Somebody be overcome by one up

November 28 [Wed], 2012, 17:54
Traincollector HTML simple template model UGG Butte Boots, relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe first volume 895th chapter night observation -- Chapter 895th night observation activities announcement ,officially started distance less than two days .
TXT Ebook Download old game player knows this Christmas activity benefits ,are all go into action without delay .Want to form a team did find friends ,want to single-handed use last two days of grounding equipment .
Club also won this activity ,for them, in addition to the direct participation in activities ,more competition during the activity list .The list is the profit, but also promote the image .
But I think now online there is no smile ,the guild president are laughing .This activity because sends map ,and is restricted to only team to enter ,so their guild overwhelm with numerical strength advantage only in the rankings play somewhat ,individual or team rankings ,more people also not by them together !These competitions ,apparently contest is j ī nggame player and team strength UGG Women's Dakota.
Originally big guild in this regard is also no lack of self-confidence ,but Xin Xing contest ... ... New copy is Xin Xing unifying the country record list is the best explanation .That is more than j ī ngteam strength ,the results ?And Xin Xing team contest ,only occupation Corps .
But Christmas is not to interfere with the League for the occupation .Wednesday ,Thursday ,Friday three days period of activity ,after Saturday occupation League sixteenth round competition .
Occupation the players would not be able to run before the game training and readiness ,and ran to online games and play in the activity .Even if it is interested to play ,may also just a game two experience ,obviously they cannot be relied on to brush a list result .
Club bosses anxious ah !But the two day time flash over .The Christmas Story activity started .Because of limited time ,so keep this morning unable to hold oneself back start game player but not many .
Club have ?The first time was not immediately sent out their j ī ngteam .They to list as the goal, of course have to pass the observation about the activities of the real situation ,and then accomplish have a definite object in view .
That night, the big club side of the respective study this activity ,while in active watch list .No smile ?Xin Xing ?Will soon appear in the list of the ?Results no ,wait until dawn ,Xin Xing also did not have any man washed up on the list .
The club although they did not send the real J īng,but their details which have been well reflected .In this way allowed play situations ,in each of the s èlistof stop ,none of these guild forces .
As for the public will list would not have said .Before twenty a s è ClubAssociation ,is a boring people take this charts and occupation league do ,to see what are the similarities and differences .
Different or the T ng ì Ji much .For example, in this list ,the platoon is in the first place is the reincarnation of the guild .The guild in the Corps won last season ,the momentum of development has been very fierce, guild game player is especially diligent .
Circulation Association ,is the blue Creek Pavilion ,in the thatched cottage ,domineering ambition like traditional powerful guilds .PA map Corps currently in occupation League top the list ,but their subordinates Association domineering ambition in this activity scores ,look at present and other tag m é nis just about the same ,not in the league in that way higher momentum .
And in addition ,like Kerry Dynasty ,although the Corps Jia Shi was out playing challenge matches ,but the association was not possible because this was completely collapse .This time ,the Jia Shi most expect ,no doubt is their most loyal fans .
Jia Dynasty guild in the activity of performance excellent ,a lot of dirty clan association are lost to them .Also a contrast between ,just cut the world .They just cut troopers present in the League qualifying still be placed in jeopardy ,always in the out and out in between the wandering .
But in the association activity ,meaning to cut was also performed well ,it was ranked seventh .Has the hearsay says ,meaning to cut the world to this activity, the association opened within the award ,which triggers the game player X ì ng,what is it right? So ,but still need the further deep .
These guilds to attract the majority of game player ,but their own ,have looked through the list in difficulty ,want to have a look Xin Xing Association currently ranking ,for they have no threat .
This check ,all t ng ì Ji pleased .Xin Xing association strength is still too weak .To fight the guild rank ,in such an event only depends on the individual J ī ngmaster is of no use, need the power of all game player .
Xin Xing no laughing et al is strong ,but not in the play the role of decision x ì ng.But after a whole night of careful study, the association also found a problem .And all previous activities, game player list ,is the need to rely on grade to make a division .
Normally is 5 grade one class .In general ,this range will very detailed, from novice village starting at level 20, level five grade level ,until 75 .But in the field of God ,because it is full of class game player ,often do not need to be divided ,but this is to catch up with the level cap is updated ,so in the field of God here ,also by rating out of the two list North Face 3in1.
One ,level 70 ,level 74 is the five level of the list ,another ,is 75 class list .The two list with individual and team ,team level ,to team angle s è shall prevail .This division is also the glory ,mainly is the 70 level and 75 level two equipment grade to differentiate .
But lay down now ,let study was a major association found a problem :level 75 game player ,relatively much less .The new class is open in December 3rd ,but now is December 25th, the last more than 20 days .
The higher the grade ,the more experience needed to upgrade ,upgrade is slower ,it is inevitable .Club central angle s è,day and night to the fastest speed freak training, in the season of 11 days to achieve 75 levels .
Ye Xiu they are not so hard ,but the efficiency is not too low ,in the season ended after a few days have reached level 75 ,began to sweep the record list .But for the vast majority of ordinary game player ,which have so much free time ?These days only a few hours of game time game player ,now also upgrade road struggle !And they of this group ,is absolutely the most of game player .
Club received the most is the dead Marines die powder ,powder ,and mostly the game player to honor the most enthusiastic people ,nature is also more willing to dedicate my time on in the game .
So the big club in this 20 days to reach level 75 game player is t ng ì Ji many .So in the 75 level of the game player in the group, they all club members accounted for a considerable proportion of .
So in the task were randomly assigned to it, the same guild team or game player happens to a diagram often .Obviously this distribution is truly random ,and not on the same guild members to avoid .
Thus ,in the mission map in the same guild game player can help each other ,compared to other game player is naturally more advantages .The underlying phenomenon ,after a night of observation and understanding, finally by major guilds to master .
But this advantage ,have their own ,do not have ,make use of ,also beware .However ,they have ,some people might not .For example, Xin Xing association ... ... The association of early in the Xin Xing there an undercover account .
Even know about the core information ,sweep eye guild members list ,have a look of grade distribution of not stick out a mile .?Xin Xing Association at present 75 stage game player apparently not very much .
In the early development of them, income is not picky ,so members are uneven, some good and some bad .Active day on-line activities of various people ,one line was several days no one dive party also have ,Xin Xing Association ,at present it is still from the game player guild to occupation Association phase transition .
In the face of Xin Xing guild ,the guild will be exclusive enjoy this advantage .So in this case ,if a task was to give them with personal picture out many potential public words ,so is it right? Has the opportunity to put up no laugh these great master ?Although know no laughter is the great spirit level badly ,but the association also had to deal with .
In addition to many people, they still have what advantage ?God is looking for people to fight and technology ?But it may not be many advantages activities ,but because the catch special moments ,and contributed to such scenes, club will have some ideas to .
Just fine scrutiny ,even if their own guild teams with the same figure ,had no smile team .10 people to the 5 person ... ... This advantage ,too ?Think of this step will grow up people ,are particularly upset that 10 is less than 5 .
Xin Xing that bunch of master strength ,not their number 2 times cheap ugg womens boots,3 times to pick up ,still more .But no more, I you were out .This a whole night, the three team to a graph with scenes UGG Adirondack Tall For Cheap,also appeared a few times .
So ,a enough ... ... Several come ? Somebody be overcome by one up .So they will grow up in the crowd ,gradually it was beginning to bubble ,causally ,getting started guide topic .
made good ah ?The night gets so much . Oh ,you are nice ! Just cut the world not into this group ?This time they also ! A hundred Hu .What happened? There seems to be a decadent ! You what you made me a way ,discuss this late harvest .
My heart all hate other people achievements have been negative ,their champion .But now one another are harmonious has the look of love . ,Scarlett Dynasty grab is very fierce ! Some people seem to find a breakthrough guide topics .
Do everything in one . ! Chen Yehui and others at R ò uskin laughing by cavity . Compared to you ,the Xin Xing would be far worse ,the guild line where? Can not find ah ! People started to cut to the chase .
The guild they could not be counted on ,but the individual and team ? The official was put forward . Don countermeasures of words ,I am afraid we will lose to them ? Or ,to limit ? The president said this ,not necessarily how happy .
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