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November 26 [Mon], 2012, 15:34
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe cask ,Lin Qi soothe the dwarf king .
His name may be a novel ,Lin Qi simply take his physical image ,call him .In the mysterious blue the pure blood of the frost giants before, cannot withstand a single blow .But these people in the front wing wind barrel ,the same wind is inverted with respect to the poor .
Just waved the handle flame winding hammer throw seven or eight, wing wind spent several years hard in search of the thousand many minions will come down on the surrender of weapons .
Wing wind et al a did not escape ,were captured alive .At Lin Qi the wing fan following of more than ten thousand people were held in a big hole in Xu é.Every day he came in and out UGG Boots Mini,he did not know what they do to wing wind .
Anyway, to guard the hole Xu é aredominated by Lin Qi spirit h ú nloyal follower ,outsiders can not enter the step ,who also don what did Lin Qi do something strange and eccentric .Anyway, every day from the hole Xu é cameseveral heartrending .
Howl ,it sounds tragic to the bone ,everyone knows that wing wind they did not eat what fruit is good .Time of day by day in the past ,the wing wind ,dragon jade is also Lin Qi sent someone to catch all in one draft .
Solid jade is a freak ,is an alien .In Zhari and wing wind rack one grow their own forces ,he hugs his one thousand people standing army did not grow .Every day he worked very hard to exercise their body ,every day in the hard training .
He is a one track-minded person ,as long as their subordinates can satiate drink sufficient do not give him trouble ,he would bother writing things on the outside .When Lin Qi overwhelming x ìngsuperior forces surrounded the solid jade resident ,the Dragon smooth and clean surrender Lin Qi ,the only condition is that Lin Qi to help him improve strength .
This is an out and out of the battle mania ,Lin Qi is willing to accept his terms .Because Lin Qi fusion of Long Qi ,have a weak solid jade dragon blood of Lin Qi is close to the heart ,so he simply gave their spirit h ú n,became Lin Qi generals .
One thousand of his subordinates were also Lin Qi complete control ,became Lin Qi loyal goons .From then on Lin Qi in fact took control of the black abyss God prison ,using H ú nspirit spell and hooks w ě nrot ,Lin Qi took control of the black abyss almost all high-end power of God .
The lower level of the prisoners do not know this thing ,but they could also detect, appears black abyss God prison increasingly organized ,more and more rules ,do not see again those blowing the nose staring in the market run amuck murderer .
It is so very peaceful ,time life flows like water .Every three months ,Lin Qi will bring a number of magic stones ,crystal and strange and eccentric ore at sixes and sevens ,herb and the like, to black blue garrison pool and a Christian leader trading .
After the two trading post ,Bayashi Saiya knows that crazy Christian leader is the discipline temple religionism army a division commander ,the unit has ten thousand powerful fanatic believers .
The man named Hasen who was guarding the believers division commander Task Force Black God the lowest layer ,Lin Qi being held into the black abyss God prison ,see the outside of the huge battle fort ,is by Hasen and three other teachers have head rotating .
Several transactions let Hasen get great benefits ,Hasen is getting better and better, the last Lin Qi sent him two pieces of rare quality stone .When the pupil ,Hasen even gave Lin Qi a nice Rune armor and a good Rune sword .
Apparently, Hasen had Lin Qi as a solid financial resources ,so he is very care of Lin Qi safety ,therefore giving him such a lifesaving equipment .While each Lin Qi and Hasen trading these gems ,minerals ,he will give Hasen some few black abyss of God .
Of course ,in Lin Qi mouth ,black abyss of God :that is called a be in smooth water ,peace ,all the prisoners are to turn over a new leaf ,here is a piece of land of land completely .
Lin Qi in a perfunctory ,three days before the date of the solar eclipse .Green man and gamma of repression ,God matrix calculation has been completed ,all preparations have been completed ,Lin Qi all ready ,only the eclipse arrival ,repression of God array weakened to the poles of the time ,vanity transmits disintegration array will open .
Once God array is destroyed ,fifth the abyss from somewhere in the world the seal will shake ,gamma ,father to seek it out .Logical ,Lin Qi and others will pass the large array of open channel to fifth abyss world ,from there to the ground .
Only three days ,is tired of !Rao Lin Qi these years has been practiced ,his heart still than usual, accelerated a lot .He is a deep breath North Face Mens Denali Fleece Sale,forced his mind becomes calm and peaceful .
Standing on the hunting team on the city wall ,Lin Qi body was shaking slightly .Be successful, if successful, could see the red cloud, the green mountains and rivers ,to see their relatives friends ,see their enemies and the enemies .
Her kindness ,hatred revenge ,happinesskindness hatred ,fully and delightfully !Clenched fist ,Lin Qi punches the front wall stack was smashed .Crushed stone issued with noise ,was near the guard suddenly jumped up .
They have looked at the side ,see Lin Qi before being scattered powder ,they felt the respectful low head .High stile taller than half an inch ,Lin Qi first met at a long opened a little cloud Qiao step on the wall ,to Lin Qi .
He tilted his head at Lin Qi ,squinting at the Lin Qi for a long time, it whispered : if we can smooth out, what do you want ?. , all was silent for a while ,seize the cloud head ,he rubbed his fragmentary short : to find a place to eat or drink ,how many years did not see oil ?Then, take a bath ,on a velvet Chu á ngcouch to sleep for three days and three nights .
Finally ,to send you back to your home and the green man ... ... Hard to beat a cloud head ,Lin Qi a sneer : and green old old old ,small ,green man now body almost collapsed, a little strength did not have ,no escorted me ,how can you go home ? Cloud gently nodded his head, then he gave Lin Qi a big slap : don take head ,would be taken ! Lin Qi chuck laughed ,his big hit the cloud head the whole package in the palm of the hand ,he forced the kneading trough over his head, the strange smile: all right ,you clever are the evildoer ,a little better .
Hey ,I know you are fast five years ,how you have so little head ?Not see you long head ! White cloud Lin Qi a look from the inside of the sleeve ,slowly took out a small porcelain vase ,poured a purple green s è withpungent smell of mouth to swallow pills .
Pale little face slowly for more than a bit of blood s è,cloud whispered : you know what ,I brought this congenital disease ,can grow so big is not easy ,you when I you ?Looks like a bear ! Lin Qi unwilling to patting the cloud : I have seen so clever UGG Dylyn Short Cheap,can speak more than a hundred and alien language bears ? Cloud ,giggle laughed ,then fiercely to Lin Qi weakness to a punch .
Of course ,to his body ,his fist is to give Lin Qinao the itch, but put his hands get hurt .Linkie looked at clouds ,suddenly said : what, you also very nervous ?So to find I make fun of to relieve the pressure ? The cloud was grinding his teeth ,his hands behind his back and a deep breath .
Lin Qi frowned ,his mind quickly turned a lot ,in accordance with the green man a few years this professor ,Lin Qi quickly figured out a lot of things : you return home, are still in trouble ?.
The cloud was speechless, after a long time he only shook his head gently : in fact, the monster in your ear ,you would hear ,green is my grandfather ,he is my ... ... What to say ?Anyway, when I was born ,he is family designation ,my guards duct .
Cloud winked at Lin Qi ,his eyes no confusion ,with a rich water law ,evil spirit it is smart and beautiful .Lin Qiwan down, close to the cloud before, and he stared each other at a ,then ,hey hey laughed : can really take the extravagant ,is born to make a holy land, is an almost sacred site .
When you know everything in the duct ,is a luxury !. Cloud smile ,he gently shaking the head ,it said: I had been in the family, it was also easier .But in my one year old when she took me to Duner moment buy drugs ,then unfortunately locked up in a black abyss God prison ,to now fast fifteen years ! Lin Qi made a small cloud height ,heavy sighed : I can you are almost seventeen years old ,born and bean sprouts ,so short ! Cloud of anger to Lin Qi stomach punch ,he said: sick teeth !.
Lin Qi raised his hands : well ,you have a disease ,a disease ,you are not in the family ,is it right? ... ... Cloud frowned ,thinking for a long time is nodded : perhaps the home people already think we ,what originally belongs to me ,perhaps had been divided to be reduced to fragments .
To make a long story short ,this time I go back ,there may be trouble .After all these years UGG Hat Scarf Set,not to say family belongs to my name things ,may my mother left me those ,have been taken UGG Australia Boots For Men. Lizai Shigeble gave the cloud a slap in the face : back ,I help you back !Ha ha ha ,what are you worried about ? Bitter in cloud head knead Croucher couple ,Lin Qi loudly : you help me cheat so many times ,I will not help you ,but for who ? Cloud smiles ,then he gave Lin Qi a big Tu ì Ji: said, playing head shot ! !.
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