skills can begin initial grasp

January 05 [Sat], 2013, 12:28
"This is the kaleidoscope it ......" opens with a kaleidoscope, Zhang Fan slowly glanced around, he clearly felt the strengthening of their own eyes. He finally got eyes that he had the most beloved. Can not be denied, he chose to write Lun eye because ferrets and tragic and Sasuke handsome, but the same can not be denied, write Lun eye once rose to a kaleidoscope stage will have the absolute strength. Month malfeasance, the strongest illusion can be described as the moment Millennium, able serious blow to the spirit of the enemy force, the number of Chao Ying-class strong face eyes are not appalled by feel; Amaterasu, the flame from the sun, continuous combustion properties , as long as the user is strong enough, it even the whole world can be burned, although this is just a hypothesis, but which is also able to see this powerful technique; Susanoo can almost name comes from the island nation of ancient gods, has the strongest defense and strongest attack, is to be the rank and file can almost wrapped,Timberland 3-Eye Shoes, is equivalent to have absolute defense to a certain extent, almost hard to violence to destroy its shell; Izanagi month ditch the same level strongest illusion, but the month ditch acting on the person, Izanagi role has hypnotizing yourself, is not conducive to their own, such as death, such as injuries event into nothingness, one pair wrote the London Eye is equivalent to more than one life, absolute life insurance nirvana; There are Kakashi Kamui independent research and development, spatial attributes attack, sharp terrible if the change is to use Ninjutsu other holders write the Lun eye blood Power probably will be more powerful. The collections so how far short-range attack, defense, mental attacks write Lun eye versatile ability. No wonder it is known as one of the ninja world's three major Hitomi surgery, just look at the power, even as much as reincarnation eye. Itself and tough, like Zhang Fan is no reason not to choose it,Canada Goose Women's Mystique Parkas. Or three hook jade state when writing the London Eye has been helping large and small battle with Zhang Fan, has now become a kaleidoscope, will be more powerful, more useful. Because exchange write Lun eye, the system is in accordance with a descent convertible out, so Zhang Fan vivo Uchiha clan's blood had already been open kaleidoscope laborious, but also did not imagine the high consumption. The combination of the body's energy and eye pupil, if you do not use those powerful technique, Zhang Fan felt that he could have been able to continue the open down. But, then again, with the kaleidoscope, not just to those patients it? Own can not be developed, and also can not be redeemed? Each pupil in the kaleidoscope shape are different, Zhang Fan kaleidoscope, the shape of the pupil is round three circles from small to large, a ring set with a ring, that the outermost circle, six small The small cusp appears on the surface, whole eye looks like a mass of thorns. Eyes than the eyes of others, more inclusive circle itself is mellow inclusive of representatives, which also let Zhang Fan can freely choose Hitomi surgery, and there will be no physical incompatibility problems. Think of to do, Zhang Fan shabu open exchange list, all found in the list, kaleidoscope Hitomi surgery described above, an integral spent out, hundreds of thousands of integral instant head outwards, and that several Hitomi surgery skills card, also appeared in his hands. Of course not learning, after all beginner free use three not necessary wasted the first Retention future encounter the enemy time to say it. "Zhang Fan, completed???" Juan Paul is the first to follow Zhang Fan for Zhang Fan's case, she is better than everyone else, saw Zhang Fan's face lighted up, and Zhang Fan that appeared changes in the eyes, suddenly come to understand, Zhang Fan should be completed strengthen the eyes. "Ah! Completed!!" Zhang Fan smiled and nodded, mouth blanket boss, obviously he control his excitement, expression take shape. "? It is really great!!!" To hear Zhang Fan say, Juan Paul that seems to always blinded eyes widened in many the tranquil face showing surprise smile. Other girls see Juan Paul and Zhang Fan laughed, suddenly around us began rushes inquiry. Few, say Ravenfeather For example, on the sea, for example, flame, for example, Black Rock Shiraiwa, how very curious, but unfortunately they are the kind of unsocial temper, so when we all gathered around, they just stand looked quietly at the periphery. However, although they have not stepped forward, eyes lighted up their feelings show at a glance. Crowd, light sound sisters most generous direct one side hung on the body of Zhang Fan, inadvertently Zhang Fan arm press in their own breasts, so Zhang Fan can clearly feel the arms on soft. Persuade Greatly excited girls, Zhang Fan again open exchange list, this time, he wants to strengthen their melee ability otherwise had plenty to improve the dynamic vision write Lun eyes and sharp stream knife if the fire without is simply wasted. Shabu shabu! Apart from anything else, the first body technique to master. Initial primary surgery, only to do something a little difficult action, for example, the side jump after jump, ordinary people do more difficult movements, with the primary body surgery will be much simpler; intermediate body surgery on slightly strong, looks more gorgeous action; the senior body art has reached a higher level, can easily grasp some difficult actions, for example, Six pirates, with the senior body surgery can start learning. As the master of body surgery,timberland boots sale, this powerful, not only the skills you can learn some very powerful melee skills can begin initial grasp on behalf of the skills is that some of the techniques in the King of Fighters and Street Fighter, although these techniques to see up seemingly very simple, but the real use, but than Six also difficult. There is not only some of the energy and body with action, many more challenges even beyond the limits of action, fully body art reached its peak in order to have the ability to, most people simply can not learn, a lot of martial aspects we can only hope and Health sigh. Top of the master, Zhang Fan saw the list shown above is called the body of the master-class technical standards, specific and more powerful, Zhang Fan impossible to understand what he does not have enough rights, could not try to change. Master body surgery has made him very unexpected, because he found the master of body surgery, was able to improve their physique, and, in exchange out and use at the moment, his body, once a shares a very strong energy. Although the number is not much, but the extent of its elite dense much would be a terrible, his body just transformed the Chaos forces completed some ways not as sharp this energy, this energy, it seems entirely destruction there is an absolute battle energy. The Chaos force assimilation of these energies, the same become somewhat sharp. Zhang Fan try release a ho Fire Dragon surgery, huge dragon appears and hit the side of the rock walls when not only did not explode, instead like a drill, actually literally Shibi bump into the depth of a few meters before blast off of this power, not only the strengthening of the power of chaos, more kind of unknown energy intensive in which. Really is a pleasant surprise!!! "Zhang Fan laments, he became curious about the master of the master-class body surgery, will appear more powerful energy? Body technique to enhance, then there are weapons to master. Have a good body, good weapons, but will not use it silly [beep]. Then, his eyes focused on an ability to ...
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