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The Riboud led the soldiers returned to camp, and Lu Meng is with Spike Camp blaze on Yong City. 100 Spike Camp, divided into 10 groups, each group of ten people. Spike Soldiers spread out to go hunting scout spies scattered on yung city around. The Spike Camp soldiers go through specialized training, hunting enemy scout very familiar, and less than an hour's time, you have around Anzhuang All unplug, broken Yuan Shu and Lu Bu monitor on Yong City the eyes and ears. Riboud after the completion of the task, the news and report it back to the city to Wang Can. Can Wang got the news, immediately ordered the evacuation on Yong. City people, young and old and the line, Wang Can the army protect people in the back left. All the people removed from on yung City, the mighty momentum on the road, smoke and dust everywhere, all the dense mass of heads. The people in front, soldiers in the post. The forage on yung city hoarding, cloth, money as well as the city's legacy Treasures antiques army escorted away. People have been ordered to organize themselves, so the road does not delay the time, just the people, the elderly and infirm, so hurry speed is not fast, and are still slowly forward. The army left on yung city, a great movement, beginning when Yuan Shu, and Riboud not know. The reason is because of Lu Meng's Spike Camp kill spies sake outside. Etc. Can Wang led the army to leave, Yong has been turned into a ghost town. Empty city, did not leave anything, even the basic food, oil and other things are taken away. The relocating them out of people, if not a The Riboud bored to outside screaming while, certainly there will be people left behind, unwilling to leave. But Riboud said to be killing some involving people in their own lives, they can only take the initiative to leave. The ...... the Yuan Shu, and Riboud camp, sent a scout to go has not been back to the camp and report news, Yuan Shu and Lu Bu became suspicious. Evening, got the news, she was surprised, but did not guess Wang Can the idea. Both sent a scout to inquire about the news, there is no cost to how long to get the message. Message returns, they are very surprised, because on yung city gates open, and the city's people and soldiers are left, which let Lu Bu and Yuan Shu surprised jaws fell to the ground. In the army accounts,Women's Canada Goose Kensington, Yuan Shu and Lu Bu tied sitting. Below, Chen Gong and Zhang Liao sat and Yuan Shu arm Wenchen generals also attended. Yuan Shu look to evening, and asked: "Mr. Chen, Can Wang with the army to leave, how do we do it?" The Yuan Shu chagrin evening, not to his face, and also Anhen Chen Gong rejected his solicitation, but the army Chen Gong ideas, and Chen Gong is the Riboud arm of the counselors, he must take into account the Riboud face, so the only thing pharynx in the hearts, 哑巴吃黄连 有苦说不出. Evening, frowning, and sometimes difficult to guess the thoughts of Wang Can only be cautious, said: "Wang Can hit won the battle, but with the arm of the army to leave the on-yung, I am afraid a fraud!" Riboud snorted, Staveley said: "not a fraud, but Wang Can timid" Yuan Shu hearts has long Riboud Erleng child, directly overlooked the Riboud, again asked: "Mr. Chen, you think that fraud, what credentials?" Chen The Palace is a guess, but just difficult to figure out. Wang Can lead the troops to leave, not simply led troops to leave, but led the people to leave together. People, old and sick, Women and Juveniles children, soldiers with these cumbersome in, and certainly can not lead the troops on their way, is still very easy to catch up later to catch up, so said such withdrawal? But unlike active retreat; If not withdrawal, Wang Can clearly with the soldiers left, this once again shows the fact to withdraw Wang Can. Such a situation, the evening, it is difficult to determine. Evening, said it might be a fraud, his guess. Yuan Shu asked in one fell swoop, Chen Gong truthfully said: "Hui Bing Yuan adults, to Wang Can what plans? Palace it difficult to try to figure out a clear, but we can send troops stationed on Yong City, but the army must be placed outside the city, as the Yuan and adults my lord you can stay in the city, and so arrived on the Yong City further deliberations. "Riboud directly stood up and said:" Well, revolted rushed on Yong City. "he hurried to leave the Army account, with Zhang Liao Qi troops and horses to the point, and went straight on Yong City away. Yuan Shu, see Riboud led troops to leave, also broke camp sky, ran up yung city. However, although the army arrived on the Yong City, Yuan Shu and Lu Bu honestly the main stay in the city, and did not enter the city. The one hand, in order to prevent the city ambush the other hand, in order to guarantee the safety of the city, so do not leave, but to stay outside the city. County hall, Lu Bu and Yuan Shu just stop down, I heard soldiers come to Bingbao. Soldier kneeling on one knee on the ground, look a hurry, Bao Quan said: "Huibing adults, all of the things in the city are not even the water wells are sealed, the soldiers can not be water in the city, only to fetch water outside the city, and the city empty, Ren Yinger, and did not leave any items,Canada Goose Snow Mantra, and all were evacuated. "Riboud just sit down, Teng's about stood up and shouted:" Wang Can turtle grandson, treacherous enough! "Yuan Shu looking bitter, Wang Can the rogue acts rather painful. Wang Can the city, everything was evacuated again and again, this can be called a city.? A ghost town, have not the slightest use. Yuan Shu, this time without asking Chen Gong, but toward Riboud said: "Lu general, in my opinion, Wang Can Citylink baggage, food, money moved out, and certainly intend to retreat Hanzhong, or retreat Chengdu Although we rushed to empty, but Can Wang moved out of the people gave us a chance, this is Wang Can their own dead end. "talking Yuan Shu smiled. "Lu Bu Jian Mei a pick, and asked:" Yuan generals, remark what? "Yuan Shu said: Lu generals Please carefully think about it, Wang Can the army not only with people on their way, but also with baggage weight, cloth, food, money, hurry, speed fast? even if we let them go first day, they certainly can not speed up, so they moved out all the stuff, but slowed the speed of the hurry, as long as we go to catch up, certainly kill Wang Can a surprise and smote Wang Can, robbing all things. "WHACK! WHACK!" Riboud face exposed look of joy Fuzhang laugh, he sternly said: "Yuan generals, wise, clever ah ! "At this point, the evening, but said:" My lord, Yuan adults, Beizhi think should not send troops. "pot of cold water directly from heaven, poured on the head of the two, making the two look calm down. The two look to the evening, and the hearts of some sullen, your evening, can not think of the way, but the block into the soldiers, is what reason you? "Why,timberland boots outlet?" They asked in unison, and are looking at the evening, Evening, take a deep breath and said: "Can Wang so cunning, he won a great victory, how will bring people to leave it? And even to retreat, but also his own to lead the troops to retreat, why would drag on cumbersome, this does not "conform and common sense," Yuan Shu, and Riboud one, a buzz. Ps: Four more of the three, seeking collection of flowers.
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