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A lot of work to deal with the aftermath, horses Qian'an to visit wounded fails immediately give yourself to find a live arraignment captives. This work is very important, Ma the Qian'an urgently want to know Japanese local organization chart their own time eliminated the effective strength of more than 200 devils is not caused by enemy forces beating? Not fully determined. Ota! Do not restrict Well, sit down! "Ma Qian'an see Ota escorted up very stiff and very depressed standing in front of their own desk, conveniently pushed to his own cup, with a very casual chat tone advised: "a drink of water, I know you do not know us, but you take the initiative to surrender, you shot stubborn devils behavior or appreciate, we have the same front, do not you?" said I take the initiative to surrender this right, that case does not surrender is death, and I also do not want to die, but you said I shot dead companion's behavior, not my initiative, you forced! Ota stunted bowed his head, sat heavily on a chair at the table. Ma Qian'an to Ota initiative surrendered the treatment of persons not bound him. Ota injuries on his face and his left leg, basically smearing his face and legs in a small grenade leather buckle out as early as the end of the battle, the injury is not heavy. Ota still bowed his head, not making a sound. "You regret did not commit suicide, do not stay loyal to the Emperor?" Ma Qian'an smoothly recover their own cups Xiliu soon as drinking water, a lot of movement. Ota stunned lift the head, mouth vague emerge a few meaningless syllables, like to defend themselves, they seem to have been the Ma the Qian'an said in the mind, the expression intertwined with fear and remorse, at a loss. Ma Qian'an furrowed brow, impatient, said: "You like this, so how can I believe you? Originally I also intend to reuse this initiative surrender but also with practical action to sever ties with the Japanese people, and now It seems that you do not have sincerity, which can do? "Ma Qian'an deliberately aggravated the syllables of the word" talent ", and then intentionally or unintentionally Browning solutions from the waist down, when a clatter throw on the table, dark gunpoint Ota. Ota cold sweat brush of what flows out of ass left their seats to stand up and horror of aiming a pistol on the table, bent over a ninety bow bow, trembling voice replied: "My sincere! sincere! "Oh? The horse the Qian'an recovered a pistol, a smile back on his face, "Yes! Our Chinese people have a saying, valor, it seems Ota Jun fitters, I can rest assured!" Completely the overawed Ota converge own attitude, the awkward smile carefully Peizhuoxiaolian abnormalities, "I do not know Zhan Jun want to know what I must know all you are laid to rest." This is good!, "Qian'an with horse encourage expression, very pleased "looked subservient Ota, pride involuntarily can not stop from the bottom of my heart to take out," Tell me all about your situation, remember not to lie, a lot of my intelligence sources, easily confirms lying fate you know? "according to!" Ota another ninety large bow under the threat of death, Ota once again succumbed. Start 竹筒倒豆子 too sweet, learned unreserved down a clean, he believes he did not know the high security classification of things, even say out of nothing, so he was simply heart cents Accessibility. Horse Qian'an while listening Ota dumping the intelligence side rake own drawer out of the "file", "file" Most Ni Teng painted under two phase confirms to not too sweet said Ni Teng painted intelligence big discrepancy, only some small insignificant place respective interpretations different figures slightly different, which can be understood. Fresh Ni Teng painted something horse Qian'an all their records down. The Ohta only see the horse Qian'an write like flying, do not know what he was doing, the hearts of more and more anxious, verbalize more rigorous, fearing a wrong, the horse Qian'an will pick on. "Very good! Now I ask, if you know the answer." Ma Qian'an see Ota could not tell what new things to put down the pen and pick up the paper of record, pick some questions to ask again. Ota cheer answered again, this time the answer just something there is no conflict, there is no logical doubt horse Qian'an just calm down. Calm down the horse the Qian'an no idle a ride without a ride asked Ota family, or ask the Ota and Koizumi contact the circumstances, ask these questions at the same time, Ma the Qian'an again picked up pen quickly write the an "allegiance books". "Obsessed!" Horse the Qian'an smiling the will of Allegiance the book handed Ota, confuse Ota obsessed. "I, Ota Jiro voluntary allegiance to Chen Investment Group, voluntarily accepted the tasks assigned by Chen's group, against Japanese imperialism, against militarism and war criminals stubborn impose the heads of the people's war of aggression in China, I would like to dedicate the rest of his life Down with the war criminals, led by the emperor Group to Chen's group, resolutely combat all under the command of Emperor lackeys! never go back on the same day after the finish, Ota surface, such as ashes, trembling horse Qian'an watch intently under signed his own name press the handprint. Zhan Jun is too vicious! I fall into perdition. Ota silent helplessly watching the horse Qian'an that sheet of paper into his pocket. A orderlies came in loud report after a glance at Ota, and then leaned on the table and quietly told Ni Teng painted again. "Oh? Horse total of people coming? So fast? Help us just Dawan Zhang began to reward the really poor mad, we are so stingy?" Orderlies shocked, then Ma Qian'an Hongzou a. Ni Teng painted in Zheng Hanxiang the led spirited came in the door, one would yell: "I heard that Mr CHIM to really fix a day than hit day, clever, and this time I can get a good knock on your bamboo bar ... ... voice hardly ever, Ni Teng painted a see just turned his head and glanced at his Ota, immediately closing the mouth, curious and asked: "This is? look unfamiliar na, Oh." Ma Qian'an Zheng Hanxiang so a wink, and commanded him away Ota, good eating and drinking entertain with, but temporarily restrict freedom. Ota submissive stand up follow Zheng Hanxiang away, painted around after Ni Teng, intentionally or unintentionally glanced at him. "Is that?" Ni Teng painted watched the Ota, out of the house, Naoliao own eyebrows asked Ma Qian'an. "A lost man, went to the manor,Canada Goose Men's Freestyle Vest Cheap, is the inventory of his situation,Air Max 2009 Mens." Ma the Qian'an hoist lie without blinking an eye. Ni Teng painted not interested to tell the genuine from the counterfeit and quickly mentioned they come to the question, he sat down on a chair at the table, looking down the rapid detection of a stack of documents turned from her bag and handed horse Qian'an, some show off Q: "look at it, the value of how much?" the file could be very formal, and some photocopies, Ma the Qian'an cursory look again, to judge the documents like something out of the transfer of some of the colonial government organs, although not immediately identify useful clues, but stop and should be able to find out the true meaning of the expression of some of the colonial government, dense but not very high. "Are you asking price how much?" Ma Qian'an gently tap the file proceed slowly asked. "Number! Row?" Ni Teng painted extending his palm open with five fingers on a hand, "and also 5 boxes of bullets," thought another plus. The folded money to you to not? 500 pounds? "Ma the Qian'an no counter-offer, but proposed a solution. "Well, I will not have to!" Ni Ten painted head shake like a rattle, added: "Money can not buy such a good" Ni Teng painted quickly calculated, know 500 pounds, but that is a waste of time and relationship fear to picking, how can we take it directly to the machine guns so readily. Horse Qian'an pretend embarrassed look, my heart delighted hearts illegal channels: fits, even if you do not come today, tomorrow I have to send someone to you there, do not you come to muddy water, how do I pick? Ma Qian'an stand up around the table, his head down in the house mud around in circles, somehow see Ni Teng painted hearts to worry about is not to price or horses the Qian'an on these are not Japanese intelligence are not interested in, feels ill at ease involuntarily asked sentence: "Mr. Chim, Is there not satisfied? these things, but I spent a lot of effort to come, that either do you say, give money also Ni Teng painted see the situation took a step back,Canada Goose Women's Snow Mantra Parka. See Ni Teng painted began to relent, horse Qian'an proud chuckle, negotiations Well, how can there be a beginning to reveal all the details. Ma Qian'an eyebrows provoke suddenly become crystal clear look pleased plotted against Ni Teng said: "500 lbs Well, said many, less is also a lot to say, and I suddenly remembered one this morning, before they get the message, so be it I get this message with you for the news I absolutely true, is the hunting Zhuangding found, you can account for a great deal. "What news? Is it worth more than 500 pounds? Ni Teng painted in front of the horse Qian'an advantage of the so-called intelligence trafficking is only one buyer, this depends on the interest of the buyers, now is a buyer's market, Ni Teng painted horse Qian'an afraid to offend, only down the horse of Qian'an's Buddist next Couqu great deal? "Well! great deal, the woods, I do not know where he comes from a group of militants, have been killed there, a big one, oh, littered with dozens of rifle Oh, there are car . "Are you kidding me? Ni Teng painted the first one came out of the idea to ask this, but look at the horse Qian'an said extremely serious and dubious sentence: "This cheap Why do not you pick up? There car?" "Hi! Do not you come to the Well, originally I'm going to send someone to check the ocean off the go, the gun I can pick up, but the car picked up on the poor, after all, my company has a head, unsolicited easily identify something, I do not pick up, but you are different, you afraid Who do not you? "Ma Qian'an shot with a big smile. , Ni Teng painted they really are not afraid of the masters of the things her door, this is illegal armed confrontation with the whole colonial government. Ni Teng painted heart contemplating a burst of machine gun probably value the value of 7,8 rifles horse Qian'an own machine guns to the province with the dead man's rifle out of you, nice abacus! However, if there are 10 cars to go really value. "They what? How he was killed in the woods?" "I really do not know, either Zhuangding greedy play wild boar, who even know where this happened?" Rocking horse the Qian'an very innocent the waving. Oh? Ni Teng painted mind immediately emerge out just to see that face abrasions hearts concluded that horse the Qian'an certainly know something. "How? Going to hurry to go check the ocean off the late owner seized, I want this armed missing, there is always someone to look for." Ma Qian'an, like a devil temptation of Ni Teng painted. "Good!" Ni Teng painted hesitate one minute, and finally decided, "to that of hunting Zhuangding to me, take me to see." See Ni Teng painted agreed, horse Qian'an restrain live their own pleasure, scurried out arrangements for staff Pro out serious commanded Ni Teng painting, "Do not mess walked Guests should when guests consciousness, or the owner is very upset." out the door, horse Qian'an exhilarating, waved two Zhuangding soldiers "Come on! station double post! take good care of our guests."
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