she has put the bank case

December 17 [Mon], 2012, 14:29
Since that time in just came to the university soon, Hua Feng remember and that several big miss shopping together ,and now he himself has long been again and the other girls enter the mall shopping .
So ,now hear Ye Zhaoxue like other girls that want him when they go shopping, Hua Fengzhen miss before the study in the University simple days . ?Don tell me off ! Looking at China Maple Park your car in the parking lot ,the eyes seemed confused when looking at the front ,Ye Zhaoxue put his hand on his face jolted road .
Hua Feng back when ,see Ye Zhaoxue is looking forward to his time ,he shook hands, Hua Feng smiled ,opened the door and stepped down, he followed Ye Zhaoxue to the front of the mall to go, and the assassination of church members dressed as a bodyguard ,is rushed to the Huafeng around the past .
Still here? Hua Feng look around, find out that they have and Ye Zhaoxue came to the Shimao International Plaza ,and in front of the big shopping malls is Wang industry trade mall .
Of course ,Hua Feng that and those big miss come over ,still somewhat familiar .The two National People of a building in the mall ,originally from two people wearing waiters will be able to see a pair of young men and women is not simple, but there are so many guards around the time, is that the man and the woman is not simple .
So ,see Hua Feng and Ye Zhaoxue came in, large shopping malls in the warm zone with two people in the .While Ye Zhaoxue is obviously have a lot of times, pulling the Huafeng hand it directly to her need to buy to go .
Chinese cultural ,do you like this skirt ? Ye Zhaoxue will be a pink dress in front of Hua Feng said . I don know you ,as long as you like it ! Hua Feng said .Now he is after all be absent-minded ,Ye Zhaoxue he was the only one just met you miss it, and not he likes girls ,but he and Ye Zhaoxue come over ,is entirely due to the promised her that simple condition .
Hear Huafeng sound what isn she ,Ye Zhaoxue did not feel anything ,but to see more beautiful dresses, mood is more excited to those eyes to watch out on her skirt . Cultural ,it feel? In Hua Feng stood there looking down at his pair of shoes on Association of new Chinese medicine happens, Ye Zhaoxue is holding a white skirt to Hua Feng asked before her .
And Hua Feng first saw the white dresses, but let him more remembered that often wear white skirt girl appeared in front of him .Sure. Very beautiful ! Hua Feng said be absent-minded .
When his eyes and didn about look around the time ,seem to see that he is familiar with the figure .But ,Canada Goose Lodge Cheap,once again in his past time ,found the familiar figure is from the first floor to the outside the mall went out .
Alas ! Hua Feng look ,helpless sigh .But this time, in a white dress with the leaf ,is preparing to let the waiter furled ,heard the sound of sighing Hua Feng ,thought what happened to him ! Chinese cultural ,what happened to you? You and me to go shopping ,how can you be so sigh ! Ye Zhaoxue watched Hua Feng some unhappy asked .
miss, you say !Or how am I doing? To let you satisfied with the ! Hua Feng some asked impatiently .Think of that familiar and emaciated figure left, Hua Feng always feel annoyed .If it is not because there is not to smoke ,but now he who also did not carry a cigarette when, Chinese Fengzhen miss a person looking for a quiet place to smoke, ease his heart trouble .
Hum !Hua Wenbo ,now I see you don willing to look !You should go !I on the line !Moreover, it is also a condition ,UGG Womens Classic Short Dylyn! Ye Zhaoxue seemed angry and said .Anyway ,she is also a big family out to miss you .
Now I see Hua Feng be absent-minded when, also has affected her to continue shopping desires ,it is better to own a personal shopping here @ well !Miss, just I am sorry you are ! Hua Feng to restore calm face ,North Face Denali Fleece Hoodie Clearance,watching aside some unhappy Ye Zhaoxue ,and the attendant strange eyes ,Hua Feng no matter how ,as a man he has to take care of Ye Zhaoxue .
In the accompanying Ye Zhaoxue in the first floor of the big shopping malls to buy a few big bags of clothing, also bought a variety of brand-name cosmetics .However ,Hua Feng feel with Ye Zhaoxue ,don want to make-up ,but feel a water-Lingling Jiangnan makeup beauty than make-up after pretty much .
very beautiful ,don want to buy so many cosmetics .Moreover, the cosmetics ,you should know ,with more, no matter how will you skin has a side effect ! Watch Ye Zhaoxue continue to look at those cosmetics ,Hua Feng looked at her and said .
But this time, would like to have a look back at Chanel perfume Ye Zhaoxue Hua Feng blinked asked . in favor of me, or what ? As you want ! Hua Feng said .When Hua Feng and Ye Zhaoxue from the big bazaar floors all around the time, has been found in the afternoon sun time, if not have large shopping malls of the attendant and the bodyguard members ,those items to Hua Feng the car trunk ,he really didn what to how many times will Ye Zhaoxue come back to take an afternoon to buy those goods all out .
!Password answer . Two people down the cash register when the bill arrives ,Ye Zhaoxue is deliberately Hua Feng pulled to a quiet place .Because she was a woman and Hua Feng came ,in the presence of so many people ,certainly not her own bill ,after all, this is related to the two face .
Of course ,Ye Zhaoxue did not believe that Hua Feng will be so kind to her go out of his own pocket .Therefore ,Ye Zhaoxue could only find a quiet place ,starting from his body out of the bank card for Hua Feng, and on his behalf .
What are you doing. Hua Feng indissolubles the ground asks . Hum !Also not in order to take care of your face ,while what let me go ?When the waiter and after guest vision to see in you ? Ye Zhaoxue said ,she has put the bank case to Hua Feng hands .
Oh ,that !This money ,I still pay ! Hua Feng said with a smile .Anyway ,since he accompanied a girl out for shopping ,but now worth the money he ,he is not in the eye .However ,this time, Ye Zhaoxue for the beautiful ,Hua Feng for her compassionate understanding ,impression profound a lot .
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