Zhongming three people is delectable

December 12 [Wed], 2012, 11:34
Shengjing ,Qing palace . Our army used three layer of armor ,most can only in the fifty step ,to resist the Shangyi army machine gun fire ,sometimes even in the seventy or eighty step ,will be firelock breakdown .
Power far Ming using other machine gun fire . Huang Taiji while listening to the Abatai talk, hand while playing with a bird blunderbuss ,and in front of him ,also placed a three other different styles of machine gun fire .
Listen to the Abatai finish, Huang Taiji nodded ,and said: but just test you can see, a king is also used a fowling piece ,is the best must within thirty steps ,can wear three layer of armor ,that is to say ,Shangyi forces ,is not necessarily a fowling piece ,there could also be other styles the machine gun fire ,but we don .
Abate also said : think so too ,just with Wang Shun not said ?The military use machine gun fire ,not only a fowling piece ,and three eye blunderbuss ,Regulus cannon ,thunder ,Zhi electric gun ,pistol pistol Lu density and so on, not more than ten kinds of ,and the guru pistol range and armor penetration force density for the most ,I am afraid Shangyi military use ,is the most dense cannon Lu .
Huang Taiji nodded ,said: unfortunately, a king flag and no Lu dense gun ah ,or can be used to see whether the pistol with dense ,Lu Shun king said .We can also imitate !But listen to the Huai Wang Shun said ,making extremely laborious Lu dense cannon ,the Ming state but also thousands of support ,I see Shangyi army may not be able to use all Lu dense blunderbuss ,there must be some other we do not know the firelock ,a king ,with Wang Shun them when I was in the ten years ,who know that during this period ,Ming China and create anything new to machine gun fire .
Abatai said: the emperor wanted to see Lu dense pistol ?It is not simple ?Next time we score ming to country ,rob him several Lumi cutting back to the emperor to have a look . His laughing ,said: sweet ,sweet ,you are such a great age ,there were still only know yes ,grab it .
I say you are not ,I will let you go to the pipe section ,result how ,for I was at sixes and sevens ,up to now still like this ,not even a single lead . Listen to Huang Taiji blame ,Abatai also feel a bit shy, awkward smile ,said: do not hide the truth from the emperor saying ,I saw those accounts !Document ah what ,then do not mount a horse head ,really round knife ,the march to war came .
Huang also ha-ha laughs: so say ah ,our people at the march to war ,attack and defend, who is proficient in writing government ,I so reuse so many Han Chinese ,is to let people make the best use of ,let each person do his best .
You don have all day to heart ,if you are able to do the work ,I why so many Han Chinese ? Abate heart although some dissatisfied with heart ,but also had to admit that Emperor Taizong said really make sense ,had to lower the head not language .
And Huang also aware that her gone ,smiled and said: ,happy ,you and Shangyi people Chang passthrough ,just read a drill machine gun fire, shooting the king ,I ask you ,if you name the one thousand armoured warfare soldiers ,respectively against the soldiers and one thousand Shangyi ware a king firelock weapon, you think that how is the game ? This time Abatai is serious thought, and then said: the king against a machine gun fire, soldiers ,I have full victory against the master ,but if Shangyi firelock weapon, can not hold .
Although they are using three rows of round manner ,but a king firelock soldiers fired long intervals ,up to a maximum of two rounds volley ,I can lead the troops ashore near, most began to damage two or three hundred people .
The machine gun fire and Shangyi private launch interval time is very short ,almost without interruption ,and they use machine gun fire, range far and near ,army ,say less to also played seven or eight rounds ,at least half of casualties .
Therefore it is difficult to win . Paused ,Abatai and pass : and Shangyi with machine gun fire, front end can be inserted blade ,you can use melee when Pike ,and his firelock hand melee ability than the general army much stronger .
If one thousand people and one thousand Front War, we cannot win easily .Unless I this one thousand people have five hundred cavalry ,first with the cavalry fast flush ,again by the army to keep up with the step ,only winning machine .
Emperor Taizong heard ,although he didn ,but the heart is very calm,Mens North Face Nuptse Jackets, five hundred cavalry equivalent to at least one thousand five hundred of the same step army ,according to Abatai argument ,not to deal with Shangyi men ,eight soldiers sent out to double the strength of it ?This fighting force ,too terrible ,but he also believed that Abatai is all real answer for myself, after all, no one is willing to admit ,than his enemy .
In Abatai returned after the emperor ,and did not blame him, in contrast to the immigration raid set victory tone ,and give its reward ,says the raid on his entry must be .But privately ,Huang Taiji is shocked ,the entry way ,on the surface is Daming refused and revenge ,but in fact ,the Ming Huang is in a test ,to see how much resistance to the power of Ming china .
If Abatai really I wish you a happy voyage. So smooth, so Emperor Taizong will readjust to Ming China strategy ,although not immediately invaded ,but later in war ,will be to permanent occupation within the land ,and is no longer the plunder ,and emphasis will be placed on the capture of Shanhaiguan .
But just at this time ,the country is not from there out of a Shangyi ,a never-before-seen tactics ,repeatedly defeated qing .Also have to attach importance to the emperor .Due to his appointment of a large number of Han Chen ,Huang also deeply appreciate ,Han is a very intelligent man ,just a Ming Dynasty emperor too stupid ,do not make good use of these people ,Canada Goose Citadel Sale.
But if the Ming Dynasty pushing too hard ,falls not out one or two outstanding figures ,such as Yuan Chonghuan year .Therefore the country his attitude is very cautious, even in the time of the superior advantage ,dare not easily comprehensive attack Ming ,also very inclined to Ming Dynasty and Ming Dynasty ,slowly consumed power .
And in those days Nur Ha Che to his impression is too deep ,at that time ,the use of the red barbarian cannon on the gold ,is a never before seen terrible weapons .And now ,his faint feel, history seems again ,the Ming Dynasty had a Shangyi ,using a new machine gun fire, and new tactics, but fortunately the loser is the Abatai rather than their own .
So in the Abatai returned after two months, his side had collected data of Shang Yi ,while asking to soldiers ,a detailed understanding of Shang Yi combat mode and characteristic, only Abatai was alone was seen three times, just to find out the way to deal with Shang Yi ,but his move .
The Chinese army command ,a king Kong Youde ,Chi Shun King is gratifying ,with Wang Shun Geng Zhongming et al ,recognize the solution properties of machine gun fire .But these things are in the dark,UGG Nightfall Sale, or a separate case ,in public, Huang never mention Shangyi .
Because the emperor ?In his following anterior to remain a part of the mysterious ,elusive ,ability makes his secretary not to please themselves ,deceive deceive themselves, but also to show they know everything ,be equal to anything .
Kong Youde ,still encouraging ,Geng Zhongming three people fall clear when, brought a lot when Ming Dynasty advanced artillery and cast gun technology ,also helped the Qing dynasty built quickly fire units ,but also to the Qing firearms manufacturing level of rapid development .
But the development of firearms in Ming Dynasty ,by entering a misunderstanding, is a heavy artillery and light machine gun fire ,attached to the large heavy artillery ,and despise small light gun .
Kong Youde ,Geng Zhongming three people is delectable ,nature is so .Although the three men ,there are a lot of machine gun fire ,but at the time of the Ming and the like ,are most of the three eye blunderbuss ,only a small amount of a fowling piece ,as thunder gun ,pistol ,Lu Zhi electric compact pistol ,is a no ,but whether is firelock tactics .
Although the Ming Dynasty by self invented three bursts of tactics ,but ware in Ming is still just as auxiliary weapons exist ,it in fact and Archer no difference .Natural no continuous combat and intensive combat these tactics .
And not to mention the use of granular powder ,fixed bayonets ,gunpowder ,technology ,the technology is not much, is not complicated ,but enough to not changing the firelock itself conditions, so that the machine gun fire, performance is improved greatly ,so that the guns on the battlefield the main weapon ,by the cold weapon era spans into thermal weapon era .
Therefore some of them to Huang also provide much reference value ,although let his understanding of ware has much improved ,but still feel confused .Don how to use Shangyi firelock defeated qing .
While the secret agents to collect Take source ,there are some results ,although in Take history the harvest is not, but in recent months ,Take x Li Zicheng army ,war pass, or hear very clearly .
Although the peasant army ,fighting in his eyes nothing, but since Shangyi south ,won victories against Li Zicheng ,and fought battles are outnumbered ,which shows that they can beat the Qing ,and not by accident .
But the secret agents who collected information is just the outcome of the battle ,and the emperor is the value of Shangyi beat Li Zicheng tactical method, is it right? Also use machine gun fire fighting ,how to use the machine gun fire, combat ,but it was one ten ,because work could not visit the battlefield to see Shangyi how to fight, so it needs to gather further information .
At the same time, Emperor Taizong also know ,Shangyi took his army , businessmen army ,this was no small ,although the name is modelled on that of Qi Jiguang, but in fact the Qi army only people on the Qi Jiguang of the title ,Qi Jiguang can never be known since his army as the Qi army ,and Shangyi dare ,also explained that this person wants to Army control in their own hands ,it seems quite ambitious ,and I am afraid not only as a general .
And this, you may be able to use it later .But it is his mind, can Abatai know ,therefore in the sink in the moments later ,Huang Taiji before: happy ,Shangyi thing speaks of here
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