that appear before the people

December 08 [Sat], 2012, 15:20
When we dreamed of in prairie riding a horse Yang ran ,had to embrace the sun and the moon and stars fantasy as changeable as clouds and rain ,but all in all of this is not true ,true is present, for Guo Ming is in front of a cold drink or a cup of tea .
The outside who was busy ,and there is a future full of countless dreams of children ,is also tempered by reality edges and corners of the middle-aged people ,more rugged old man with the world .
But this does not impede the one thing ,they are in front of what needs to be done .Guo Ming state of mind in the slowly lifting ,he doesn know ,he lapsed into a muddle along without any aim understanding ,this is similar to the epiphany .
Shui Mengyao is very calm, the face of the students questioned ,the myth by her face feels hot ,but this kind of thing is can explain ?She angrily sit back, silent, her face more let students make Shui Mengyao and Guo Ming are having an affair .
Just then ,a green jade green jade , is Guo Ming in ? A teenage girl opened the door ,I asked .Refined features ,porcelain doll appearance immediately attracted people ,especially the female factor for magnetic .
Vice monitor when Chen Qing ,whispered : ,Guo Ming is not in ,you have what thing ? He is not here ,sister ,outside a sister school to find him ,say something important ,you can contact Guo Ming ?The little girl blinked greatly eyes ,feel shy tract .
Chen Qing is also a class count as one of the very best of beauty, although less than the Sheung Shui Yao Meng ,but absolutely no difference ,because she is sincere, optimistic and generous ,most of the class students and her contacts well .
Chen Qing Wenyan ha-ha laughs: ,what class are you in ?How I had not seen you? Oh ,sister ,I was just to come, my name is Chen Yuanyuan ,the little girl whispered . She appears to be very shy ,just a few words, the face has a faint blush came into .
Chen Qing pinching her cheek ,softly : are you the first day ?Several class ?Empty sister for you to play ? Well, Chen Yuanyuan bright ,surprise tract . But she did not forget the purpose ,holding Chen Qing ,and said: my sister ,the beautiful sister in the waiting ? Chen Qing followed Chen Yuanyuan to the outside, look to the mouth Chen Yuanyuan beautiful sister ,the girl stood quietly in the corridor below, is waiting at the door of the classroom ,slender legs wearing a yellow wool skirts ,show figure of the perfect .
Clear and bright pupil ,the MI ,long eyelash tremble slightly ,white flawless skin with light pink ,thin lips like rose petals delicate drips .Chen Qing natural know who it is? Besides the school experiment class Chen Ziyu afraid no one can beautiful touching the soul .
As a good thing of accidental discovery ,more and more students came to the door ,they fall over each other to see this rare sight .Chen Ziyu has been a car ,they are hard to see Chen Ziyu .
Today Chen Ziyu apparently deliberately dressed ,the original Chen Ziyu more touching Mingyan anomaly .Water Yao Meng couldn curiosity ,also came to the window ,looking out of the window to Chen Ziyu ,and to Chen Ziyu also looked to the window ,two eyes momentary contact together ,water Yao Meng hurried out of the way, although do not want to admit ,UGGs Suburb Crochet Short Boots,but water Yao Meng finally have to acknowledge that at this time Chen Ziyu has over his one .
Chen Ziyu eyes also dodge them, today this dress is completely in order to let the Guo Ming spirit ,so they can set his words ,to dig behind his forces .Chen Ziyu is very clever ,she concluded and Zhang Wenfeng are almost the same ,different is her to start earlier ,that the forces must be pulled to own .
But her mistaken ,Guo Ming was not in the classroom ,so her such effort is destined to become the others about it after dinner .Chen Qing took Chen Yuanyuan ,UGG Suburb Short,Chen Ziyu walked in front ,ha-ha laughs: Ziyu ,you ask Guo Ming what ?He is not here today ,after the exams he left .
Oh ,those who know his mobile phone number ?I have something important to contact him ,Chen Ziyu remembered his adult ceremony will be held tomorrow ,Guo Ming does not own happiness would be gone .
Chen Qing thought for a moment, nods: you wait . She turned back, looking out of the window ,when you see Shui Mengyao, motioning with his hand : Yao Meng ,come on . Water Yao Meng just wanted to dodge ,Chen Qing has openings ,desperation had to come out ,a few people around us,UGGs Boots Bailey Button, surgery Chen Qing , what Oh ,purple to find Guo Ming has something important ,Guo Ming is your neighbor ,you should know his mobile phone number ?Chen Qing smiled and explained .
Feel the eyes of Chen Ziyu shot to glow ,I do not know why water unexpectedly appeared a flustered Yao Meng and trace of envy in the nameless ,driven by her life ,and first lie ,look at Chen Ziyu ,shaking his head and force a smile and said: my relationship with Guo Ming is not familiar, so I don .
Chen Ziyu disappointed oh a sound ,not by the eyes dim down ,hold a hope : how to contact him ?I have very important things . Something important ?Purple ,Chen Qing jokingly .
Her relationship with Chen Ziyu is good ,today saw the usual man despised Chen Ziyu exposed such eagerness ,not by curiosity up . This ,nothing, Chen Ziyu mocked the way . Shui Mengyao is suspicious ,mind over the bursts of acid ,and turned to leave .
Purple you fool ,you directly with Yao Meng went to Guo Ming is not ,but Guo Ming would not be home is ?Chen Qing rolled his eyes ,smiled . Chen Ziyu bright, excited immediately .The sun has been falling ,the sunset over the Chen Ziyu holy face ,seen from a distance ,you can see her face pale and a little shy blush .
Instead they see Shui Mengyao was bright eyes are slightly dim down .Two for the first time that appear before the people ,just like as a result of Shui Mengyao under the peak ,is it right? Temporarily ,something in the future who can say for sure? Girl riding a bicycle through the streets to the Guo Ming family ride ,from the pedestrian street Cemu, thinks: a beautiful scenery .
When stop and look at her ,leaving only a trace of .Chen Ziyu today is the first by Zhang Zihan was almost stifled ,who can think of suddenly appeared a mysterious master saved be at one of Zhang Zihan ,and the mystery was himself had petals drop and waters flow.
Guo Ming ,her heart can not be inhibited to beat up .See street cold store ,Chen Ziyu to the side of the water Yao Meng ,whispered : Yao Meng ,we go to drink . Shui Mengyao was thirsty ,I nodded .
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