reached the sacred seven peak of the exit

November 27 [Tue], 2012, 15:55
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultLin Chen continuous several Dodge, want to bypass John to attack Lucifer ,but unfortunately ,John never gave Lin Chen such opportunity ,every time ,Lin Chen plans have come to nothing ,this time John, reached the sacred seven peak of the exit ,four piece of the fallen angel wing vibration ,speed is able to better than Lin Chen .
Damned !It would kill you first ! , successive movement, had already wasted two seconds ,Lin Chen heart secretly meat ache unceasingly, simultaneously also bite the bullet ,ready to kill John ,Lin Chen wasted two seconds at a time ,and finally is understood ,they simply can not bypass John .
Give me go die ! Now ,that does not circle the past ,Lin Chen also do not waste time ,after all, one minute deity appendages ,are almost the last half of the time ,so Lin Chen make a prompt decision ,impressively mad sword with terrible force ,bitter towards John hacked at the past, the Ji shoots out a sword ,more than 20000 attack ,more by Bijohn .
Bang ,angel spear and sword Frenzy collided around ,even without triggering a special attribute ,Lin Chen of the sword is also easy to split John flew out ,inverted ,John looked at his hands Angel spear on an Jiangen ,secretly meat ache .
The strength of a product is sacred ,Lin Chen nature is not played impressively mad sword full power ,but now ,more than 2 points of attack ,Lin Chen attack force driving hack with impressively mad sword ,is the true God is the style ,even the John Angel spear ,also left a deep shallow sword cuts .
Call ! , as the saying goes, you take advantage of the disease to your life ,combat, especially a time limit during the battle, Lin Chen can not say what kind, a sword will different occupation game player bar ,not John flies out after splitting ,Lin Chen speed seat ,catching up ,a sword, continue toward John cut the past .
Oh, that Watch fast catching up Lin Chen, John was surprised, angel spear towards Lin Chen stabbed over an inch long ,an inch high ,it looks very simple ,if Lin Chen not shall become action words in his impressively mad sword stabbed John, the John Angel spear can advance he was stabbed ,angel of the length of the spear ,but not impressively mad sword than it .
However ,in the John startled eyes ,Lin Chen to stab Angel spear to pay no heed ,as was not seen in general ,the hands of the Heaven Sword Frenzy has no any change to continue toward John thorn in the past, Lin Chen decision ,let John stunned ,originally in the heart of John ,Lin Chen will be back anti .
Bang ! Lin Chen ,physical ,direct hit John .However ,Lin Chen without the slightest injury ,but John angel spears shall be shaken off ,ineffective ... ... Shocked ,John watched the sky ,Lin Chen sword thorn .
Hurry only wriggled to avoid Lin Chen of the sword ,but Lin Chen speed is not slow ,which is so easy escape ?Although he avoided heart key, but also by Lin Chen this sword stabbed in the shoulder .
No mercy means ,Lin Chen homeopathic a wrist pulled down one ,thanks to John return quickly ,otherwise ,Lin Chen of the sword may be from the left shoulder to the right lumbar position ,he will direct cut into two segments .
Also thanks to John return quickly ,so just in the chest left a deep bone wound bale ,purple red blood flow out ... ... This guy !What matter ?Not to say that the sky level ?Now the strength ,is able to match the sacred eight goods ! Back in the hands of John ,mad ,black light flashed in the wound ,a moment ,heal their wounds, just watching Lin Chen ,it is with shock .
Sky stage human only, this time has the sacred eight product strength ?To know the smell ,not false ,even my release field has no effect .John and Lin Chen, fighting was going on ,the speed of almost two people ,but Lin Chen fighting force is stronger ,so ,John can only be Lin Chen badly suppressed it ,until both sides to attack a dozen strokes ,just two seconds time t, Lucifer that John should be in short time to resist Lin chen .
Call ! , John can barely watch in a short time the mainland when Lin Chen, Lucifer has wasted no time ,while the magic have about 50% of the energy ,while his soul force also has 00 ,Lucifer towards Nino Ding rush past ,possessed Lin Chen, Lucifer has not looked back ,for once, Lucifer is naturally on Nino dean Bailey Button Fancy UGG Boot.
Oh, that , see Lucifer move toward their rushed in ,Nino Ding complexion changes greatly ,apparently also guessed Lucifer ,screamed different occupation game player bar ,not rapid retreat ,but ,Nino Dean back speed again fast ,capable of quickly passing western ?It is not possible .
Shua ! , but when Lucifer went to Nino ,before the time of Nino ,Ding eyes a moment ,a shadow appeared in front of their own ,not others ,it is a block in the front ,Nino Ding ,a fast flying leg ,foot towards the soul of Lucifer kicked, kicking skills are .
Call ... ... , however ,make a shocking, his foot was directly across the body of Lucifer, not the slightest effect ,indeed, soul form only, although can see ,but just the soul of illusory body ,Xing attack natural void ,he doesn like Lin Chenyi ,hands of artifact .
Call ! Fortunately ,however ,this time ,Kylie is also from the reaction, a white light appeared, suddenly spread to Nino Dean ,Lucifer bumped into Nino Dean body ,but not possessed in, the path of light invincible skills ,even if Lucifer is the soul of the form is the same .
Oh, that That guy Lucifer ! , this time UGG Women's Cardy Fringe Boots, Lin Chen also nature is seen ,in the hands of impressively mad sword sword swing ,John split fly tens of meters, a direct hit in Yerebatan Sarnici on the walls ,the original is the knockback properties play a role .
At that very moment the knockback attributes play ,Lin Chen wasted no time ,supersonic moving ,moment comes behind Lucifer ,impressively mad sword sharp cut in half .Screams ,and let Lucifer down ,grades ,while at the same time ,Kylie bright road also disappeared ,was terribly fatigued Kylie ,the path of light magic ,only lasted for less than a second time ,but let Lin Chen has sufficient reaction time .
There are half a minute !Time is running out ., although the time just passed by half but go now ,Lucifer and John two ,oneself a person is not to kill ,so ,Lin Chen heart also very urgent ,time has passed half, but they do not have a little way .
.. ... Nino dean !First you out here to me. ! Sword ,Lucifer hurt ,and some of the other party is weakened soul force ,at the same time forest Chenzhao Nino Ding cried .Hear Lin Chen Nino d know here ,a little help does not help ,it will let Lucifer have the opportunity ,so ,Ninodin did not say anything, nodded quickly receded .
is Lin Chen hurt soul force ,Lucifer this time quickly flew to John ,two people stand side by side stand together ,Lucifer looked very solemn, soul body look more pale ... ...
John. He is not only strong !And it is in the invincible state !You absolutely can him !I now put some skills to you ,his face with a dignified look ,Lucifer deep voice said, his soul form ,with numerous powerful skills can not play ,so ,Lucifer now decided to put their skills to go out .
Said, Lucifer hand on John ,his soul remembering skills ,transfer to John ,is like writing skill book different occupation game player bar ,not ,put their skills to out ... ..
. Over my dead body. , see Lucifer and John .,Lin Chen surprised, his impressively mad sword toward Lucifer and John split up the past .Indeed, who is Lucifer ?Once sacred do overmatch ,the master ,and then into the Inferno ,so that the presence, absolute has many powerful skills UGG Lo Pro Button,never let his skill to transfer to John .
Bang ! , however ,in Lin Chen sword saw John head, but be inexplicable force blocked, originally, Lucifer and John at the foot ,are stepping on a black band ... ... This is !? Lucifer and John ,looking at the foot of the black band ,Kylie opened his eyes wide .
At the same time ,John deep voice said: !Originally the skills !Lord Lucifer will naturally !From now on we the Fallen Angels play out ,is a dark road ! .John. Don waste your time .
I ! , John, Lucifer is soon interrupted and said ,hear the words of Lucifer ,John nodded ,at the foot of black band extends ,direct spread out of Yerebatan Sarnici ,and on the black band above, Lucifer also ran out, apparently, after notting to nepal .
Oh, that , see the black band spread out ,Lucifer ran out of Yerebatan Sarnici ,Lin Chen was surprised, to run away, but unfortunately ,leading to the outside of the secret ,has been filled with dark road ,Lin Chen no way out .
Hey. You keep come ! , stepping on the dark road ,John blocked in the secret passage at the entrance, sneer at Lin Chen said ,dark road is actually bright road version ,but the other is a level 160 strength ,but not Kylie than it .
Kylie bright road ,maintain a road of 10 seconds is beyond the limit ,however ,sacred seven peak John ,looked at least can be maintained for more than a minute ,a minute ,Lin Chen has so much time waiting for his magic power consumption ? Damned !How to do !? , although their avatar state ,each other can Lin Chen, however ,the dark road skills ,John different occupation game player bar ,not is invincible ,invincible on the invincible ,originally Lin e is not suffering ,but unfortunately ,Lin Chen but don the other first .
Bang bang ! Many times ,continuous attacks ,Lin Chen had no effect, invincible ,even their own attack again strong UGG Australia Bailey Button Bomber, and even their own impressively mad sword with five special attributes of the state ,are not used, the invincible state before, Lin Chen also do not have method ,even the deity appendages there is no way .
Ghost !You wait for his magic power consumption !The path of light magic play ,can make the traumatised !Strength of at least three fall into ,see Lin Chen wise not to do for ,next to know the bright road magic restrictions towards Kylie ,Lin Chen yelled .
Wait !?I also know that the dark road magic limits very ah !I know him best magic depleted it ah !But now I have no time to wait !I can not afford ! , to hear Kylie, Lin Chen secretly made a white-eyed tunnel ,indeed, they now only less than half a minute ,can not afford ,more than 20 seconds ,in passing .
However ,in Lin Chen on dark road skills feel helpless when the secret passage ,and several people rushed in ,it is the three of them .In three, see emit terrible smell the person actually is Lin Chen, is staring eyes, dare not believe ,again at step on the dark road John ,use the invincible status under Lin Chen attack ,and is deeply furrowed brow .
Invincible skills ?It seems I can try it out ,see Lin Chen and John over there ,although impressed by Lin Chen strength ,however ,this time apparently did not have time to surprise ,looking at John invincible skills ,the hands of the magic wand raised up high .
Mouth to sing short spells ,huge holy power emerged, followed by the hand magic wand with a white screen ,from John body rises up ,at the same time ,the mouth said : low light scatter .
As the light scattering ability ,John at the foot of the paths of darkness UGG Kenly Boots,disappeared ,this let Lin Chen gawks, did not think of, Gabriel could disperse different occupation game player bar ,not this type of skills .
Indeed, in the occupation ,are dispelled this type of skills ,the skills not only can dispel the target a negative state ,and, against Divine Shield the invincible skills may also break off ,did not think of, this skill Gabriel had .
However ,it is not surprising that when, say ,sacred seven light mage, will move to disperse the kind of skills ,it is not strange . There are 20 seconds ! , this time, wasting a few seconds ,their deity appendages skills only 20 seconds ,Lin Chen hold time ,impressively mad sword had split ,with John splitting fly in the walls of the passageway ,Lin Chen supersonic speed completely unfolded ,directly across from the John ,in it ran out .
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