people is actually a small circle

January 05 [Sat], 2013, 17:50
The end of the 1060 withdrawn capital premiere does not mean that the entire cast in situ dissolution From then went their separate ways, the so-called victory banquet seeming always a mere formality, but for the small half people together hard for this unique part Their celebration ceremony. The whole crew up and down the absence of the one person, only Jiang Junhao half an hour late, and when he arrived at a barbecue restaurant in the south, Chungmuro, just the door they see the thin Li Zhen Where three fat uncle around in the center, was frowning drink The next bottle of shochu, seems a stuffy. Li Chen on the table before him who also placed two empty bottles should be in three fat uncle coercion had succumb. Jiang Junhao and quickly pick the nearest a table to sit down, pleasant to the eye, are familiar still called not the semi-familiar faces when he makes all the stops in this table finally stable footing, but it felt like someone beat him on the shoulder, back, greeted impressively is that three stress Lee Jeong Where fat Uncle, each of them in his hand the bottle yet unopened shochu looked at him very kindly. And other encounters Jiang Junhao only know their own eccentric, one of the fat uncle is the shooting every day by lighting director Li Chen who yelled until long after Jiang Junhao learned that he may not look like the fat uncle actually is South Korea's top lighting division, one from 2000, South Korea's three major television ballads war always one to grab him, and now for many years, is now the end of the general director of the ballads war only reprimanded by his envy; fat uncle of two Maung not amazing, are thrown into the heap will not find that only know to see who are very good, except facing props will be serious since a face, listening to the Lee Jeong Where evaluation, as long as the South Korean director want to make orthodox costume drama, The uncle is preferred, with others will not beat out the thing looked like unofficial; fat uncle of the three most unfamiliar people most impressed with is his face askew thick thick glasses, Jiang Junhao until long after from the list of 'Haeundae'' deep-sea Battle'' Highland war' big production staff have seen his name belongs in the special effects production column, or a high-tech talent. A movie if you want to succeed, in addition to the best director and best actor, three fat uncle and the presence of all the staff is also propped wonderful film surface a strong foundation, the beginning would like Shuahua Tou Jiang Junhao three kind eyes and full barbecue shop the booing sound had to smile into submission for his late arrival and since the penalty three bottles of good, also experienced a sustained nearly Yige hours of wheel war, and so he finally have the time busy in the loaf, the first targeted Li Zhen where already lying on the table nonsense aside, Lee Dong-gook and a towel is to prepare the trash, like a homemaking wife. Jiang Junhao good wine, even will be the same with people drunk unresponsive, top-heavy, and was able to maintain the most basic sober. He sat down beside Li Zhen Fan, just nod and Lee Dong-Gook, then we carefully listen to the director's nonsense. Li Chen-where the tongue is unclear, say it's something people can only scanty, the majority, and his first collection of tepid large hot aura with this work to human well-being, occasionally spit out a few dirty word pronunciation is unclear, listening funny, careful product was still a trace the shares of bitterness. The lively celebration will continue into the wee hours came to an end, Jiang Junhao a the rotisserie night wind blows, I just feel awake many. Have been drinking Jinyong Xu a cab on the edges of the road to help drunks were escorted one by one on the train, myself. Lee Dong-Gook walked Jiang Junhao around, handing me a cigarette. Jiang Junhao not refuse, carrying on the wind point, smoke, and also some drowsy head somewhat sober. "In fact, the crew up and down all came to love you." Said Lee Dong-Gook gratuitous. Jiang Junhao laughed, joked: "this thing, I also curious just started rehearsing dialogue,Timberland Earthkeepers Cupsole Chukka, I have been ready to face bias idol, the result is a no, do useful work. do not know why is it I liked born? "Lee Dong-Gook is not moved by this joke, shaking his head:" No, because you got the winner that year,Canada Goose Womens Solaris Parka, some of the words of our hearts. "Jiang Junhao convergence smile, serious. He crouches, continued, 'table on' when I first heard that you are modest, followed by a dinner I contacted your crew gaffer, he said you though man may not be humble , but the character is not bad, a lot of thing to see in the eyes will be able to keep in mind. fact, in this circle, a lot of word-of-mouth and evaluation are so little by little, to do it the newspaper reports are some today, not tomorrow things, only this reputation can be maintained. "Lee Dong-Gook throw away cigarette butts, stood up, watching with a smile:" stick with it, this reputation there, sit real popularity of what is not so important to Jiang Junhao Jiang Junhao wry smile: "I do not know when I again acting." Lee Dong-Gook waved his hand, taking on everything: "I can do five years, to the time even if South Korea did not produce people willing to use you, I am also with you. "the two looked at each other and smiled. Not for no reason in the circle of the cohabitation of both good and bad, as word-of-mouth in the words of Lee Dong-Gook contacts need a little bit to do it, and almost never deliberately seek personal gain everything Jiang Junhao indeed circle eccentric model Many people say he looks like Pu Xinyang, Korean director who love of this the real deal chisel play madman, but in addition to cooperation with the director and actor in the circle, no friends, contacts withered to the people refers to the degree of Year the Park Shin because the pay is too high to be one of South Korea's three major television kbs blocked, circle the resources bigwigs default it seems to want to give him a little lesson. But quiet for less than a year Park Shin will again appear on the television screen, wonderful acting to become the uncrowned king of the year, many insiders staged scene of the strength and power of the exciting confrontation Even News misleading cause i Park Shin fans must admit, withdrawn person might really have withdrawn capital. Car,Timberland Mens Chukka Boots Cheap, to see Jiang Junhao no rest mean Jinyong Xu also open a chatterbox, "What did you talk about everything and Lee Dong-Gook what?" Jiang Junhao smiled and asked, "Brother, you are not worried that I have dealt with bad these people thing ? "Jinyong Xu is not polite, straightforward and said:" your kid followed me the past few years, never in this regard under the effort, the network of people is actually a small circle, the small circle of a small circle, a ring and a ring, be significantly called contacts. "Jiang Junhao quickly said:" You do not give me lectures, with the broker, these give you the deal. "Jinyong Xu sighed, looked at the rear view mirror that seems to be the guy does not matter a helpless said: "sooner or later, one day these must be your own treatment, you are now almost to the height, if I still in negotiations, did not seem very sincere." Jiang Junhao quips: "Brother, you this is worried about the unemployed? "Jin Yongxu angrily:" go, no time to joke with you. Jiang Junhao just keep laughing for a moment to open the side window, the night wind blowing, the more refreshing, "In fact, Lee Dong-Gook worried that I would become a second Pu Xinyang heard the name, Jinyong Xu instinct frowned head. "He is really too much concern, and when do thing, it is still very clear to say, Park Shin acting no matter how good, can never go red less than the United States, I There amnesty in hear this does not seem to mind the rhetoric Jinyong Xu sigh, again speechless. Back to the Han River villas, the night is still strong, parked the car, looked at this no lights villas, Jiang Junhao asked the sentence, "Brother, even so late to go back?" Jin Yongxu honest smiles: "if so, in two days going to Japan on business, now estimated still waiting for me. "Jiang Junhao runs on Road:" That to I speak out of turn, go back to it, to delay a positive thing, the next time to see if so he must give me sister small shoes. Jinyong Xu embarrassed smile, was about to leave, he was Jiang Junhao stopped, "Brother, these days nothing thing, you do not rush to my lend you this car brings if so sister full of fun. "voice faded Jiang Junhao lost a key over Jinyong Xu to catch key, looking at the Mercedes-Benz logo prominently above, self-deprecating and said:" let her sit the car sit addictive how do? "Jiang Junhao stingy said: "Hurry, do not think to take this up let me give you a commission." Upon hearing this, Jinyong Xu nor angry, got out of the garage, did not forget to drop the window and stuck his head you want and Jiang Junhao play Wave. The result was greeted slowly down to the garage door, looked at, this still does not light the lights of the house, he suddenly felt so many high income artists envy idol group is not nonsense. To exit the first corner, Jinyong Xu shook his head, the whole rush to the home. Villa area, red Mercedes slr galloped all the way, good car indeed give men bring different feeling, although most from the car look glamorous, but just like to hope that his woman is no different . Trouser pocket phone rang, Jinyong Xu slowed down the speed, looked at the number on the screen, this pick up. Regret? Regret that I am not going to put the car sent back to you. "Jinyong Xu smiled and quipped the other end of the microphone is a long time silent, Jinyong Xu the hearts GeDeng look, suddenly hit the brakes, the shrill sound of the friction in the night sky spread off. "I went back to you" the rest of the Jinyong Xu did not say it, because Jiang Junhao at the party was a very normal, actually Jinyong Xu ignored his abnormal when viewing, then suddenly think of it, enough to make people scared a cold sweat. "No" Jiang Junhao replied, "just want to Bai Tuoge something." You say, "Jinyong Xu side should be the side of the car in the middle of the road violations off his head. Jiang Junhao calm psychiatrist possible help me find one. "Heard Jinyong Xu stunned, anxiously asked:" how? Is more serious yet? "Microphone the other end said:" Not only I do not want to hurt others. "
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