in my heart silently read

November 26 [Mon], 2012, 17:39
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultLeft hand cunning took the Tang Shuang hand towel ,placed in the water to wash ,in Tang Shuang body gently cleaned up ,Tang Shuang body immediately feel comfortable ,turns out to be the girl who was so comfortable ,her hands in his own body scrub is gently touch ,let people feel completely relaxed ,but there is a bad idea .
Left face to face in front of Tang Tang Shuang ,cool looking at her with a towel to wipe his body ,and his eyes will be overcome by one to see the left chest two protrusions, the full chest let Tang Shuang heart longing ,if this time to gently caresses touches the summit he feel than before ,and the girls are .
Left is wearing a nurse ,chest although completely exposed in the Tang Shuang eyes ,Tang Shuang is line of sight can just sneak inside to see beauty ,even underwear color can be seen, this feeling of Tang Shuang partly hidden and partly visible heart more itch ,wanted to keep her chest to unlock ,to enjoy a the beauty of it .
Left without any discovery, or serious scrubbing ,his mouth still innocent smile: Tang Shuang UGG Women's Mini Bailey,brother ,I have seen you are the body the best man ,but I have not seen a number of shirtless man ,hey hey .
Tang Shuang do not know how, a hot ,suddenly said : your body is also great . Left hearing the words, like a shy look ,but it was busy ,exciting said: Tang Shuang brother ,my body is very good really ? She was really in Tang Shuang before turning in a circle .
Shows her slim figure . Of course, very good .Don there is usually a lot of men in love ? Tang Shuang thought the words out UGG Bailey Krinkle Cheap,will continue to tell me . Gee ,Tang Shuang brother ,how do you know there are a lot of men looking at me ?You have seen .
Left hand surprised and said . I have not seen, also can think of that, you are so beautiful, tall and so well ,they don see you also see who ? Tang Shuang grinned . Hee hee ,Tang Shuang brother ,you really are .
They always secretly look at me, I like that ,especially there are some bad guy ,always at my chest .Like to eat me . Left hand and said .Tang Shuang casually asked: you didn bad guys ,some words tell Tang Tang Shuang Shuang brother ,brother to help handle him ,so that he no longer dared to have you at heart .
This left a busy exciting cried : Tang Shuang brother ,is it true? Tang Shuangmang nodded and said : ,I say never fake . But he left his look from the excited become sad ,she sighs said: forget it ,Tang Shuang brother ,I know you are good for me ,but I don want to make a big thing .
I want to work in a hospital . Tang Shuang to hear this word ,will know that every hospital must have been harassed ,or hospital ,he was annoyed ,if let him know who this person is ,then he is miserable, Tang Shuangmang said : you tell me ,I will not make a big thing ,that he dare not say half a word .
But left seems a bit do not believe that appearance, she shook her head and said: brother down .Thank you for your kindness ,but I want to forget ,I do not want to because I thing happened, I help you scrubbing towel is cool ,I help you wash .
Left again to wash towel .Tang Shuang sees she refused to say it ,no force .However, his mind has already decided to find out the left the lady-killer harassment ,etc. to find out, that he would give this guy a lifetime of regret .
Enjoying the beauty of the extreme ,Tang Shuang body is obtained a great satisfaction in general, see left a crimson face ,he really wants to kiss ,so exquisite stature ,more is to be overcome by one to hold her down .
While Tang Shuang in enjoying the beauty of the scrubbing ,he suddenly heard a gentle ah sound ,he looked down ,he saw the girl eyes are looking at their own following ,he looked down ,you know how it is ,his face is a hot ,oneself the little guy when he go with head high and chest out is not known .
This is a fortune ,Tang Shuang face are fever ,was thinking about how to explain the left ,not exposed himself the evil thoughts ?He hurriedly said: left ,feel shy ,you go out ,or my own .
Who knows but he heard left suddenly giggle ,though his face is red but not a little shy ,she laughs : Tang Shuang brother ,you are shy ah ,this is not what ?The hospital will often see such things ,left in the other nurses mouth often hear of such a thing ,just left to see for the first time ,so she screamed ,Tang Shuang brother you do not mind ah .
Tang Shuang heart what I do mind ,as long as you don treat me as a man ,but like a bad appearance also be completely bared there and then ,can still deceive younger sister UGG Uptown Cheap?Tang Shuangmang said : really feel shy ,you towel to me, now also wash almost, I can do it .
Tang Shuang take towel ,but left are hid behind the towel ,straighten the proud chest seriously said: Tang Shuang brother ,how can you let me give up halfway ,is now a scrub below, you can bend, more to help me ,however ,hee hee ,I do not move UGG Australia Mini Bailey Button, help you wipe the legs and feet .
Tang Shuang see girl so firmly ,he can say anything ,just nodded ,but he is now little guy still stand, that he was uncomfortable at heart ,silently neutralize your heart ,in my heart silently read: if the heart chaste and ,the heavens not Jing ,if the heart chaste and ,the sky is not surprised .
But he hasn let the mood to restore point, his thigh had been left the hands gently scrub ,such an intimate contact ,he could if the heart chaste and ,the sky is not surprised ?That is say ,hate even more powerful .
Forget it .Why do that myself yourself .Let it be ,Tang Shuang that comforts himself ,was a bit to see through his own mind, not good .The girl soft ,slippery ,let him want peace, do not calm down ,especially the thigh of the key place ,the girl seems to have a bit of excitement ,hand in there some messy scrub ,Tang Shuang look on her face .
The girl is actually closed his eyes ,a red face very moving, she also because shy to look at the place ,where the hands before slowly scrub .But she is not the place .Her hands in her lap is often running the wrong route ,and met in the middle Tang Shuang protrusions ,a hit that place ,Tang Shuang heart is a one He have a look ,girls face ,it seems more crimson ,Tang Shuang thought this to enjoy really too exciting too cool, than it also stimulate very .
Finally the girl finally left thigh ,but to the scrubbing ,Tang Shuang heart it slowly recovered a bit quiet .He stooped to his girl in the scrub down there ,his eyes suddenly saw the tall semicircular ,about this, he could see the half of the girl ,because to completely open neckline .
Tang Shuang could not help but swallowed a mouthful of slobber ,eyes on the white chest ,although the heart in a strong ,they really are ,but his eyes were still reluctant to leave there, that strong big white rabbit ,in the bit body shake under also follow a tremble .
Jitter even Tang Shuang heart shaking ,the middle of a ditch ,is lets the Tang Shuang excited ,good deep ditch ah ,if drilling in is what kind of feeling .Can make blind and disorderly conjectures UGG Button Krinkle.
Can think out of the gutter ,Tang Shuang was a strong warning his .He is finally resolved ,his eyes closed ,so we don left chest scene, my heart slowly to restore a bit .Fortunately left also finally finished his body scrub from below ,she stood up ,hammer in his own small waist ,his face full of flush ,grinning, said: brother Tang Shuang ,can open your eyes now ,I have finished the task .
Tang Shuangmang opened his eyes to see ,the girl is cute stood in his eyes ,he said : busy really hard for you, I ,is thank you . Left to have dinner, busy excitedly said: really ? ,you don eat at night hospital food ,I will let the people outside packing over, we eat together .
Well okay, I was tired of the hospital meals ,Tang Shuang brother you . It seems like left happy hug Tang Shuang, see him now had the following action . It is okay ,you go about it ,I changed the clothes out immediately .
Tang Shuang said .Left hand happy little head ,the towel after washing out put on the shelf, they bounce out ,such as the girl out ,Tang Shuang soon hand patted his little guy ,his mouth scolds: bad guy ,you know I am ashamed of ,what time castrate you are honest .
Tang Shuang dressed quickly ,from the inside out ,left is to help her make the bed ,saw him out ,busy and ran over to help his arm ,Tang Shuang is now also used to serve his girl ,his arm to let her hold ,he can enjoy the soft stimulation .
Sit at the head of a bed, Tang Shuangmang said : you ,I went to get them ready for dinner . He was on the outside of said : you who come in . Immediately a bodyguard came in from outside ,Tang Shuang from pocket wallet out a pile of money ,said : you help me go to restaurant dinner ,to several kinds of delicious dishes, in addition to help get me some drink several bottles of beer .
The bodyguard to Tang Shuang to ordering ,busy say: Mr. Tang ,the boss has been prepared for you dinner ,I let them . Tang Shuang heart glad ,that Zhu Houde wanted to really good ,then let him thoughtful considerate ,Tang Shuang he said : them come, I am hungry now ,also, to a dinner ,I and left .
Bodyguard busy nodded and said : I know ,immediately let them send you ,Mr. Tang first wait . Tang Shuang nodded ,guards immediately went out to left ,busy and and Tang Shuang chatting away ,in no time, the door opens ,Tang Shuang sees a chef who looked like pushing a car came in ,he Tang Shuang respectfully and said: Sir ,your dinner well, let me help you with the platform, you slowly .
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