongs to flood disaster area, therefore under the viaduct of the moat has a characteristic, bridge on both sides of the dam is very high, but the moat both full of flood zone, therefore in the river shore will work to kayak to the shore, only by the police and fire brigade from falling under the bridge the rope will work for the bridge.Chu Linsheng stared at that has just been pulled into the kayak on the work, because the distance is too far, he looked but didn't see it, can only be determined that is a naked body, even the men and women is not clear, but Chu Linsheng is sure, this should be a not thrown into the River in the near work, because he does not see the kayak on the salvage crew clutching his nose and action, obviously, this body has no smell.Kayak staff will work from the bridge is fixed on the thrown from a rope bridge, immediately to the staff made a OK finger.The bridge's personnel simultaneously increased strength, begin the work upward traction.This is a horror picture.Be water bubble white floater is a long rope is fixed, and gradually upward, to the flag-raising ceremony flag.All on a viaduct in the crowd, have held their breath, originally JALEO on-site, at this moment in perfect silence, young age little girl,Canada Goose Sale, is the hands over their eyes, but their curiosity makes their fingers slightly with slit.The work was completely traction to the viaduct, in perfect silence in the crowd at the same time came a cry.This was a male corpse, his body was swollen, face the bruises.Chu Linsheng did not think how scary scenes, his foot, to the efforts by the police surrounded the floater and looks forward to being surrounded by the police, the work up, he could not see the work face.The police action was soon, soon will it work to ready the stretcher, covered with a layer of white cloth, then carry a stretcher to a bread goes to the police.The bridge had a sudden gust of wind, just the work face cloth blown down.Because the work is on a stretcher, so at this moment, Chu Linsheng suddenly saw the work face.Moment, Chu LS as petrochemical general, this is a picture of him in any case is not expected to face.Although the corpse of the face has been the water bubble fat, but Chu Linsheng is immediately recognized the work, the work is not others, is from the village people missing too near Zhao Baogang!!!Chu Linsheng found the back of cool, although he also wanted Zhao Baogang dead, but to see the real Zhao Baogang's body moments, he still couldn't accept the fact, a few days ago is still alive and kicking in the living, how could so dead???Chu Linsheng was suddenly appears as a layer of goose bumps, his mind telling him, of the death of Zhao Baogang, and him about!!At the same time, a strong but also appears in Chu Linsheng's mind, Zhao Baogang is dead,Women North Face Apex Bionic Cheap, so who can tell myself to entrap the home field of the people who actually,Youth's Canada Goose Expedition Cheap!?With this in mind, Chu Linsheng is unable to hold oneself back to the direction away, may not take the two steps, he was a policeman stopped.What are you doing.Move back.The policeman ordered be strict in one's demands.Chu Linsheng helpless look direction are ready to enter inside the car Han Bingxue, shouting: "snow, you here, I have something urgent!"Han Bingxue stunned once turned head, a careful look at Chu Linsheng's face, appear to perceive a wrong, she came.What's up
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