under the dead hand

December 25 [Tue], 2012, 17:37
The presence of all completely stunned, especially Xi Linke mayor. The the entire the blue sky mainland people, did not know there would be no seven family thing. The so-called family of seven, is standing in the entire continent peak blue sky seven family the seven family together, even if the mainland forces war shrine also had to retreat one-third. And now, this family from seven Oscar family off meters even challenge Thundercloud, if safe Fortunately, if wounded, the Oscar family know they Sayan town probably give rise to enormous trouble . "One, two, and you can not ......" Xi Linke mayor with a wry smile came out. Thundercloud on nodded down: "I promised your challenge!" That one, Xi Linke the mayor suddenly feel a stifled breathing, he understands today's battle is to stop just his words have not finished can not, can only look forward to the two areas do not hurt. Although he did not know, which is the Thundercloud behind the forces, but can be nurtured by the master of the age, which are weak? Anyway, Xi Linke mayor's reception trial Thundercloud bottom line even if today is totally wasted, but it also gave him a chance, you can make him a clearer understanding of the true strength of the Thundercloud. Appear the Thundercloud promised down Hugh meters is also seriously nodded,The North Face Apex Bionic Clearance. Which have just laughing expression of his face, the face of the serious and earnest, he could see the strength to Thundercloud absolutely impressive. "Please!" Hugh meters slowly stretched out his right hand, said allows the Thundercloud hit first. Worthy from a large family, there is no point can be picky in this courtesy. Thundercloud is not stupid and do not know the circumstances of her opponents, hastily rushed to go just silly fork of behavior. He carefully looked at the immediate closing meters, see nearly as high as his head with his face with a little grease, the underlying strength of the body is constantly gather together. But regardless of Thundercloud how hard they try he see through Hugh meters to truly repair. This momentum, Hugh meter repair as no better than him how much, the reason why look like ordinary people, I am afraid the body with one able to block the breath of war guide, at this point, with his nine turn the glass tower. Thundercloud also release its own momentum, and a touch of purple light poured out from his body and out quickly up and running within the underlying strength of the body, gestures temperament amazing changes taking place. Not far off-meters is not eat cooked rice, appear to rise Thundercloud momentum, he is also no sign of weakness continuous release own momentum, although not yet really started to fight, but the two have begun the first times of the duel. Around the guests it is clear that this scene to scare, most of them are small nobility, which layer seen such a fierce battle? Even seen major aspects of Xi Linke mayor at the moment will only hold a smile in front of two teenagers, no matter which one from the momentum definitely not weaker than him. "Fortunately, there is no direct offend Thundercloud, otherwise I erupted in big trouble." Xi Linke is secretly glad endless in mind. The other guests are also an dawned like finally understand Xi Linke webmaster why you want to invite Thundercloud Reception reasons to participate, but also the hearts of many people secretly glad we did not offend Thundercloud. "Chi Chi" the thundercloud and Hugh meters between the momentum has gradually climbed to a peak, collision intense spark. Watch outsiders, experts see Road. Perhaps others may see less, Xi Linke mayor could be seen Thundercloud faint prevailed. Hugh meters that already Biede little face, I am afraid that without a fight if he did not want to destroy Thundercloud shares momentum has been lost. Continuous rotation of the body's underlying strength, the consumption of specific absorption more to go. Hugh meters Antan heard, decided to no longer continue the stalemate continues, the job must be to break the deadlock as soon as possible. "Oof!" Hugh meters jump directly over to flashing Qingmang fist and hit go on the front of the chest of the thundercloud. Thundercloud see Hugh meters already can not support, began to attack, not nonsense, direct dodge off, his hands clutching Hugh meters that shining Qingmang fist homeopathic thrown out. "Bang!" Hugh meters directly fell hard on the ground, the many Zhuoyibandeng gave smashed one smashes. Xi Linke appear this scene suddenly endless smile in mind, look to the Thundercloud silently read: my ancestors, eh, you can start to tap, if I allow the Oscar family people were injured, my mayor position can not Paul. I do not know Xi Linke prayer played a role, or because of other reasons, Hugh meters from the ruins of the desks and chairs immediately stood up, as if nothing, like, screaming again facing the the Thundercloud red to. The fist between the Qingmang of not bright, the opposite is also very soft, but for Thundercloud it there integrated into one unbeatable momentum,north face clearance sale. Things are not so bad, boxing comes first. The Thundercloud frowned Jiuxiao magic is fully operational again, the slightest current walk on the surface of his body, Di heard ten thousand purple light channeling out, in the eyes of all the horror, also fired a fist. And Hugh meters a different his punch with Qingmang. Thundercloud Zhe Yiquan with Reed Flower. Two different colors of light collide with the issue of violent roar, and provoked a strong smoke. "Boom!" Whole government mayor as if by a shock like, shaking endless, sturdy housing structure in the end did not let the mayor government collapsed, but this scene is enough to let the other guests were shocked. The smoke gradually dissipated away, revealing the presence of two teenagers that determination and dignified face, but at the moment, their fists surprising facing, "Chi Chi" sounds between their fists sounded. All the desks and chairs of the two men around at the moment even become a mass Jifen, Xi Linke mayor at this time really some tears, knew this, he will not hold a cocktail reception. But now has chosen a bad halt, or there is no guarantee that will not be turned around and turned their guns at him to hit the two men do not enjoy. "You are strong!" Hugh meters slowly opening, he was first encountered this powerful peers, even in the whole seven family of his age, his opponent few today, but he was is encountered. Thundercloud is also invariably nodded and said: "You're not bad, but unfortunately you are not my opponent!" Voice for the fall Thundercloud a palm whip Hugh meters chest to shake off this turn of events suddenly face off meters changed, and the left fist is also hurried up on behalf of the Qingmang big bright. Thundercloud left fist, just all of a sudden change of direction is no longer chest toward the Hugh meters, but toward two fists between hard to shake off, a gust of strong energy suddenly injected. Hugh meters underground passage bad, hastily turned underlying strength began defense of the body, but he just adjust the underlying strength to the chest near, which so quickly turned around and came back? "Bang!" Loud crash came, Hugh meters ejected a mouthful of blood, body disobedient receding, until only the sixth step to a complete stop, the ugly face looking at the Thundercloud clutching his chest. Xi Linke the mayor appear this scene suddenly as white as chalk, his worst fears finally happened. "I would like to thank some mercy!" Hugh meters hold punch respectfully said,North Face 3 in 1, nature is able to see his insight, Lei Yungang mercy, otherwise that punch, even if he is not seriously injured, fist certainly will be shattered. The Thundercloud face does not look good, he told Hugh meters this Wu Chou uncomplaining worthwhile under the dead hand. In order to control their own strength is not too heavy, his body is also some faint backfire, it took a while before breathed, smiled and said: "You're welcome, you and me the great hatred, I do not have under the ruthless hand But Hugh meters brother what I wanted to punch, but I was an eye-opener for you. "Hugh meters naturally hear the Thundercloud befriend meaning smiled and said:" Where, the Thundercloud brothers your strength be called powerful it, I thought our almost two powerful, the outcome also hangs in the balance, but I did not think or lost I do not know Thundercloud brothers now practice to the several stages of the soldiers? "That one, suddenly everyone is looking forward to looking forward Thundercloud scene just left a deep impression, even Xi Linke mayor is also very curious. He said he had to guess the Thundercloud should be at most only five soldiers of the degree, but who would have thought this war turned out today show no less than his strength, but who also can not guarantee Thundercloud not possession FLAC. "Hide from Hugh meters brothers, I just break the six soldiers." Thundercloud hesitation will readily replied. Thundercloud may be refreshing, the significant increase in the goodwill of Hugh meters: "Sure enough, I just break through to the six soldiers and I expect the same, but look Thundercloud brothers rich combat experience than me Yeah, otherwise it would not want to just as diversionary tactics. "Oh, general, and if the time Hugh meters brothers to come up with their own hole cards, I am afraid to lose what I had." Thundercloud smiling blink under the eyes. Hugh meters slightly shocked and immediately understand Thundercloud put it what it is, could not help but laugh out: "did not think this was Thundercloud the brothers see through the other guests could hear the dialogue of the front two teenagers , could not help but speechless mouth fell open. Two looks also fifteen-year-old look, but surprisingly have six soldiers of the repair order, although they also have to practice, but practice decades before twelve looks like compared to mine cloud Hugh meters, it is the difference too. We prove that these two small ancestors are not hurt, Xi Linke mayor has been carrying heart is finally relieved. "Which is Thundercloud, dare to bully my nephew? Quickly roll out!" The door came a sudden roar, the presence of everyone suddenly her face changed. Xi Linke's performance the most exciting, his heart thump a bit: "Oh, my how these things to forget! Erupted in trouble." Saw a look of angry old man with a wooden war Kuaibu Xiang hall walked over.
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