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November 28 [Wed], 2012, 10:25
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe original 321st chapter into the phantom array Direlli a remark, atmosphere compared with before ,it is warm and many, and in the understanding to the inside is not expected in bad situation, the Direlli brothers ,also know as a paragraph, one to Dealey and say I will wait the elders are gone, Direlli scowls ,dignified said: Branch recorded ,this thing is not simple .
I a little bit of Rhodes too on the elders sent back information, which said yes, so far, can only be a culture with the six-star height master can peep ,who he really is ,from which forces ,why to sneak around, why you look into the Shi Shuzu ,.
.. ... The channel on both sides ;abnormalities of the two yachts ,is it right? Have a direct conversion battle ship shape function ,not in the channel North Face Outlet,the peripheral ,if there is one we do not find the hidden base ,why should we die in such a case door .
.. ... , Direlli looked to branch recorded , although it has certainly not di cold do ,but this is doubtful point too much ,can never relax .The next follow-up ,I leave you to deal with power ,must give me there knows ,who is ,in this one !Also, a Rhodes too Presbyterian news ,must notice the first time division .
Understand ,master . Stern accepted the Mission Branch recorded .The master was a master, in dozens of sb uncle came to the fore as case door palm teach ,if who underestimate the master ,it is a joke .
When the branch recorded after leaving ~ ,Direlli rubbed these days has been a headache head ,automatic speaking : not di cold ,can also be? From 413 the tollgate send back information ,by Direlli is another great trust from the pro - ning central personally after finishing returned ,accurate x ì ngcan absolutely guarantee .
Want to know .The kiss from brother Ning central although no time was Direlli with him when the right-hand man ,to Ning central attention ,look forward to of .Just prior to the high branch !Don now has four stars ,recorded with strength .
But he once again break to five stars ,may ,is extremely small ,don talk to have the opportunity to hope that the six stars Wales ;while the ring Ning is different, he recorded 1/3 less time than .
Into the Samsung Seishi ,their talent is much higher than recorded .Today has to Samsung peak realm .As long as a turning point, has a great chance to enter four ,but to the four after .
There is a small chance to star .And looking at days ,Direlli is also the opportunity to all the disciples in large !Such a disciple ,Direlli is of course a favourite .This put him in the barrier ,because experience ,from small to large ,Ning central without too much contact with the outside world .
Let him contact at the tollgate ,beneficial to the ring rather smooth breakthrough ;the two is a test .Direlli has been in the hearts of roughly confirmed by later replaced his position of the candidates ,is the ring Ning, even if he could not own finally come to the sovereign palm teaching position, also can take the place of your name to this force .
To smooth over the power ,light strength can not, also have the means ,which are becoming more and more complex of 413 points ,is a good exercise his mood .After all, there China ,may not like in neighboring countries like Avandia in China as the spoil him, let him know earlier in the future China will appear the threat ,is a good thing .
In Rhodes too elders missing messages passed back moments ,Direlli worry ,is di cold to here ,di Hanzhen hands-on .Four large doors ,can be said to be zigzag ,unless it is in the high confidential can truly secure ,most of the things ,in four cases between the door is open for general .
Direlli is very clear ,the other three cases of portal ,really can not too long and Rhodes against the presence of sugar .And as such will inevitably cause a message ,in four cases the door cannot be done completely confidential -- can be promoted to high Jiexing person place ,also so a few ,after the light is on ,the news ,could not hide my .
Since four the bulk door Rhodes too high strength repair ,other cases no abnormal mobilization ,so if there were dangerous ,with four large doors were ,who ,in addition to di cold ,but also who can do it ?!Let ring Ning personally went to China ( DI cold personally specified ,Avandia country star people get China country ban, in Aberdeen line signed the transfer contract, has been released.
) Dieldrin ,see real authority Di cold ,dead in the palm to teach with the titular Di cold brother incense ,and then for the di cold with a three year honor ,to direct x ì ngqualitative test .
Di cold in China ,it has nothing to do with di cold ,no one can be in after the event ,three months back to China ,is in control of a covert channel Avandia Galaxy nirvana ,also can it ;and if not in China ,the problem of trouble, so great the possible explanation ,di cold is the arch-criminal !Di cold start on Avandia country case door force, !Okay ,okay ,Ning central feedback message back ,by clearly confirmed Di cold did in China did not stir .
In the play the information a few days ago, Rhodes too on the disappearance of less than ten days ,di cold with Chinese President Ma Dong met again ,discuss on Aberdeen line propulsion force some views, this news is very accurate ,image ,reports of what have personally met ;ring ,Ning also the eyes see Di cold reality ,Ning central was also in warfare division city to enjoy the treatment of Di cold fairyland ,is also impressive, just to be able to recognize whether the fake .
.. ... .Large number of irrefutable fact ,identifies Di cold is really did not leave China straight area half step !Di cold suspicion, is completely excluded .Not as long as the di cold hands ,Direlli to other people or forces ,do not worry ,for Rhodes ,nor by the lay down the heart ;only the people or forces provocation ,Direlli is in the heart to vow ,must give them out ,must let them to destroy the !Who in the years when all ,really is sick cat !Time ,di cold has already entered into the dead cases of straight area .
Such a large amount of the four door Diya ,directly under the jurisdiction of the area is not small ,and although a big country posture is compared ,still had some small, but this kind of warrior in the door .
Itself is not in pursuit of land for the purpose of .Force ,strong force .To play the final effect of the strong force .They believe that this force .Much of this force ,straight area ,just need some important planet ,form a spreading area .
As the case door is becoming more and more influential in this area ,until it reaches the incapable of further increase no alternative to the extent .These regions come very naturally ,has become the case door control territory under the jurisdiction of .
In every case ,than the administered territory size .Then you will know what is the strong weak .And such as Nirvana were placed in the illustrious reputation .An opening ,the Avandia country outside China northwest region ,and a large number of national scope, are dead cases can directly affect the .
In this region, who were the words ,than what the emperor ,the prime minister ,president .More useful ,even in one sentence can decide a country .It is not an exaggeration .A generation of younger brother assignment ,a generation of younger generations to spread ,the brother of power, this is a very large networks ,firmly rooted in case let who stand about galaxy Jimmy Choo Sora On Sale.
Di cold and to disguise their identities, what ethnic minorities in people ,in this case directly under the jurisdiction of the dead area, is really not so good .Munemoto Mune from the dead planet closer, defense also become more and more strictly ,and to the case of star channel ,also has a large number of a search patrol fleet time patrol inspection ,the prevention of ,more than di cold saw where any one .
Di cold took the yacht away ,repeated the identity transformation ,after finding a man ,is a case to the planet where constant domain of the transport fleet in one of the crew .Don think this case directly to arrive at the planet ,this is absolutely impossible ,this case is one of the foundations of nirvana in the planet ,priority among priorities ,some who were in the star scholar knows all ,had not received any notification ,is unable to enter .
has enveloped the entire planet of magic matrix ,before I see saw some ancient books ,said method first is a natural formation, then humans see after, explored summarized, gradually to be mastered, and the formation of either using the method ,.
.. ... This is the origin of law .While the method ,is also a natural method for severe ,especially some of the vast array of kill array ,it is far from being able to induce human master ,because that is the force of nature .
I don ,born days raise can really produce method ,now ,see Mars here and innate magic matrix ,I have to believe ! Sad feeling . Just magic matrix ?!The ghost ,you can see clearly ,no time no surprises .
Di cold carefully inquired again . Just magic matrix !It won ,I analyzed the ,the environment here ,can generate the phantom array is the big good fortune .Like the environment if the devil Faxiuzhen world ,let alone generated phantom array ,is a natural array are not possible ;but here the phantom array ,and also has some attacking array matrix in which the ,you into the time, also be careful, don y ī N channelover the ship .
On the method of understanding, di cold is still very shallow ,but in the ghost also know that a large range of matrix ,there must be a large number of small matrix contains within it ,and the monks themselves or out method, natural form, the integrated case more .
Mars is on the huge magic magic matrix ,its interior is also has other method exists, that after entering the strong stress ,there is no doubt that the variation of gravity array ;let into the resistance is straight down ,then too weak ,eliminate method exists .
For the case of dead star magic matrix ,di cold during warfare division city ,had come from the star scholar who search for some information ,but because the complete information ,Direlli the palm to teach ,is not always with me ,just have a simplified version ,all some how to get to the star channel schematic bring on .
But these channels ,each one have a guard, is hidden ,can only in case of emergency escape door when the posterior ,and so .Want to secretly contact from these channels into the ,this ,di cold think impossible .
Must be clear ,di cold can outfox Seishi exploration ,but not from the large number of various types of detection equipment .Can let the dead were used to defend myself this deadly star equipment ,is extremely powerful and numerous, it is impossible for the di cold the Infiltrator quietly without interest into the .
Sneak into the village, or not ,if be discovered .With di cold intention is not consistent; more is learned about the powers and contains the strength ,di cold more clearly .The light on my own world .
Offend all human behavior ,is not desirable .Therefore ,di cold chose from the star magic matrix other channel local dive in, but after entering the .The problem is easy ,the planet internal .
Nature can not think those channel general preparedness ,di cold after entering is freely .Contact ,occult ,convergence rate of spells ,di cold to put on a body are added in the body .
First speed flight .See is an almost ubiquitous patrol ship .Stopped for a while, but when left the detection distance ,with the same the limit converges soul view ,once again catch a section of the road ,for a repeat .
With a constant domain ,two planet between a section of the road .Di cold spent two days ,the successful close with the phantom array atmosphere .In this case the dead planet magic array .
It looks like a death star ,good results will become a mineral development point ,and no matter how near or far away from ,as long as it is not entered ,see all this is a virtue .When Di cold cut inside ,into the planet so transparent thick atmosphere ,the scene immediately changed .
Five magic light array !Wrong ,should be entire virtual image array ,nor in the ghost ,muttering ,di cold at the dawn came in, stayed motionless gestures .Break into the phantom array ,with changeless should 10 thousand change is good to deal with ,in unclear circumstances ,circumspect ,is the only rule of life insurance .
This planet was magic array on Mars UGG For Men Cheap,and on Mars differs somewhat ,saying with its is unreal Hulu window without advertising / / array ,still be inferior to saying is the phantom array prior to forming the chaotic state, although there are a variety of features and characteristics of array x ì ng,make below the star scholar class people into after the ten death ,but I want to say, just a simple ,basic x ì ngqualitative phantom array with multiple method combined prototype .
Maybe another tens of millions ,billions of years later, Mars that can form the real magic matrix ,and then to a burst of power ,also is absolutely beyond imagination powerful and aggressive .
But that is not now ,and formation of natural law ,but also need a lot of time to breed .This planet phantom array ,is formed over there ,relative to Mars ,there is more dangerous ,although here the phantom array regardless of size or X ì ng,is unable with the Mars that eventually conceived after compared ,but nowadays with Mars ,but many ambitious also heavily .
Many .The ghost before formation of ,and in the light of the information screen display complex patterns ,to single out to all are not corresponding ,spin-off ,also do not correspond .
This situation is normal ,matrix are originally from the nature study ,who also not dare say research method man ,saw all this talk method .Fortunately ,with the ghost of previous experience ,at least to be reference ,be controlled .
In di cold silly stay in the atmosphere entrance position after four hours, the ghost finally summarizes some to test further undetermined channel .Corrosion ,light ,temperature extremes ,ice, the phantom .
.. ... .A gaseous atmosphere ,which can meet to .Direct strike spread them out ,the ghost warns ,absolutely not .Only defense Dodge ,in which has been forming combination method ,pull one hair and use the whole body .
Resist withstand escape ,not only effect and human body ,also has a very strong influence of sanity .It may be turned out of existence UGG Boots Bailey Button Triplet, but if the utter neglect ,emptiness will become materialized ,it hurt but human consciousness ,to risk .
Take a look ,ten ,sometimes even to see the twenty or thirty period after the change ,the ghost is also put their own calculation inference ability into full play ,in addition to first let Di cold have suffered a little ,get a gray ,behind, has let Di cold such passage with .
,you said that the dead were found on the planet people ,what exactly is the entry ?!It is difficult as we do now ?They can not have you such a capability ! Di cold boring ,the ghost said ,incidentally also patted old devil ,like this can make men happy days horse fart ,is also very skilled Di cold shot .
The phantom array in the atmosphere of the traffic, di cold like the puppet ,the ghost say he how to do ,but the ghost could not harm him ( and also cannot hurt ,are unable to separate blood contact .
) anyway ,ghost in law knowledge ,is not to become this state, also than di cold yourself too much, since it is so ,di cold is a member .Indeed ,this seemingly Di cold casual compliment ,let the ghost mood is instant auspicious ,although the ghost now in full inference, calculation ,but also does not affect his mind into a with di cold with exchange : it is of course ,how could they and I this Dan device array master North Face Denali Fleece Hoodie Jackets Outlet,not a grade .
They can be found on the planet ,is certainly extremely accidental ,you see ,as long as they do not enter the seemingly transparent atmosphere from within ,no matter how close, never find what clue .
Only the rich experience of the great master ,can not enter the phantom array ,on the outside have a look on something .As for how they found that leads to the planet within the safe passage ,is very simple ,with a large number of detection device ,regardless of the cost to put toward the planet ,can always find some passages ,but wait until the star scholar can into the planet ,from the inside out to explore ,for the simple .
The ghost said ,mouth up revealing a disdain ,disdain means ,compared to men in accordance with magic matrix law step by step ,to fumble experience means that there is no technical content ,the C ā o,is really not worth discussing and considering the ghost .
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