Xue Xiaobao from the wallet

December 20 [Thu], 2012, 14:59
The 640th chapter of Ruth with Xue Xiaobao at the end of the day in the temple, the final have gained nothing.She doesn't understand people like Xue Xiaobao who was a Buddhist, came all the way to Thailand to visit the temples in their own country, but there are also many famous temples, reputation is small than here.Got to know they got to know, also asked white to ask.Tired a, a bath on the bed.But Xue Xiaobao the animals ignore, spend the money I will relax.Ruth now wants to give back the money to Xue Xiaobao, this job is really dry, he is a beast, not play not to do.Is the man can not stand.Toss in the middle of the night, Xue Xiaobao was hungry, but he was not the local language, simply can not communicate, but will be half-dead Ruth up from bed.Well.Baby, up to eat.""Also......Also......Eat......"Exclaimed Ruth extremely, eyes wide open and see the monster looks at Xue Xiaobao.Already in so long, and toss, which is not to be a man's life?"Don't eat you, get supper."Xue Xiaobao smile."You......You......""I am what I ah, you do not eat snacks, I had to eat you, you see.Don't say I bully you."Xue Xiaobao be truculent and unreasonable way.Ruth scared quickly jumped out of bed down, without demur, pick up the clothes to wear, the mouth is muttered: "someone out to do it, I was out to do is you, is really damn,Canada Goose Reversible Sale!"Xue Xiaobao dressed, followed her to the night market.A snack street, a variety of snacks have, can eat to Tianjin twist, the noodles with soy bean paste.Xue Bao really hungry, eat fragrantly.But he opposite Ruth were in no mood to eat, eat like wolves and tigers at Xue Xiaobao, she said: This heavy-hearted, heart of cattle fed back, also do not know how to do to me?Oh, how I do it."Xue Xiaobao did not think so much.Eating a bowl of noodles, across the street to sell stores snacks Chinese has been staring at him, pulled out a mobile phone to take a picture is it right?.Ruth saw this scene, Can Xue Bao make a schematic eyes, he turned to look across the street.People in different places, Xue Xiaobao naturally cautious, he turned to look, and saw a little middle-aged man at his photo.Xue Xiaobao put down the chopsticks, stepped past."Sir, your family name Xue?"The people speak Chinese, but that is not smooth.Xue Xiaobao Wenyan a face, frowning and asked: "how do you know?""You wait."Stores snacks boss turned into shops, then took out a backpack, carrying came to Xue Xiaobao, saying: "this is a call Mr Meng left, he said, I put my backpack to you, and you will give me ten thousand yuan.""Meng fat?"Exclaimed Xue Xiaobao,Youth Canada Goose Outlet.He felt very shocked, Meng Pangzi appears and you did come here, and leaves clues."Meng is fat.I have photos, you have a look."Stores snacks boss said, the mobile phone to Xue Xiaobao.Xue Xiaobao looked down, and it was a piece of extremely familiar with the big fat face, wretched smile an aversion to cold.Behind Meng Pangzi is fairy.He put the mobile phone back to the shop owner, asked Xue Xiaobao: ",UGG Classic Short Dylyn On Sale;they have what you say?""Mr Meng said nothing?Just to give you this backpack, he says you look backpack that you will understand."The shop owner said."Fine, thank you."Xue Xiaobao from the wallet ten thousand yuan to the store owner, he said: "if you had news of them, please contact me in time, I left a telephone number, of course, there will be heavy xie."The shop owner where the money be overjoyed, which have not agreed to.Xue Xiaobao holding a backpack back to the hotel, open look, it is full of Meng Pangzi's clothes, clothes mingled with some writing paper.Xue Xiaobao opened the letter to see, just know that they went to the big Buddha temple.But the temple was not in his city."Ruth, we will go to the big Buddha temple."Said Xue Xiaobao, fell bed."Big Buddha Temple?Where are you going?Oh I didn't go.I'm not going.Ruth shook his head, looked a little bit nervous and panic.Why?Large Buddhist temple is a tiger?"Xue Xiaobao puzzled and asked.
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