do not know now where to go

December 01 [Sat], 2012, 18:26
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult Well, well, would you please take me to see you miss it ,Lin Chen nodded ,although do not know now where to go ,but at least do not rely on others ?Not to mention or an unknown woman ,leaving at least and others say hello goodbye .
You come with me ,the girl nodded ,turned with forest Chenzhao the young lady to walk, soon, in those soldiers guarded the most rigorous a bungalow in front stopped ,girl hand knocked on the doors of some old , Miss, are you there? On the road today finds one, he wakes up .
The person who found it ... ... Lin Chen ,but rolled her eyes .His words seemed to feel wrong ,the girl hurried is turned to ,feel shy towards Lin Chen said : that ,sorry ,that .
UGG Kensington Boots.. ... .Oh? He wake up ? Inside ,a soft voice sounded ,followed by silence for a moment ,said: let him in ,I have some things to ask him . ! However ,at this time ,not far from the soldiers leader came, is clearly heard miss to let Lin Chen into it, Miss, the unknown ,let him arbitrarily close to miss ! .
Well, Rama the centurion ,he is just a mere Knight apprentice .,even the apprenticeship swordman strength are not, don think he can hurt me ? Support team leader The North Face Targhee Triclimate Clearance,with the door ,inside the lady did not care ,although it is in Lin Chen to talk UGG Noella Boots, but being a woman look down ,Lin Chen or uncomfortable .
That would be fine .Inside ,hear what miss ,the guard leader see Lin Chen, is clearly see he is just Lv10 soldiers only, so there is nodded ,relieved said . Lv42 ,looked at the guard leader level ,Lin Chen was a surprise ,so the strength of the man is but a team leader only, it seems there is Miss identity should not simple ah .
Push the door ,Lin Chen went ,there was only one woman ,looking over the years about twenty appearance ,soft hair ,such as a star shining star pupil, compact and forceful Joan nose ,skin Rening fat ,waist as fine willow ,this is a stunner ,even day as recognized in the beautiful flower color ,slightly worse than she has some temperament .
.. ... The woman this time it was sitting on a small stool in front of her ,put a statue of Pan size stove ,placed next to some herbs ,Lin Chen just rough out ,know the lady is in refining coarse sedative agents ,able to recover small amounts of MP magic value .
Seen Miss, thanks to miss him ,I came looking for you ,is to go away ,came in, looking at the poor bear Miss approach, Lin Chen frowned ,but he says nothing, just smiled and said .
You don to say thank you, even if I did not bring you in ,you wake up ,just fainted in the street some safety . ,heard Lin Chen thanks UGG Gloves, this girl don say, said, pick up a little calm flower into furnace ,never looked up.
Just a face ,looking intently into the furnace refining agent in medicine .Here ,the lady seems to think what ,he took out a small spoon in medicament which slowly stirred ,side down and said: I heard this area some Taiping ,bandits tufted, you fell in the roadside ,should be the people around here ?You know how beneficial to avoid those bandits ?The village villagers to fear those bandits ,they don know those bandits power distribution .
Feel shy ,I also pass by here ,the terrain was unfamiliar , hear this miss is actually want to own the way, Lin Chen in his heart smile, he even the world what countries do not know ,even to himself .
Oh ,do not know forget it ,heard Lin Chen answer ,this miss nothing down ,just said ,no words ,just staring at her medicine furnace in pharmacy, and gently stir up ,then ,natural medicine furnace pop fried ,inside the medicament all splash out .
Damned !Failed again !!! , fast waved cloth under a layer of defense ,blocking the splashing agent, see this miss skilled action ,want to face this situation not only has a two times ,looking at the blast out a little reagent ,the miss their own defense ,his face with a helpless look .
ll go first ... ... To see this ,miss was immersed into refining agent to the inside, no mind of his own ,Lin Chen opening said . Ah ?You still here ? Lin Chen ,hear the words ,this miss .
No process successfully ,he looked up ,surprised at Lin chen . ... ... , this was not placed on the heart feeling ,let Lin Chen was not used ,but also some anger ,after all, scourge ,even those top game player must reverent and respectful to face their own ,in front of their own are very cautious ,but let him not happy ,but to this ,had been one of the most elementary pharmacist ignored .
However ,although Lin Chen sulking, but also know the current situation and the games are not the same ,the game also has its own grand master casting techniques and pharmaceutical skills, the end game player is the reverent and respectful ,it is because they are always in the main town ,by the system protection ,who does not threaten their own .
But in the reality is not the same ,Huaibiqizui truth Lin Chen or understand ,not to mention no captive strength ,they also have such strong casting capacity and medicine ,if people know too much, will bring great trouble .
Turned to leave ,but see this young lady and is rekindled by a magical fire ,ready to continue refining and chemicals ,Lin Chen steps slightly up, expect the other side is to help yourself ,so ,Lin Chen said , you make sedative agents, but calm flower do not put so much ,only need spar powder put teaspoon ,should be able to succeed .
Oh? You know the refining tranquilizing agents !? Originally the magic flame to burn ,Miss Lin Chen ,hear the words ,suddenly looked up ,eyes with light at Lin Chen asked . ,send Buddha to the West .
.. ... Look at the lady ,look forward to the eyes, Lin Chen was a sigh ,walked past, look at the size of a basketball medicine furnace ,but is the most inferior whiteboard medicine furnace ,Lin Chen was deflated deflated mouth ,and his two furnace compared is garbage are lifting it .
To pinch a few pieces of Anshen flower petals ,and then put some spar powder ,put a small stove on heating above the magic lamp UGGs Ultimate Tall Boots,the skilled action ,just like the most beautiful piano master hands ,medicine to Lin Chen ,the ordinary but with a natural skill action ,it is like an art .
Killer. , see Lin Chen movement ,the women eyes ,other do not say ,just watching the action ,the action without the slightest stagnation ,watching his movements you know that a certain master Lian pharmacists .
Although direct open life skills to face ,Lin Chen master class medicine surgery can not drugs furnace refining agent ,but not willing to excessive exposure of their ability ,so Lin Chen is a very casual with a whiteboard medicine refining furnace began sedative medicament .
But two or three minutes, pharmacy ,with a small glass bottle packed ,in the cold water cooling ,instant four or five bottles of pale blue sedative agents created . Trace tranquilizing agents ( perfect grade ) ,every 10 seconds to increase MP30 ,lasts 60 seconds ,looked at their sedative agent attributes, Lin Chen secretly shook his head ,good, they do not use the full ,otherwise ,even the trace sedative agents, not only this property .
Good ... Good perfect sedative agent ... ... , but ,although Lin Chen on this sedative medicament disdain ,but ,the girl was shocked ,a pair of eyes staring at the hands of Lin Chen tranquilizing agents ,although it is light blue ,but the drug which is so clear ,no trace of impurities .
perfect grade of pharmacists ,are not necessarily able to produce such high quality sedative medicament ah ,see Lin Chen hands clear pale blue trace sedative agents ,lady with a piece of rock ,and then ,to determine what ,this miss big eyes staring at Lin chen .
My name is Xia Lu ,you be my teacher ?Students willing to follow you to be a great chemist ! , just staring at Lin Chen, eyes that see Lin Chen some fluffy feeling ,then this miss eyes look and said .
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