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December 19 [Wed], 2012, 10:26
The hillside was quite empty only system have not been able to brush away the blood and ground equipment.Royal Dragon Dianren and the unknown forces are already fully separated, while they were on the south side to the north side,, slope, side slope, far across, as the poison spirit in hillside waist, aimless wandering, did not seem to see someone at a distance.Easy cold expression with respect to.The magic poison spirit body than before the complete large,Canada Goose Mountaineer Sale.Promotion!!Easy cold dark thoughts.Don't think, "the strange immortal chivalrous swordsman" will not be promoted, they kill a certain number of enemies, the same will be upgraded, as "immortal chivalrous swordsman" within the eight main occupation in general, "immortal chivalrous swordsman" of all the monsters also have five promotion space.And this one spirit before the poison to kill so many game player, I gained a lot of experience, a direct shot a stage.At this moment, Yi Han also generational that magic poison soul power.Royal Dragon Temple and the unknown presence could no longer withstand spirit possessed poison to kill, only temporarily relegated to a party.However, from the two party glowing eyes, they will not give up, as long as there is a return, the other side, will definitely to kill the poisonous spirit.The road began to appear on a line.How many game player in the side gathered, Royal Dragon Temple a natural ally, this time, but the look of Shucheng and even neighbouring city people,UGG Classic Argyle Knit, have come out, participate in this matter.Walk around zero zero many join in the fun of the game player, easy cold relieved, also do not worry, directly removed shadowmelded standing stone, convex above, looking out over the situation."Look, he quietly looked at the Royal Dragon Temple, and unknown forces on the hillside, every assassin up and down, he looked carefully, at the same time, also pay attention from two party forces of the master, the surrounding terrain.People die, but only three reasons: first, natural death, two, met the irresistible force.In third, he was in unknown circumstances.These unknown was unexpected, as well as sudden death.To no accident, had become a little unknown, whenever and wherever possible to gather intelligence is the assassin must do a, do not keep anything at hand, will be very dangerous action.Often no clear goal and form, shadow kill door is not under the door disciple dispatched task.Suddenly, a few assassins on the equipment, suddenly into the easy cold eyes.It's the unknown forces the assassin?The assassin was leather red blood, black lines along with their upper and lower body orbiting, as black as their uniform, wearing broken half blood red mask, hand uniform crimson double knife, blazing with anger at a hillside magic poison the spirit still behind it the Royal Dragon Temple forces."This is the agile reached 100 points to wear the blood pack!"Easy cold heart with a surprise!What the hell is actually very forces, 5 sets of monster blood set!The blood pack, about 20 copies of a tiny burst rate, it has no fixed production sites, therefore, its production is extremely difficult.Monster blood set a total of five, monster blood stump, monster blood leather leggings, demon blood, the blood and the blood dagger blade ribbon, a world easy cold and not with demon blood, because at that time, he has the ability to complete a set of monster blood, but he has passed the grade.Monster blood sets each piece of gear +1% movement speed and attack speed, +05% vampire, perhaps this is not powerful attribute, but if to collect 5 pieces, so the blood will get the whole, movement speed increased by 20%,Canada Goose Borden Bomber, attack speed increased by 15%, and included 10% vampire, but, also has an active ability -- bloodthirsty: in a certain period of time, the rise in attacks in 70%, attack speed increased by 70%, speed increased by 30%, defense fall 700%.This set of properties and equipment as the best single of two order of green, but combined together, even masked too inferior order three epic edge.
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