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> Pa ~ ~ crisp and loud. wWW. QUanbeN. Com was hide open in May,Ultra Short UGG Boot, but may be too surprised, she actually did not move. Even ** -002 infection in May, also in the palm of your hand vigorously pumping hit, involuntary from Bangui Bantang become completely lying on the ground. May do not know why, I just feel heart burst of panic, the face of the clock good punishment, face pain naturally soon disappeared, just as the bell good fist on the coffee table, but her emotional , but no reason and some fear more. These fears are not a trace of indistinct, but a real existence, but very wonderful, May can feel them, but they do not they control. Fear is an emotion, and emotions will dominate the human body, and behavior of humans do most emotional impact. Kurokawa May found that she's not the same feeling, this fear does not dominate her, she was able to think so, if she fears dominate, that she can not be sensible to think about why she fears her since independent thinking and feel the fear, it is equal to her from fear to dominate. May and do not have time to think too much, the fear she felt like a shiny warning lights, told her to stop dreaming resentment or confrontation Zhong Liang hit her slap. This feels very strange, so she was lying point of view to the astonishment and fear is very real to clock good eyes. Black Chuan bite their sleeves, emerge the blue veins on his forehead. Watched played daughter daughter was rude man severely scraping a slap in the face, and then how that is also the father of black Chuan unable to suppress their anger, in his memory, and even he is not so heavy ass, let alone face! He decided, if everyone eventually fled to the human world, even if this man is rescued in May, he fiercely fix him a meal. If he was going to marry in May, Black Chuan will be opposed in the end, even if May is willing, he wants to make things difficult in the end, received a lot of gifts ... black Chuan do not know is hungry dizzy, his head do some idea of ​​jumping around does not help, and the current situation in a different galaxy. Following his cranky when there has been a change he never imagined. Sub-consciousness: slightly shook his head: Liang Zhong frown action of shaking his head, my heart is not sure. She weighed the moment she can have all the choice addition to stay in the side of the bell good, and nothing to give her a good choice for this identity. That being the case, Kurokawa May or secretly heaved a breath, wore my heart a feeling of unease and fear, and then climbed to the front of the clock good. Like a wrong thing you want to apologize kitten or puppy in May as squat half sitting on the ground, with surprise cowardly and pathetic expression, watching ZHONG Liang did not speak. May, black shorts and yellow halter top from the perspective of the clock good, like a piece of cheese on black biscuits, white cream and cheese almost to overflowing, which made her look very delicious. As hungry as Liang Zhong hidden swallowed, just do not know hungry stomach. But his sub-consciousness can not agree with his point of view. spoke: Sub-consciousness: hook peg to the eyes, lips and said: The expression does not change. To tell the truth, or continue their lies? Tell the truth, will immediately refute the lie he just said, it is very unfavorable Zhong-liang really grasp the truth, that his difficult by his trust; continue their own lies, perhaps, can be hidden from some, of course, the premise Liang Zhong still do not know, however if conceal passed, then to her little harm in not. Kurokawa May choose to conceal: Sub-consciousness: a study of virus As a result, in May reasonable behavior. relationship because of her identity, presumably her break my coffee table made a wrong judgment, thought I was angry at themselves because their virus research become zombies. No, no, ignored a very important sign of why we are all zombies, I can think in May, and those who come into contact with on the road zombies are unexamined,UGG Kenly For Cheap? This is not a very wrong thing? believe five know for sure what month, but she did not tell me, can not forgive her, sets out from her mouth explanation of this matter can now be said to forgive her, let her feel relaxed some ask why. tone do not get too warmth, more serious, because here I decide! face, kneeling on the jump threw herself into the arms of clock good arm around his waist, his face buried in his chest. She more than half is glad to have only backer of forgive, and another part is no longer pendulum plaintive expression anymore, because it was really painful for you, eyebrows stretched almost stiff. If you do not hurry up, he was afraid that his body somewhere will not control the height of the two peaks under attack and they Bibi. May in fact not very happy to do this kind of thing she never did housework at home, let alone kneel on the floor to clean up the garbage? Just past in But no chance, and unwarranted fear of her heart is breaking, but still have the ability to let her dare disobedience clock good command, she could only kneel to clean up, intends to find the opportunity tonight. The action is light, graceful, unlike in the clean up the garbage on the ground, it seems that in performing the tea ceremony, even on the ground turn body angle will first knuckle shore do central axis and then sub. The beautiful body posture with on May quiet demeanor with joy, Zhong Liang began to regret just hit play so heavy in May, worry about how to do tonight she did not own good. Times consciousness: She also can not resist,North Face Apex Bionic Jackets Outlet. if the men do something we must look at the woman's face, it is not respect but a laissez-faire. someone else I have no control, but May is now my woman, I let her do what she should listen more to obey! Liang Zhong have to admit that constantly come up in his mind the idea of ​​being a great impact on him, because he think it makes sense, and every time he would get help. Think about the day before also had Pidianpidian followed behind her help her shopping mentioning something stroller, today you can sit on a chair watching her kneel on the floor to collect her things, and this is completely earth-shaking changes. How do you say, just sit here and have a sense of satisfaction and a sense of power, perhaps it can be said finally confident man's temperament? Something is planted in good heart bell slowly began to take root, the desire for power or ambition? Who do not know ... got up and went to the front in May, to evoke her chin fingers, bend over and kiss ...... and then looked at the May 4 45 degrees with shining eyes and said: wait for the next to go out walked the relaxed pace of walking up the stairs, Liang Zhong feels just useful man charm, his charity gave Ms. shopping opportunities, he is generous, chic, approachable, great, bright, justice ... The still black stairs Chuan could only watch as May Liang Zhong oppressed, kissing, might also have been ...... but move not daring to move, let alone washed down pumping man two ears, rescue his daughter veering such a thing. Perhaps because the behavior of the identity of the decision in this apocalyptic environment, he turned prominent status has already been devalued by hundreds of times, a little refuge masters dare give him face to see a run on his words, pampered himself had risked their lives to go out in search of food. This situation his true temperament deeply buried, irritable, he has now become timid and cowardly. So when he saw Zhong-liang's foot on the upstairs level, linger in the face of anger quickly turned into panic, bass bass bass channeling back of the room, the slightest also dare not sound, but ...... bell benign and up the stairs to smell a smell, that he did not know what that smell is, but it is a very good smell, his deep love of this flavor. Along the direction of the taste, he sniffs, sniffing, walked slowly to a closed door ...... is the cat's eyes peek the outside black Chuan see a head appeared at the door when almost scared wits, immediately left the door quickly hid under the bed of the bedroom, but fortunately there are carpet eliminate the sound of him riding to ...... Liang Zhong sniff outside a long time, do not know the door in the end stood what is good, The taste is so good. However, he is not willing to effortlessly flung open the door to look for, and give up, anyway, that taste gradually faded. Black Chuan waiting under the bed for a whole ten minutes to feel absolutely safe, to this sweating out. He just crawl out from under the bed, I saw the window Zhong-liang and the May figure,Classic Tall Fancy UGG Boot. His daughter tightly around that just played her man's arm, body tightly against his gentle face. So looks very sweet couple in worse chaos of the streets, is somewhat awkward and out of place, made of black Chuan bitter I also greatly relieved - he finally can act freely. He did not have time to sad their hard-raised daughter so followed the other men go, there where they're going, and how not afraid of those wandering zombies. The more important question is placed in front of his eyes, when hungry else does not think too much. Black Chuan understand May since and that man can live here, then here, at least not the existence of zombies. His first stop is the kitchen. Chew on a carrot, black Chuan find yourself not cooking bleak, since the death of his wife, he and May are out to eat rice, or graduate school, especially to do the food. Now, he had to be eaten raw vegetables to fill their stomachs. Suddenly, his mouth still chewing hard he thought of a man and a woman may be a place to live, may prepare other foods. So, he touched on the 10th floor of ............ May the gently humming bell Liang did not understand the song, the two went around, like the owner of this empty city, everywhere their territory. However, the city is not only the two of them they the zombies groups. Dozens, hundreds, is still slowly increasing. Just crossed the street the middle of them with the speed of one hundred meters will want to avoid no turning back the clock benign and packed together around the middle of May, but no attack behavior, and even across the distance of a few meters away and paused. no action. Liang Zhong actually very nervous, zombies are thought out from the hotel, they will not be attacked, he would no longer carry a gun out, and the result is this. But wanted to come to the only 11 rounds of ammunition that the gun, and certainly can not stand the impact of so many zombie. Observed for a while, Zhong Liang and May gradually calmed down and found a zombie does not seem to attack them. These zombie like do not want to contact them retreat also followed the two-way forward, but behind and around us. Liang Zhong and stopped to surprise in May as the one to start tentatively go forward slowly, these zombies have been around the circle to follow their lead, and no extra action. More zombies outside around more, do not know is not the entire city ga boil corner zombies are here to catch up, ZHONG Liang took in May jumped onto the roof of the car, watching the steady stream came up The zombies are beginning to know what to do. However, the strange thing is happening again, these the zombie turned out very obedient while turned left slowly dispersed. Sub-consciousness: the bell good eyes, she was surprised that he casually let them walk away, then was able to command them, she felt the need to experiment. Do not do that! Liang Zhong carefully Recall that the two of them today what different places in the street, and yesterday, they inadvertently called zombie group, suddenly, he thought of a possibility: humming, as you just do. it? Try again: desperate fury, the bike does not know who left the car a few seconds, the time was surrounded by a packed dense swarm of zombies, Liang Zhong and May no longer see the situation, only the burst rang, Kacha Kacha, made of steel, vehicles, even as wooden issued moan ... The command who go on to wrestle and steel teeth to bite the tires. Sub-consciousness: zombie, then I should also be able to control me to hum a song, give it a try, it should be some kind of zombie can receive sound waves cause they can control ZHONG Liang thought, and began to hum: slaves the drops people ... ~! . . <

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