The master has never think

December 20 [Thu], 2012, 18:11
The 619th chapter delusional ramblings!"This......."Blue Yun hesitate for a moment, and humbly replied, "will not let you disappointed under master!"Blue wave, Yun took out a space ring,Canada Goose Men's Calgary, "master, equipment and arcane etc. there, arcane most, under will more exotic eighteen arcane classification in the ring space to the left corner, you can see the master.""Well," a nod, took the ring, into which a knowledge of God, out the palm-size sword a robe to blue Yun front."Thank you for your master!""Your strength has broken through the day, there are two pieces of equipment. It is should."The word, he took out a black beads, "occult" laws of the vibration of earth."Vibration..." Yang Yulei brows gently pucker, "series rules commonly used in defense, attack method is rare enough, the vibration of the occult......."Arcane is introduced, its vibration mystic actually and 'kung-fu of ln-between' are very similar, can use the enemy attacks, physical defense or armor defense as fort, attacking enemy direct detonation of the five internal organs!This vibration mystic coexistence of ten state, the first realm, attack only one layer can enter the enemy in vivo, the remaining nine layer as fort, playing no role.The tenth state, all entering the enemy attack enemy, in vivo, ignore the body armor defense."The arcane..." Yang Yulei sighed and said, "this is a secret!"His eyes, watching the body before respectful bow blue Yun, "the arcane spend as much gold apes immortal wine in exchange for,UGG Jimmy Choo Sora Discount?""Two bottles!"Hearing this, Yang Yulei's brows gently twist, "the arcane far more than two bottles of gold apes immortal brew number.......""You don't know the young master," blue Yun continued, "although this arcane open department law unearthed another use, but has great limitations!""First of all, need to practice this mystic first sentiment series rules are rules for abstruse, the defense, to specialize in defense law as attack ace this is not easy, it takes on a whole series law deep impression and integrate, through may have.""Furthermore, need to practice the 'vibration mystic' not everyone has hope, gold, wood, water, fire, soil is five *, Xiujin most easily, very difficult to realize soil, the entire world Yiyiwan Saint strong, and one of few real series law sentiment into?""He is one of them," Yang Yulei said to himself, "in addition to Pangu swami, and bright sage Pangu enemies, there are days nose door main 'Tianxuan virgin', they will be able to success, why can't I?Besides, I have "the day after" chaos nine days in nine *, sentiment, and this is one of the series!"",Canada Goose Women's Thompson;Finally, is also the key place, in exchange for our gold apes immortal brewed, strength only Tianbing medium, at the time, he will change when I view of his eyes, his eyes some vain, he himself on this occult is not good, even worse, the" law of soil system vibration mystic "is his own imaginary also outstanding know!"Hear the blue Yun such speculation, Yang jade Layton silly one.But the pie piezui, "blue", if you are so not optimistic about this secret, why will it get back?""The master has never think that this series, under the rule of the occult the attack is very rare, so only hold not miss attitude will change, just under fifty, from his open bottle gold apes immortal stuffed the price down to two bottles of a bit of regret.......""Well, if this occult on said is true, then the price is far in excess of two thousand bottles of twenty thousand bottle of wine, gold apes immortal."Yang Yulei nodded, "well, and future opportunities in a trial is clearly true and false."Then, the black stone thrown into the ring.Sacred World notes such as not all of them are reel, the Blackstone is one of them, named: the stone of the memory, memory capacity greatly, and have the same effect."Gee!"Yang Yulei wonders aloud, "which documented things almost impossible to achieve!This is......."
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