he is likely to be the security directly

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But this long leaf repair nest in the house for a kind of guy ,climate response that is quite slow, did not realize this transformation .The plane got a taxi ( car ) ,the hotel did not go straight over to the cycle club .
And cut the Kroraina side transaction failed ,but that leaves some repair more carefully .But after repeated discussions and Wei Chen, after some thought ,reincarnation is no reason to refuse .
This season they are aimed at winning the intent is clear, the final top two rest week ,from their campaign can see .Reject this skill points Raiders ,never ,the only possible ,rejects outright .
This leaves repair them these days is also discussed for a long time UGG Short Sparkles On Sale.If it is not outright ,made clear that leaves them to visit other marine repair business ,in this way ,the circle also does not say what is on the upgrade .
Think it over and over again ,we still find the reincarnation outright possibility is very high .Cycle club soon arrived ,of course not ready to come to the door leaf repair .After all, his face is when not pass ,Wei Chen worry is not unnecessary, he is likely to be the security directly out of the .
The club at a public telephone booth ,leaves to repair a call ,then in the cycle Club wanders outside the door waiting for .No assembly ,the club ran out of a man ,outside just look around ,leaves Xiuzhao he waved ,the man quickly to meet .
Long time no see. Two greet .Tong Lin ,former glory occupation player ,played for the club .Three years ago, after retiring, entered the circle Club logistical and technical work of the department .
Glory occupation circle is not large, a total of 200 people, and most of the early time scale is not so big ,team no 20 ,each team is not on the 10 ,so less people ,occupation player between each other are more familiar with some of .
Ye Xiu from the Union early has been mixed to the present ,it is of course nobody do not know, is nothing more than the depth of the relationship .Some people are nodded ,others to talk to .
Tong Lin is the latter .Although he is not God ,but the glory of love is not a point less than anyone .Retired into the skills ,but also diligently .Ye Xiu does this come in touch ,this old friend ,of course also is to facilitate a message into a door ,is really to be trading decisions ,it is far not Tong Lin .
Two side to greet me ,one was in the reincarnation of the gate .The Tong Lin meet ,the security guard would not intervene .Before blade repair when wandering, they also good guard looked a lot .
After all the playoffs nearly ,may not have anything to disturb is actively preparing for the occupation players ,club these days all aspects of the business requirements are more stringent .
What Ah ,the phone is mysterious . On the side of Tong Lin leafy walk asked repair . On your cycle ,is a very good thing . Ye Xiu says . Oh ,could you give us any good reincarnation ? Tong Lin smile .
Will show you you the . Ye Xiu says . Good ah ! Tong Lin didn ,direct with leaf repair on club three layer ,Technology Department of his office . Say ,how will you demo ,I wait and see ! Greeting leaf repair after taking a seat ,Tong Lin laughs .
This is the glory of your account ? Ye Xiu ask . I said no to your letter ? Tong Lin said , occupation ? Occupation does not matter, preferably a task done less ,less is more .
Ye Xiu says . It really didn . Tong Lin says . It would take two ! Ye Xiu says .Tong Lin office drawer pull ,to which touch is a two card account pumping out . This, or go to the lab ? Tong Lin asked .
Laboratory UGG Australia Bailey I Do? Ye Xiuxiao. We are so called ,used to . Tong Lin says . let you have a look ! Ye Xiu said, and walked, Tong Lin is immediately out of his computer ,only the two account number card at the .
The two number is your private or ? Ye Xiu picked up a asked . Private . Tong Lin says . Then you pick big cheap . Ye Xiu smile .Tong Lin this is confused ,leaf repair has Mali landing of the game .
The role of Tong Lin name ,which area, what occupation ,what equipment repaired ,leaf didn care about, only to see a character location, immediately to the direction and ran out ,and asked about the Tong Lin : your characters, what the task is done ,what do you remember ? This .
.. ... Most can not exactly ." ;Tong Lin said just try it ! Said Ye Xiu . What do you want ? Tong Lin asked ah ,one will know . Ye Xiu hedge ,is not to say, to manipulate the Tong Lin role toward him to remember a mission where to run to .
To lead the task NPC the dialogue ,also a coincidence ,Tong Lin this task is done .Tong Linyi leaves for repairs took a task ,hastened to get perspective : what task ? Ye Xiu opened the task pane ,to Tong Lin the task name .
Tong Lin watched ,mind repeatedly recalled again, do not remember the task what is the wrong place .Then look at the leaves of a road game, it is then the task step ,step by step to complete the .
You run I this is helping me ,to do the task .? Tong Lin smile . You don deserve you ,excitedly at the back . Ye Xiu said .What for .Don ! Tong Lin also anxious ah !The result leaves repair more neither fast nor slow ,but he is afraid of wrong ,after all this stuff was ignorant of light and two entire mechanical precision of the pole, a little sloppy .
Pay attention to oh !! Finally ,the task was to the last link ,leaf repair suddenly shouted Tong Lin . Always pay attention to ! Tong Lin said the role ,task ,a row of reward words flashed, leaf repair did not disappoint ,the skill Book Award .
He selected to demonstrate the task, of course is a very high probability .This list of tasks ,being ignorant and two light accurately toss ,derived data conclusion is a 57.258% chance .
The skill book this probability is high to death . The skill book !!! Tong Lin has been patiently to see ,did not escape his eyes flashed to the reward ,he clearly saw the three words .
He immediately realized that this skill book is necessarily leaves repair sell the way the matter ,except that he is not seen with the other . 25 little skill book, how, excited ? Repair the open leaf Tong Lin this role inventory ,one of the 25 skill book dazzling lying there .
This is not a coincidence ? Tong Lin has already started to fly express . Coincidentally ,also not a coincidence . Ye Xiu says . And the suspense ,what do you call a spade a spade ! Tong Lin cried .
Coincidentally ,because this skill book nor the one hundred percent could be obtained ;no coincidence ,because I used the correct child ,let it can occur by chance, if not my words ,this task I don want to brush many times to get this award .
Ye Xiu says . You get out of the way I have a look ugg womens! Tong Lin put the leaf repair break ,manipulation of the role ,and is read over bar items ,confirmation is undoubtedly skills book .
Turn the record ,but also determine the skill book is just the task reward .Then Tong Lin opened the website ,the task of searching a result ,didn any forest tasks and skills book comes together relevant information .
Don can brush out ,but also a man many years and tried to come up with the . Ye Xiu says . Who is it? Tong Lin braille . Wei chen . Ye Xiu said . Is this guy ! Tong Lin is the older generation of players ,team captain Lan Yu once ,he was not to know .
Do you mean to say ,he worked out, do this task requires a special party ,will it be possible to get the skill book that hid rewards ? Is engaged in logistics technology Tong Lin ,and now it is on this understanding faster chips .
You Ye Xiu nodded . How high the probability? Tong Lin asked .Fifty percent . ! Ye Xiu says . How this data is out ? Tong Lin asked . Say this fear scared the shit out of you ,still do not say .
Ye Xiu says .Tong Lin eye-rolling : you don one must still be asked . Tong Lin it is a senior industry ,this project one to look out for ,immediately to repair the leaf guess a assorted .
With a top student ,what knowledge of mathematics to calculate out of ,you know ,that we must understand, anyway, listen to him ,then what we do .This probability is the actual inspection ,we do not have this ability ,you are interested can later be a large-scale experiment ,you don what the lab ? Ye Xiu says .
probability is not important ,important is that it can really effective .You know what I mean ? Said Lin tong . Understand . Ye Xiu unhurried smile : I think it will effectively .
This is just a fifty percent probability ,if less than one hundred percent ,there may be invalid . Tong Lin says . But this is only one of them ,you can take such a task ,she excitedly ran you cycle to sell ? Ye Xiu says .
? Tong Lin asked . All the tasks together ,1000 skill points ! Ye Xiu says . ! Tong Lin eyes all of a sudden glare is round ,a second already rushed a torn leaf repair ,lest he should escape seems like: go go go ,I follow you .
Where to go ah ? Leaf repair asks, but already knows . You say ? Tong Lin of course is not the answer .Drag leaves repair out of the office ,under the floor ,came to the two floor ,just straight toward this layer along the way to the end .
Pass by way of the training room ,a reincarnation of the players is a cup of water ,like to relax like in the training room door to walk around .See Tong Lin had still recognize them, is politely called elder ,Tong Lin smiled and nodded ,results were like he caught behind the thief firmly tears ,walk were torn out kind of guy also nodded with a smile .
This cargo is who ?My name is advanced him in the blind promise what ?It looks like a little familiar, is tea tea master ?This contestant mouth say nothing ,heart is a guess ,but it is only a moment ,immediately quickly think of who the person is .
This one absence hand slightly, cup of boiling water ramp out North Face Steep Dolomite,hand was a pouring immediately hot to free the main . Pop sound rang ,the cup is broken .The player some at a loss ,but still looked to be Tong Lin took leave .
This noise heard behind leaves repair and Tong Lin also looked back at the results ,see only the Cup played such a trifling matter ,also continued their .It room to hear the other players outside the ring ,all ran out to see what had happened .
The results saw the player idiotic to stand at the door .A look at just a cup ,they are scattered, but the player raised his right side ,pointing to have turned the corner of figure : leaf .
.. ... Ye Qiu. Sorry. The player didn . Autumn leaves ,autumn is !I see Tong predecessor just pulled leaf autumn has passed . Tong predecessors ,pulling the leaf autumn ? All the players are somewhat confused .
The Tong Lin and they certainly don feel anything unusual, but leaf autumn ,how this person will appear at this time in their reincarnation ?The player gossip soul burning . They do ? Deputy team asked the Yangtze River waves .
There . Players pointing .Manager office. Corridor turned ,in addition to the manager ,seems to have no place to go . To have a look ? Jiang Botao back, is said to Zhou Zekai ,they are two corps Deputy captain ,this year, the onlookers gossip also have identity just right .
Zhou Zekai also did not say what, training room, the telephone rings, a rookie players ran to pick up , the two came to get off Zhou Zekai and Jiang Botao : Captain, vice captain ,manager that your past .
Jiang Botao and Zhou Zekai exchanged a glance ,all the people think that is definitely and Ye Qiu visit the .Two this is preparing the past ,suddenly the phone rings again .It is the new ran off ,hastily rushed out and find Zhou Zekai and Jiang Botao : let you take account manager .
With the account ?This is why ? Everyone in the heart of a figure ,Zhou Zekai and Jiang Botao two is puzzling ,but back to the training room North Face Mens Vest Sale,put the two card account took the band .
Come in, please. Manager outdoor after knocking at the door ,I heard the manager greeting ,two people inside .The manager did not sit in the office ,but on the side of the hospitality of the sofa, and Tong Lin left and right ,a person makes in the middle .
I do not have to introduce ? The manager smiled . Zhou Xiaojiang ah, ha ha ,this season played very well ! Ye Xiu smiled and two greet people .In order to save your ==============================
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