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December 05 [Wed], 2012, 16:48

Since the afternoon and this little beauty has been intimate, Little Miss secretly began to affectionately call my husband, scream I am elated. This time, I really appreciate the original really love a person is as happy; original when you fall in love with a person, her words and deeds, the smiles are always affects your nerves for her hi hi, she is happy and worry about her. to protect you, to care for your own life, exhausted all his strength to love you, hurt you! ...... Xiaojin carrying Ni Sophie and I flew for about an hour, we finally found a new map - ice and snow. Have to say, the world of ice and snow is indeed a very beautiful map. Between heaven and earth, the vast expanse of whiteness, seamless. At eye clinics are blanketed by trees, the four thickets of vegetation, quietly enjoying the snow baptism,, Wan Lai silent party Pure Land, as if the world from different world. Ni soft and I jumped small gold backs, at the foot of the boots on a thick layer of snow on the ground, soft dough, issued from time to time the sweet sound of crunching, people relaxed and happy. I CQ City native, here relatively hot and humid weather all year round, simply not so thick in order to see the snow and the ice and snow, snow, perhaps centuries Millennium epic proportions once. Even if want to see can only be seen on a TV screen, TV on the snow where now, as if the ground is generally up close and feel. I think this is the biggest difference with the previous game where this virtual game Magic World, is also the reason why it swept thousands of players. Ni soft beautiful to look at, happy jumped up and down, like a beautiful elf dancing in the snow. I took the little gold followed behind Little Miss admiring eyes of magnificent beauty and beauty alone. Shortly thereafter,North Face Panther Print Ski, the mass of white domesticated hen something quickly moving to Little Miss past. Little beauty is my cry shocked, pale monster looked around, scared even attack have forgotten, swiftly ran back to me. I could not help but smile, quickly thrown God trieth surgery looked at the mass of white domesticated hen something, suddenly, a gratifying attributes hove in sight. snow organisms killer. ... This is a typical anti-high blood, low attack elite-level monsters level up to 83, but the attack is less than 4,000 points, for the players,UGG Mandah Boots, the favorite is this kind of monster, not only rich experience, and did not much risk, the best choice for leveling. Of course, even this elite level 83 monster attack is not high, but not casually ordinary players to compete. Watching the snow lost those attributes, I was not pleased Road. I wanted to ask her directly if their boyfriend, she is also willing to share with them, but thought ultimately did not ask exports, some things or let it go. Yuehua Jian, I waved Witch Blade convective clouds chopped lightning Zhanla the the snow lost by the body, first try the blade. The Witch Blade blade is still extremely sharp cut in such a high anti-high blood lost by the body, like a broken melon general. I nodded with satisfaction, suddenly remembered that he also learned the skills of a less anti - Sunder surgery, the heart of a dynamic, ah, try the skills to say. So, since the self-Society, Sunder surgery skills button is pressed first. Suddenly, a dark red Jianqi Witch Blade Sword end rapid release, straight shot to the lost body in front of the snow. Shortly thereafter, the system prompts. - very powerful skills! Clouds chop once again resorted to. mouth soft this little beauty Zhang. The incessantly Road. ,UGG Suburb Crochet Tall...... With the Sunder surgery Auxiliary This high anti-high blood the snow lost by simply word within a few seconds, Little Miss and I would easily be beheaded, rich experience in rolling. Three hours later, we advance along the snow a few miles from my experience finally grow to 65% in 70, Little Miss level is much lower, even only a thin 5% will be able to rise to 62, smile small The mouth is not close to get a little gold also rose to 60 rapid. Looked at the time, already more than two o'clock, Friends the column, cocoa few MM avatar still lit, it appears that in the efforts. NND, this little beauty is really awesomeness Leprechaun made me one o'clock some Chunxindangyang up. So, I looked ambiguous little beauty a quietly said: Chen Dao:
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