scimitar has polished polished

December 15 [Sat], 2012, 12:37
In fact, the fat man is really is enough ,I keep faithful and true to King David escort left Kyoto ,millions of ransom to you ,you are so to repay me ?If so ,he is not with the greedy nobles at Kyoto ,Kyoto occupied Weizan ,Bing-feng direct peripheral ,fat man heart is a show of strength to the build-up of the command means Legion quickly reached the Samore territory in the squadron ,heard of this complete collection complex Weizan area ,just calm down Samore again mobilized soldiers together ,the last from the Weizan evacuation ,be Khergits have chase ass to follow a way ,so many soldiers heart nest with fire vile Kugit the barbarian ,I many soldiers is with this conviction on Satsuma Li River whole whole body black a soldier ,hold Revenge of the belief to the fort Samore into a car ,shipping supplies carriage ,in business people chased away on business ,in the coming conflict ,the SA molar moved up ,looks like a sophisticated war machines running ,supplies ,soldiers ,Fort Samore as a whole great barracks ,a clamor of voices from morning until night ,even late at night can be heard the carriage wheel spin of the squeak sound the A not only blood in the body is the burning ,vaden businessmen also enthusiasm was involved in ,this was not exactly fat expected from Samore ,Canada Goose On Sale,Jill park day vaden all businessman ,heard Samore coming to Weizan news are boiling, there have been businessmen stood donor arms ,the donor of food ,and even many caravan carrying supplies to Fort Samore, in the Samore army prepared to back ,free of material supply in all of this, all the fat man underestimated the merchant ambition ,occupation Weizan ,through to Kyoto channel ,numerous businessman dreams ,there used to be exploited greedy Lord ,a vicious vicious the Khergits have had looted goods ,bandits ,smugglers people always be always on tenterhooks before the night after the dare ,every time in Kyoto business line is from death Taguo ,every time I saw a fresh businessman heads were lords hanging on the roadside tree ,swaying in wind ,telling his misfortune is so terrible environment ,Kyoto profits and extravagant demand ,is like the sky Church generally stimulate one group of business people braved the risk of being beheaded ,advance wave upon wave running in this article on the way to death ,now, all this will be at our own troops come to nothing before , our own army is to the people of the Samore army the most gracious, the most enthusiastic call ,now we his troops to occupy Weizan ,get news traders rush about telling the news around spreading ,luxury gathered in Kyoto is thoroughly to business people to open rich door, countless generations of business people the dream will become reality no way exploit levels ,no damn Khergits have ,do not have to worry about pass by ,saw acquaintances or peer head in the cold wind sway their pole ,free riding ,humming a strong accent of pop ,to run in Kyoto on the road, do not have to be always on tenterhooks all the time in the home leave testament to Samore habits ,Weizan will build up a wide road ,make full cargo carriage can no bones about running ,from the day vaden to Kyoto ,from Satsuma Li River to many ,as long as just one day time ,Satsuma chestnut Jiang fresh silver saury will swing in Kyoto nobility delicious dinner table ,what more than these more businessmen heartbeat , it would be another gold business ,if Jill Nur Region road network is also connected in, the more perfect .
every time I think of this ,the merchant is happy .,fat is not known ,their occupation Weizan revenge ,is no longer Samore unilateral military action ,this is a affect the whole Samore neural events, is a comply with common feelings of people generosity, once again the Samore fat fame to vertex .
At the right time ,the battle to win hearts ,the war initial stage has exposed some signs ,whether military ,or material ,Samore people ready occupied Weizan open door ,Kyoto ,which have become numerous Samore people ,they secretly called the campaign to kick the door battle experienced last fight cruel exercise ,Samore recruits no longer fear the legend of sharp Kugit scimitar ,because they found Khergits have also not invincible, they really don fear death ,fear of the valorous ,sword ,even on horseback as butterflies flying up and down, but ,his crossbow can be easily penetrated their thin armor ,as they will bleed ,as will become one with cold body, regardless of their soldiers are brave, they have superb horsemanship ,in Samore bearing bolt position before, will be shot horse honeycomb .
This time Samore was almost to turn out in full strength ,in order to make it a decisive victory ,Samore fatso almost mobilised all its ability to mobilize troops ,for 28000 people a huge army from Fort Samore ,the first eighth heavy infantry regiment and the first flag flag mission ,as two Li insertion angle Weizan left-back Wang Jun before Wing Fat personally led the regiment ,the 12000 main adjourned, like a wall from positive pressure to already drew to a close left Wei Wang Jun .
The fat man is used to stand firmly and fight steadily ,thousands of military units stacked advance tactics ,positions are linked together, the periphery is flanked by light cavalry ,the three layer of defense step by step ,compression is good at guerrilla tactics of Khergits have to battle .
Force including Thai thousand riding long ,you see, here is Samore one striker !Are you sure you break them ! Zuo Wei Wang Jun of all army ha Saketi face serious stood on the hill ,the distant rolling hills ,white military tent like the white clouds ,peripheral black solid castles fence that ha Saketi look garish damn Samore ,damn turtle shell tactics !Don steppe Eagle has been reduced to be faint-hearted bully situation ,UGG Suburb Crochet Short Boots? step by step ,left guard Wang Jun once tried to use small force to mobilize outstanding Samore striker ,with small unit of cavalry to lure ,then arrange large forces ambush ,Kugit is to deal with the enemy cavalry long way ,but this is ineffective ,because SA Moorish strong crossbow than library kit hand bows shoot shoot farther ,more steady, often to the cavalry was not in the bow range was getting shot back ,therefore also sacrificed more than 100 bows superb left-back warrior ,Samore will use this sound turtle shell tactics to Khergits have helplessly ,perimeter guard Samore light cavalry is constantly cleaned the road ahead ,then forces the military pressure ,Samore was not slow to Khergits have driven backward ,ha Saketi choice is less and less, go on like this ,not ten days ,losing supplies left-back Wang Jun is cornered .
,Samore very cautious ,US Cavalry also did not enter the range will be found, let alone into the perimeter fence erected barracks ! A thousand riding long including Thai face awkward shook his head no heavy cavalry ,we wouldn break through this rugged forts ! Kugit Sharp Machete has become dull ? Ha Saketi sighed ,even the most powerful army thousand riding long initiation fear ,it appears that in addition to offer battle of no other way .
July 18th morning, the sky was dark clouds in the sky ,Men North Face 3 in 1 Cheap,piling up ,the wind from blowing up the broken grass ,grass rolls to the sky ,the July rainy season is coming, dilapidated Weizan Castle show is barbecue fires blackened walls ,not far from the Great Plains ,20000 left King David army set out decisive battle ,await Samore the army ,left-back Wang Jun in this once lay down thousands of fellow Jedi once again to regain lost glory , let Jinbo Yusa be prosperous grassland tribe ! Looking at the distance of the emerging teams black armour soldiers ,left guard Wang Jun silently praying hands ,the scimitar has polished polished ,the crotch of the horses also had a night of weeds ,caught his commander ,killed ,and now will be forced into the death without grain ,although Khergits have vascular in still flowing unyielding Wolf ,but silent sorrow gripped the left King David army .
The army assault ! A thousand riding long including Thai pull the waist jewel scimitar ,a yell !With the five thousand light cavalry ,from the left wing to kill Samore positions
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