been completely exhausted

December 26 [Wed], 2012, 12:24
I saw under Murong chawol such a powerful attack, certainly thought certainly put brontosaurus on forming a little hurt, and who knows brontosaurus seen such a powerful attack, but also angry,Canada Goose Palliser Coat Outlet. * * bubble! Book. It * just listen to it howling huge dragon lips moving, a purple-colored lightning spit instantly formed a 10 meters thick to lightning shield radius of more than one thousand meters in size. See this plan to to Yingjie the Murong chawol all attacks, after the lightning layout, does not stop at this meaning. I saw it at Lung Mei toss of a move the Dragon Tail facing the Murong chawol is a pendulum Anyway distance between at least several thousand meters, its tail should hit less than Murong chawol fishes. Who knows its tail also instantly release a lightning towards Murong chawol attack to go. But this time Murong chawol attacks also have been chopped to the the brontosaurus layout defense, a time that tens of thousands of attacks hit layer lightning spent the Shield "Chi Chi" sounds, but this really the anti-live like brontosaurus not imprudent, because of these attacks, but a sustained attack. So it continues to vomit lightning, to continue to strengthen his defense, or so much under attack wanton Road lightning shield is also slowly dissipated, so in this case it nor passive defense look and still looks like a barely parry. But it just thrown out from the tail channel lightning beginning to Murong chawol attack to go, but to halfway when that channel lightning is like the sudden alive in general, turned into a lightning flashing rifles, suddenly the direction of a change to me hit. This donkey brontosaurus, ah, no! All this is certainly that donkey Day interracial black hand dry, this clearly is to kill me thing, but his bias is so the more I keep his bed of roses, seeing the passage of the pole lightning guns Kasei me to. From the Reiatsu view of the above, I know now is certainly not my best pick is maintained. And quickly resorted to the the Tianpeng wings, a flashing under the direct wind escape teleport disappear, escaped just that powerful blow. Strength is far better than distracted late brontosaurus blow, I'm really not Yingjie nothing, but Tianpeng wings in hand, it is a short period of time is not do nothing I am. In this way the first attack of the brontosaurus to be deadlocked live, but at this time Murong chawol situation is not optimistic, because at this time she has appeared frail state, see her perfect jade face before. , already pale extremely I see is a spasm. However brontosaurus to see Murong chawol this time has been badly hurt, she immediately began to fight back, I saw brontosaurus immediately after the roar stature startled shock to the Murong chawol depleted attack, and then The incredible mobile speed directly toward the Murong chawol. Was also scared the Murong chawol Huarong pale, and quickly recover a turn that four Lingbao to defense, and that four Lingbao also the mysticism exceptions, so were rolling under, and instantly block in Murong purple month at the front, like Teleport general. Then four Lingbao that Lotus is Lotus into a huge moment is also rose to 56 in size, at which point the Thunder Dragon also has come here, swelled to more than a huge burst poking, is also from time to time with its lightning attack,the north face cheap, if it able to give the Murong chawol great concussion every attack. Murong chawol is also anxious incomparable, at this moment than this four Lingbao no other supernatural powers, but this time she Mana is running out, and also the the Murong chawol anxious Brontosaurus under an attack again. But also because the brontosaurus at this time and the the Murong chawol distance to pull into a lot, even when facing Murong chawol and is a Shenlongbaiwei swept past, originally she resorted to an armor to ward off the blow, but when piece of giant the tail hit that above when we come to know the power of the blow just how much horror. "Boom ..." under a loud noise, just that armor is at least three Lingbao turned so abruptly smashed fly out, but also smashed deformed look. Really worthy of a Dragon turned out to be able to blow under a three the Lingbao also hit deformation seems to just blow not only spiritual power, in fact, Juli is rude and extremely. And Murong chawol, has long been scared Huarong pale, because she has not Tianpeng winged Body, there is no way to escape the blow. More already in a despair of color, and my heart read, more in the hope that the afterlife again meet with the husband! Eyes and a red beauties tears rushing stream. Men's arms, but is she ready to close your eyes and wait for death when I suddenly felt a turn in front of the screen, has the body to another place in more than one hundred meters away, while he is a familiar one to react She is also a hi. "Chawol! Do not give up, because I always have the general feeling seems to have someone come and save me." She react when first heard my phrase. "Well!" Murong chawol with tears, nodded sincere to me. In the next moment, we seem to be heart think alike the know how to do, and I hugged her and kept teleport to escape the attack of the Thunder Dragon, a Murong chawol do not have to worry about defense, the next She is also doing all they could last a little magic to attack the Thunder Dragon. Who knows brontosaurus after being beaten for a period of time, and it attacks us close the mouths frustrated, and finally rage of fact, this is to blame, blame it is a knockoff, or a real real dragon exists, and will definitely There are many methods to get rid of Teleport supernatural powers. "Ahem ... Jon, I really die, my mana really been completely exhausted." Is our turn Tongzou brontosaurus in Murong chawol my arms suddenly said weak weak. "I know, and the next thing you give me," I said dismissively. And a very sincere Murong chawol is also nodded his head, as if for the words of their own men believe that in general, in fact, no matter what, I found brontosaurus with Murong chawol bucket so long spell, its spiritual power and then gradually decline , while the consequences of the decline in its spiritual power is its cultivation has also followed the decline, the brontosaurus at this time has been reduced to distracted initial repair order. Why did it is pure energy into it. But even with my soul strong, can sense the depth of a distracted the initial repair of the brontosaurus already is aggressive incomparable immediately claws hit me, Seeing I also had time times madness Dodge. But for this time, we have been trapped into this special space, then I am sure that has long flash people, but I carried my the Murong chawol awkward Teleport Dodge when I suddenly of a heart flash scheming a , think of a way to blow brontosaurus. Observation I found seems wounded when brontosaurus than its own use magic, spiritual power consumption is much larger, so I decided to take the risk, but also quietly acoustic told Murong purple months, let her wait for the next Energizer again with my time,Canada Goose Camp Down Hooded, see if you can attack a success.
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