you have no answer .Know what

November 29 [Thu], 2012, 11:25
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time UGG Fancy Tall Cheap, relationresultRobben rash said !t you !? Hierro immediately cooling down, two slender eyebrows rugulose .
Beautiful face with a layer of cold air !Robben did not react before, he decided to stay ,decides to stay with Sasa, Robben begins to plan, how to draw Sasa master Sasa to the rest assured himself ,from Sasa scattered descriptions ,Sasa Baker ,but parents and no two things ,but it also seems is very concerned about Sasa ,another is the eccentric personality ,like some cold-blooded .
Robben has been thinking of how to draw Sasa master, this time back ,Robben still need to be Sasa to carry out a blitz ,can see more about Sasa master more information .But ,it is divine aura to hit his head on the no !Hierro asked me when to marry Sasa !Since the bow will not wrong !His heart has been entangled does not know how to deal with things ,so that the touch on lightly put down !Chick !This time !You just want to run too late !Robben be wild with joy ! The original no and Sasa for future things going ! Robben with his mouth open .
Looked at her .A pair of can it ,and in the eyes with a strong a bit ,slowly from sand rose Robben !Sasa is my daughter .No one can hurt her ,even if you are huma students, ! Wait.
Robben happy Huanguo God, quickly changed the finger handle forward in one fell swoop ,blocked Hierro next move ,even though Hierro is just to stand up ,but if a second Hierro appeared on his back and put the dagger in his neck ,that Robben is not a bit suspect .
Exactly !I I will marry Sasa ,I will take care of her ,as long as you agree to ,ah ,Sasa and also discussed to find you ,and then talk about our things ,I did not think of UGG Ultimate Tall Braid,yous master, but also appeared in here Robben some excitement ! Will you take care of her ? Hierro brought a smile to his lips ,Robben front ,suffused with cold Hui binocular looking straight into Robben ! Exactly !Please believe me ,in addition to the teacher and Youtube ,Sasa is the most important person in the world ,no matter what the situation, I will have to protect her ,with all my heart ! My mother-in-law has size directly asked ,Robben is a hero out of style .
Hierro stared ,Robben secretly .A few times and Hierro close contact, even to Robben has a soul trembling feeling ,regardless of the other ,the beautiful woman gives the coercion is strong ! We know that the teacher never wrong you ! Robben was trembling ,Hierro extremely rare smile ,unlike in earlier in the battle field in lectures smile ,but also different from the way that smile .
For a moment ,Robben felt his mind a little ,perhaps ,this is the woman born with a smile ,beautiful to an extreme . Did Sasa give you trouble ?In fact ,Sasa also nothing ,I also not seriously to teach her anger .
In the future, this did not intend to let her like me ! Robben suddenly felt bitter is a sunrise on .Hierro even in the smile to myself !No. Sasa helped me a lot !It is something I dragged down by Sasa ! Robben immediately replied ! Not so nervous ,I know you are a little afraid of me ,in fact ,as long as you are honest ,I won kill you !Ha-ha.
Hierro rare with a smiling face ,face ,revealing that a beautiful women and motherhood ,even clapped his hand on Robben !Although Robben shocked at Hierro instant winter the flowers as beautiful ,but my mind still can not help but there are a few filaments coolness in drifting ,Hierro pat on the shoulder ,Robben two .
Honestly wouldn kill you ! Hierro seems to think it is already a very close ,saying , this was back ,I also want to let Sasa go out to gain experience. ,did not think this girl even their own secretly run out ,or to spoil her, net news, I was worried ,Sasa do not understand the world .
I sure nobody to take care of her ,she would survive. Is it right? ! Thank you ,Robben .Hierro says to Robben smiled, Robben felt Hierro today mood seems to be very good ,laugh than all of the previous time together than ! Later I heard Sasa appears again when .
There is a man ,I would Li Hai to kill him ,and then bring Sasa back, but I do now ,that man is you ,Robben ! Hierro finally turned and walked back, sitting in the sand ,end Robben pour yourself a drink of water ,which makes the pressure on Robben was a lot of small ! Exactly ,when you are me and Sasa !? Robben is somewhat curious ,it seems that this exactly in the early masters of their own .
I got the earliest news ,you go in sens City ,of course ,I am a month after receiving your message ,at that time ,I was broken stone broken stone ,Hierro can not help but slightly reddish face .
But the moment would cover the past .Robben shock ,the original so already at that time themselves ,himself and Sasa knew a few days ! I have been watching you .But not many things to do .
Not every day you concerned about nature .All you have to muscle with Sasa will be running to the dragon, I get the message .Was half a month after things, and my people to the mountain, but amazing is that dragon has been you killed ,perhaps the bright god sometimes still useful ! Hierro gently put down the cup ,look at Robben at once, Robben ,can say ,in the Empire UGG Clovis, you have been very famous .
As far as I know ,the imperial messenger is now to ,Union Road, soon ,Sasa will be able to receive the imperial recruit appointment book ,appear to be .Is a nice office ! For the Empire of what, Robben seems not to care about ,that kind of stuff for their meaningless .
Those things useless, I just want to as soon as possible to improve their magic power ,is also worthy of the old teacher ! Robben almost took the old man said within two words ,words ,Li Yuen changed again export .
Huma teacher how now !?Still broken stone ? Hill to accompany him, by contrast ,my work is more ,had to return .But ,in recent years, the always peaceful ,I am less time ,last time out to find the teacher ,is a limit of the free ! Hierro appeared on many a helpless .
Hey !The distant savage worlds .And to love a woman .Luo Benzhen is the envy of his good repair !You can meet ,I fix and feel your strength test progress bar ,in this space ,as long as you can attack I can, come on ! Ah ?Robben was stupefied, Hierro always speak so good directly ,don give a person more reaction time ,now once again stand up ,cold eyes pale stare at your face !As a shepherd watching Xiao eyeing its prey snake ! Don I attack ! The hands of Hierro budge ,a small knife in hand .
Although the strength up ,was still so slow .Hierro shook his head ,form a wave .Moment in the Sunshine Hall disappeared !Robben was surprised !All mental violence in !Bright hall UGG Sora Cheap,as if something in the sun to fly away !General magic Gudang, shield blessing over and over again ,spirit of wire in the room net like back cable ,but still can not accurately grasp the position of Hierro !Degree !Pure degree !Does a person by virtue of physical strength ,can reach such a degree !Robben brow clammy .
Hierro is not a wizard ,however ,the hall of the sun ,only a ghostly shadows in fast swimming back and forth ,no excess vindictive light ,almost like a ghost ! Look ,a lot of maturity .
The rose !A chill went on Robben neck !Without any hesitation North Face Womens Targhee Triclimate,Robben urgent step ,the body was a ghost ran out ! So fast! ? Luo Benfei turned back ,Hierro was standing in her last place ,face with some surprise ,holding the small knife ,just pinch is a blade, gel in hand tool holder .
Thanks for her governess ! Robben is not the effect, Hierro was just try hand only, not at all seriously, the spirit of all the silk folded back, walking around themselves ,but also extends to far can not capture the whereabouts of Hierro ,still be inferior to perceived physical surroundings, the first time to respond !On the shield also again setting real ,hands slightly floating star ,if possible .
Use hands to block Hierro to prove their strength .As for the fight ,Robben did not expect that ,moreover, Robben dare ,which has hit the mother-in-law son-in-law , then ,you must be careful ! The hands of Hierro budge ,light flashed ,the small dagger has been shot and violence !Robben twelve alert ,binocular a condensate ,a direct lift up his hand .
Green yellow light flashing ! ! Two finger force, Robben direct with two fingers to the small knife grip the handle !Flying the clamped part ,Robben has been tremendous force hit bifida several gap .
Stupid ,only avoided when only to catch ! A degree in Robben is not fast .The precise control of magic ,Robben firmly caught this handle knife ,but ,at the same time .A pair of eyes ,Hierro cool eyes have be close by ! Bang ! Robben ear pain ,body directly fly ,direct hit the soft sand .
And then connected with the sand together up .He hit the wall .Hissing sound ,the glass of the window is impressed . Look ,you yourself on the magic road .Made no small breakthrough ! Robben from the year of the wall climbing up .
Hierro is slightly activities with his left foot .Slender eyebrows slightly wrinkled with ! Very good defense ,like a plate .Foot falls back to the ground ,Hierro had several acclaimed smile !Robben heart under his terror ,now the most of it ,is that the body of this invisible hybrid mana shield ,on the same day, is the madman couldn their own defense ,till today ,the magic shield has been their further improvement .
But ,with Hierro just one foot .Granville ,put their own lives to knock ,Robben feeling now being kicked by the left side of his head numb, even the left eye vision are affected !This impact, rather scary .
If the average master ,it was Hierro kicked to death, O8 Shan ten-day Book Sun ridiculed all umbrella ,condition .Hierro did not know that since only the secrets to do she want to kill Robben, some at a loss ! Not because of their skills and desire, Robben !It will only slow you down ,if mysterious vigilance ,you will live long ,you queer defense .
I knew early ,do not think that you beat the sword of delusion, he did not use the real strength ,even three into force not to, he seriously, you have no answer .Know what ? See Robben somewhat blankly at her ,Hierro some frustration, perhaps so this young man goes so a difficult road ,is really too difficult ,although Robben in the magic have made a breakthrough ,but .
In actual combat ,but it was still a rookie . sword of delusion !The madman ! Robben suddenly remembered that holding the dagger madman frisson white eyes !Sasa once said ,her master and the madman competition ,finally it is lost ! He is a great swordsman ,compared to the mainland, the so-called Knights strong hundreds of times ,you can fight him ,is your honor ! Hierro said of the madman ,eyes full of respect .
Three into force ,,not! ? Robben can some do not believe ,although the feeling of the madman left hand ,however ,will not be so, then his death but risks also defeated the madman ,finally broke his sword ! Robben ,I know you are the strength of their number have some confidence ,and I do not want to hit you ,after all, in more than half a year ago, you were just a nothing different rookie .
Your grades ,has been very impressive ,but ,I still want to tell you ,you are now ,but is also a something rookie ! Hierro raised his hands ,don have been holding a double dagger , whether you believe .
A mysterious, I have a dozen ideas to your life! ? Robben binocular pupil contraction ,micro tension arm .A layer of purple light film instantly enveloped in general ,in utter disbelief ,Robben grew up ! Look ,you don ! Eyes ,just Hierro has no shadow behind ,,came Hierro unique chilly cold voice ,his heart seemed to be against something, neck ,also was a gleaming dagger .
Robben ,in my opinion ,your combat experience can be described with zeros ,though you wacky defense is very powerful, but ,I can tell you for sure ,I immediately able to pluck your heart ,just ,I think you may not want to know what I do assembly method ,as this that might surprise you on the neck of the dagger disappeared ,after cardiac pressures are gone ,Hierro from behind Robben walked to the front, the shield is good ,and the enemy to fight, the first open shield ,understand ?Your degrees ,a snail ! Said Hierro ,looking at Luo Bencai just open purple shield ,with a dagger knocked on Robben .
Perhaps know hard words cannot break through their own defense ,Robben saw Hierro with the blade ,flashing Hanguang thorn Robben heart straight hair .Completely unconscious ,until now ,Hierro appear in their own behind ,dagger has rack in his neck !In their open shield for a moment ,Hierro flashback to his death .
.. ... Robben ,fight with others ,momentary lapses makes a decision of life and death ,in my opinion ,your body simply loopholes appear one after another ,in the sword and men walked so much action ,was he let you, perhaps ,for now you such a strange mage .
The sword is very enjoy .And you fight !As you broke his sword ,to tell the truth ,the sword is really in your hands suffered !The sword ,I are not shake it ,without a strong grudge blessing words ,the .
The sword and the beloved of the sword ,is really just a junk-heap ! Broken copper ,iron ,rotten ,Robben dropped his shield ,Hierro always walk back ,and end up with the glass of water .
,don play again ,I have to you know something ,just want to try ,you did a good job ,Robben ,after going back ,I will and the teacher ! Hierro has also sit on the chicken to go ,do not want to begin again .
A cold !The mood was somewhat heavy, originally in the real strength in front of the person, oneself still like a lamb to be slaughtered ,general , Robben !I can not come against you ,I just want you to see their progress ,can make persistent efforts ! Hierro saw that the depressed look on his face ,dissatisfaction .
You are so encouraged ?This is clearly a bare blow ,Robben cry without tears .I dare not boast of their own ,but in the mainland at least is a master ,and the sword of delusion, is a standing force peaks character ,between you, not comparable to ,do not you sorry ,but should be happy ,not long ago ,I learned that you are beaten the wizards ,on the wrong! ? Uh ! Robben nodded ,Hierro said .
Should be Natalie ,did not expect such that only those mercenaries know Hierro can also investigate the to . Very good, Robben !You have officially stepped into the road !In the future, you will see a more magical field ! Sunlight from the window has been broken shine ,Hierro looked at Robben ,full of hope .
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