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December 24 [Mon], 2012, 11:03
Anguo Schelling. Admittedly, Xie Lin Gang that can't Road, is mainly because of the thing from the beginning that he takes the lead, and Schelling the somewhat impetuous psychology but also greatly affected his judgment standard, otherwise he can't believe to Xie Linhui than he did, really want to start performing, Schelling this in official way than he had salt more people than he did not reach the acme of perfection, I'm afraid that is true."Wong Yan-lung, since many towns and Du Qing both festivals do you know, that you write the purpose of this report is not so simple."Schelling asks, but already knows."Write this report has no other purpose, I want to thank the secretary was now knew, why this question.""It is my old antique thought too backward, miss you young people thinking."Xie Lin smiled and shook his head to ask you that both sides know things also feel a little extra, perhaps this is he a long time doing things calm, like step by step into the state, and Huang Anguo the younger than his age officials, officials more a bit quite experienced and steady, follow in sb.'s footsteps, it is sometimes too cautious, "Wong Yan-lung, then I won't waste your breath, I will make town and Du Qing on both sides of the details to tell you, you have to know in advance, if my guess is correct, these cases should be a town they tell you, Xu the town of can for you so 'Frank', then you should already have a good talk 'cooperation' thing, you write the purpose of this report is to fit a town search Dubh action, you have collaborated with the Du Qing forces purpose is very clear, Du Qing there they also perceive, just don't know what he is to achieve what kind of result only then is willing to give up?"Xie Linwen is his greatest concern.For him, and decided he had to do the most important thing, so ask finished, he is closely watching the Yellow Anguo, seems to want to will Huang Anguo come out of the mouth of every word imprint deeply in my mind."Thank the Secretary, first I have to correct your opinion, not that I and many towns that they want to achieve what goal until the, more specifically a town they want to achieve and what purpose would not rest, in which I was just two, station a.Connaught, you see, I was the report only, other things you didn't see me doing it, and I want to do is difficult ah, in the Q, I'm not like many towns they do something, I am just a passerby."Huang Anguo said seriously."I really feel shy, understanding of the situation is not very clear,UGG Classic Mini Sale.It's hard to slip, I take back what I said just now.That he should know a town they want to achieve?"Xie Lin sincerely apologize, new ways to ask, this guy is really fine like a monkey, Schelling now heart of Huang Anguo is really a little hate to gnash the teeth in anger."All right,Canada Goose Snowsuit, from at present the situation, Xie secretary will be misunderstanding is normal."Huang Anguo generous smile, the expression of action that Xie Lin is unable to sigh, paused, and Huang Anguo said "thank secretary.I want you to know that two fight.Diamond Bar, I want to tell you is a town and Du Qing, two side forces this fight is not just a 'hurt' problems can be solved, and a town when I chat, from his tone can see them this is determined to fight one 'a life-and-death struggle'.""Is it really has to this point can not be?",UGG Mandah On Sale;Xie Lin tightly frowned.The deep furrows can easily express his inner have much trouble now."If I didn't wrong words.Should be so."Huang Anguo said with a smile.Huang Anguo is clearly heard himself in the matter, but is always in a detached position tone.
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