maybe just heard the madman Valley want to attack

November 26 [Mon], 2012, 14:47

Reincarnation World 220 chapters dream content in this article, if you like the 220 chapters of the reincarnation of the world dream Favorites dream reincarnation World 220 chapters! Since helped to settle the relationship between freedom and the freedom of the Kingdom of the two families, and guiding them to establish their own territory, Huang Yan and the patriarch of this family have been kept general contact other book club watching: the door pregnant. For this, the person also did not put forward any opposing views. Although Huang Yan, the feeling is not good, but because the family territory Dragon Wings of the world and the devil's need to look after them, so that this link is essential. Through this link, Huang Yan and evil awe-inspiring, easily linked to the power of the wind and lonely passers. Awe-inspiring suddenly met with Huang Yan and evil, both a bit of a surprise. The madman Valley this plan, doing very confidential work place, nice Fiction: farm gate Choi the female the latest chapter. Not inquire into the intelligence wing of the Demon ability, and still determined to inquire, will never get any intelligence. Obviously, freedom and the realm of freedom, are not related to intelligence. The reason why the madman Valley ahead of first settle these two families is probably a surprise hit Dragon Wings of the world and the devil. First settle these two families is certainly easy, but very prone to perceive of the Dragon world and the devil's wing. For the family of this size, the madman Valley certainly think, as long as the army arrives, they will certainly Wangfengertao or directly will surrender over. Therefore UGG Women's Button Krinkle, Huang Yan and evil awe-inspiring, and the current situation completely explained again to the two, two people are dumbfounded. Task reminder that family upgrade c, two people naturally have long received. For upgrade c level family, say they have no ambition to be impossible UGG Classic Argyle Knit. Although because of the strength of the family, less obvious, but the critical juncture of this soon to complete the task out of this problem is very depressed people. However, if the situation is really as Huang Yan and evil stern said, the situation now is very sinister. Against the madman Valley, it is obviously impossible. Dragon Wings of the world and the devil are powerless to want to help. In their own family territories, zhan Shouyu to advantage, the two work together to can a fight with the madman Valley. Leave the family territories, to that on the territory of the two families, it is quite dangerous. Of course, the two families would never dare to bet on one, now on the alliance and the the Dragon world there demon wings, so that they can enjoy the addition of the territory at Defense. Add that advantage UGG The Knee Bailey Button Sparkles Boots, but is six of one and half a dozen. In case she lost, may make a little leeway. Therefore, the moment, the power of the wind and lonely passers are very tangled. This case, the obvious is to be two to make a choice. Added to the Dragon on this side of the world, then the victory, the natural family upgrade tasks can be completed, but failed, family likely to be dissolved. However, if added to the the madman valley side, the drawback is not small. First family territories is certainly not hold madman Valley will not allow ourselves to retain a piece of territory to reach a family upgrade task one, Luo Yi Hong full read. Second, the strength of his family, is the location of this territory, allow the other party to see two high. Once the territory of the Dragon world and the devil's wing was taken away, and the status of the two families will become dispensable. Wings of the Dragon of the world and the devil, even if the defeat at the hands of madman Valley, I am afraid it will not be a fatal injury. Once recovered, and two families or facing retaliation. That time, the madman Valley will help, but hard to say. In case of lack of its own power, Synnex bullying is the most dangerous behavior. Turn, followed the party was in a vulnerable, if you order a temporary victory and added to the strong party other weak exterminate sure it is. Therefore, if not strength is far weaker party's best strategy is the associated weak anti maintain the balance of power, leaving enough time to their development. Although the power of the wind and the lonely passers-by are not particularly clever, but to become a family of long, long-term vision is certainly still there. So, the two will be a headache for this question. Huang Yan, also knowing this was assured and evil awe-inspiring to tell them. Otherwise, the vision for a no patriarch, Huang Yan never dare to do so, otherwise, maybe just heard the madman Valley want to attack, you scared to switch the madman Valley side. Being embarrassed in the power of the wind and lonely passers Huang Yan toward evil stern, looked, and then suddenly spoke and said: Help oh. And then the two of opening by the power of the wind, as the one asked: inflammation patriarch Needless to say, although we also know that adding a madman Valley for the future of the family does not do any good, but if you join you, maybe our family would be no future. out for his last anger cheated, but Huang Yan also prepared, immediately spoke and said: the last negotiations, the surface looks like two I cheated, but in reality, I tantamount to unpaid helped two established a territory, and gave you how to upgrade to the guidelines of the c-class family, the other book club watching: shift Hunmeng the latest chapters. If not me, you think, how long you can find the c-class family upgrade conditions Lo Pro Denim Jacquard UGG? Huang Yan said that yes, on the surface, his own family is Huang Yan cheated, but the final result, the family, but so a lot of profit, so there is no reason to keep the pain Huang Yan. So you just remark, it is own some too petty. Thus, the power of the wind flat mentality, in good faith, said: the family, temporarily or very safe. either join us or join madman Valley, both sides now are you, because you zhan and some territories locations are very favorable, of course, from my standpoint, is certainly not want you to join in the madman Valley, or else our territory can directly give up, of course, in that case, your territory and certainly not keep, so I thought, you can temporarily neutrality, neither side added wait for the outcome of the battle between us and the Madman Valley came out to make a decision how? we win, you join us, you can continue to maintain the territory, we lost, no matter what your territory can not hold, Join madman valley that side, another peace how about this proposal? now this important juncture, Madman valley is not for your sake, but in vain loss of strength as long as you agree with them through your territory, I think they will promise you a neutral stance. inflammation of these words UGG Women's Dylyn, let the power of the wind and lonely passers shines. Evil awe-inspiring in the side a little worried, Do Huang Yan Madman Valley so sure of winning it? In this case, the Union simply by not on the forces of the two families, just by themselves, to really be able to handle that madman Valley What? However, Huang Yan, this indeed is now the only way, if left unchecked, the last two family side is far more likely to join madman Valley. After all, one is now, a future, and even now no, what future? Retention now, will change the future of hope, ah. The power of the wind and the lonely passers slightly discuss a few, said Huang Yan: also wish the two to be able to win a Madman Valley, that time, we will join your alliance, two out of a force. Collection the dream the transmigration world 220 chapters!

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