is the eldest brother

November 28 [Wed], 2012, 14:59
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultTwo more ,ask the ticket ,seeking collection !~ ~ ~ ~ cold pool .
( see the novel to love literature network ) half a month ago, because a variety of reasons ,cold cloud did not come near it ,including four only the corpse of the demon .It is because at that time the cold pool to the cold cloud sensation in addition to cold outside always seemed to have other risk ,grew up with the black grew up with cold cloud also has the characteristic of risk of keen perception, so not only the cold cloud is not near ,even the great half a month he no longer near here .
And the second is the cold pool around really cold hardiness ,even the best cold clouds are not excessive near ,so the final cold cloud can only give up cold pool around plan .Follow and not completely recovered from the Mo sunspot ,cold cloud once again came to the late five and three transfer period the big brother of war place ,arrived edge of a field ,Mokuro Ko did not go directly to the cold side, but in the surrounding carefully looked around ,but the ultimate natural is very disappointed ,after all, in addition to the disappearance of the green anaconda ,the other four had already been cold clouds away ,even half tiger monster has entered the black belly .
Later, Mokuro Ko still did not go to the pool ,but with a cold cloud and moye embarked on a cold pool not far from a cliff ,cliff on mo after sunspot also got into the cliff at a vast riprap ,finally in the rubble around nearly a quarter .
,he appeared in a can only be used for ordinary people to look into cave door ,watching from inside out of the cold ,cold cloud by some strange to Mo Mo sunspot asked: elder brother, this is ? Mo sunspot did not reply immediately, but the mysterious smile ,after first drilled into the face of sunspot ,is the move ,cold cloud although some strange ,but after thinking it over with a small black in .
This entrance is obviously not the kind of Mo sunspot with earth spells cause temporary cave ,except for a few locations have artificial expanded traces ,are mostly belong to the kind of original type wall .
The cave is not big, but the length of let the cold cloud by surprise ,a drilling for half an hour after he never came to an end, and that all the way down to the cold cloud ,the feeling has been tilted down ,while the direction is likely to be before the cold pool ,that is to say ,half an hour after three people should go to the pool below, this discovery let cold cloud is surprised ,after all, feel the chill out in the cold pool in the underground is not obvious ,at least in the cold cloud and Mo sunspot and moye bear within .
After half an hour ,the cold front cloud finally heard from underwater ,and then, in front of the Mo sunspot also stopped ,after I saw Mo sunspot hand beside the wall on a press ,one more than a foot size space will appear in the round him .
The series monk in the soil are just like the water in the water general repair ,repair a water diversion of water ,soil repair also has a branch in the soil ,the soil is black with clouds cold heart ,without envy ,after all the soil with water operation than is practical know how many .
See Mo sunspot finally stopped ,cold cloud with black very quickly into the side ,but this place still can not see the underwater came the place ,cold cloud had asked : is the eldest brother ,what place is it ? When moye also came out from behind ,then Mokuro Ko only smiled said : further on is the pool of a small island .
Cold pool island ! Although Leng Yun knows this way has been drilled into the cold pool below, but hear the cold pool cold cloud was startled ,later than the cold pool and asked: how much ? In the face of cold cloud of this answer ,Mo sunspot is smile his face , I don cold pool above is not I can afford ,I also is good luck ,once in a subterranean blind run into here .
Then ,Mokuro Ko did not wait for the cold cloud opening ,directly : we will not go there ,but that surrounds the island should be in two place ,war ,you this evil to try ,to see if he can withstand the outside cold air .
Leng Yun doesn understand why not sunspot stop here ,it walked along the way, the temperature is not so unbearable cold cloud ,but after thinking it over or simply pats side black head ,then said : go outside to have a look have what baby ,some words with come back ? Wicked wisdom is not low, even the most ordinary low also have the equivalent of three five years old child IQ ,as tyrants under and grew up with cold cloud a grew up in the black, the IQ natural than an evil high many North Face Jacket Outlet, even now black was not over ten years .
Hum ! Black apparently understand cold cloud point, facing the cold cloud low for a sound before to the acoustic direction from a climb ,but with black to move forward UGG Australia Roxy Short,black dark tortoise unexpectedly fast over a layer of frost UGG Women's Tall Fancy Boots,a big black turtle even in such a Kung Fu became the big a white turtle ,and the cold cloud that understand ,why not sunspot will now in this location and stopped further ,apparently with the situation on the ground ,as the cave why temperature to be much higher ,it would not be able to understand that the cold cloud .
This change could not affect the black, although the turtle into a white turtle ,but the black the white figure is still very soon disappeared at the end of the front sight ,saw this ,Mokuro Ko seems to be that finally long hush a atmosphere .
Cold man ,you little turtle looks like is not really simple . Mo sunspot words did not say as much ,but the meaning of words in cold cloud or hear it ,apparently not sunspot seemed to feel the extraordinary black turtle .
In the face of Mo sunspot ,cold cloud also does not deny ,but cold cloud also do not worry ,although little turtle looks somewhat like a leader, but ferocious appearance should not have people really associate to the dragon ,but if one really associate to the dragon ,that is not what the people believe ,after all, that was the evil black gas might not look like a dragon, and the Dragon even long ,who also will still with a dragon gas ,and not a black dragon gas ,its mother is the big white turtle PA compared ,both in the atmosphere also has a world of difference .
Of course ,even though it was recognized as a drake also nothing, after all, Kyushu dragon beast though not many ,but also the absolute number ,unless be recognized Blackie is pa under first blood, or are likely to cause too much controversy UGG Finnegan Cheap, most also is some harbour evil designs look ,some harbour evil designs .
Move it ,but what cold cloud is also a building base friars ,little trouble can still deal with . simple ,which is unusual the more afraid of cold . Although Leng Yun is not worried ,but try to low-key ,but apparently not convincing .
There suddenly let out a cry of anger moye hum ,then slowly opening: not afraid of cold !It is not cold ?But here, ghosts, mountains, the chill is world Yin ,you when we are no fool ! In the face of moye remark ,cold cloud by touched his nose ,since half a month ago Mo sunspot injured that night ,and he the moye seems to ,as long as there is an opportunity will be a dig at him .
Leng Yungang wanted to return to a few words UGG Australia Over Knee Twisted Cable, but for the moment ,before black lost direction suddenly came a little that unique creeping sound .( see the novel to love literature network
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