know she is in the hundreds of thousands

November 23 [Fri], 2012, 11:56
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultIn the pressing and wait patiently ,King Arthur reincarnation has six days .
Since the evening after the dialogue ,the little king seems to have so little change ,change before, she is make every attempt to know she is in the hundreds of thousands of years, what happened ,he hates not seize Artoria or clean L ù cardtied around .
As for me ... ... The copycat fake dark people ,know the history will not be less than her ,in several problems under the critical L ù thisfact, the little king Arthur look me in the eye ,in addition to idiot ,is branded on the illiteracy in two words .
Well, it is a shallow guy ,the so-called operation specializing in industry ,the man is good at mathematics, know ?For king Arthur contempt ,I not take it seriously ,should saying is used if she suddenly L ù anadoring eyes contrary I want to think with one ,that is sweeping through the dark continent y ī Nand in her brewing .
Way out ,since after that night ,her interest seems to have changed ,in the daytime, more and Artoria together to practice ,and to his successor ,King Arthur experience after all in there, Artoria just inherited a small part ,and the front was also compared to genuine ,behoove things .
Now I don ,this little actually succeeded Arthur king Jicheng fighting skills ,I originally thought that only a less ,it seems ,to underestimate this number ,only ... ... Sincerely hope in his mind and X ì nglattice ,can leave a few ah .
Most of the time ,she is like a child like innocence, irritability ,but also very good coax ,but sometimes the moment it will show very mature and dignified ,let me now do not know the will of her as children or adults treated .
Another ,I felt very doubt Hu ò,the little king Arthur ... ... Really know how to regain its former strength and appearance ?Through continuous training to become strong ,or with the passage of time will slowly become strong, or other ?After all, not to think of her as a common risk people look at .
When I raise this question, the little guy simply shook his head and said did not know ,when is dinner time ,almost let my hand bowl a shiver ,broken in .What all don still dare to boast without shame ,and Artoria exercises so much ,eat sleep well ,do not worry about it ,this guy in idiot ?Not good ,was her way of speaking with !To make a long story short ,this little guy exceeding one is an optimist .
But in the following sentence ,but let me be very poor .-- I don how to recover ,but rather than doing nothing ,marking wait ,would be laughed at by others ,should also be put into action .
The little king Arthur says ,did not think of lost most of her mind x ì nglattice ,also can say such a thing ,really can not be a guy .This was thought, but she was a very casual ,nonchalant tone asked: Benang mounts Da North Face Mens Parka Outlet,but will laugh at me ? The instinctive reaction ,my hearty L ù smile,towards her thumbs up .
Nonsense ,you think the Druid is who ah ,certainly will do so .The result was she carried the sword of victory ,around the ice valley was to kill dozens of circle .During the exercise ,the evening meal, is the history of class time ,because of this ,in six days ,the long history in the mouth is still not as arturia end tonight ,just to hell intrusion case ,estimated that thousands of years ,have one or two night to finish .
I was no, just ... ... I want to go home .The rest of the time ,I speechless will look down on the opposite side of the ice wall ,mirror reflection, to head the little king Arthur .
This guy UGG Bailey Bow Cheap... ... These days, somehow, once the practice stopped to rest ,tea time ,it will go to my head ,as if it had been here as her throne .No. She is really serious ,no doubt .
But I strongly oppose ,even when she wanted in meals ,sitting on her throne ,is also my head ,I don eat when ,from the top of the head down rice ah ah what things slobber .The boy eats too poor, almost half of her face buried in the bowl, the hands of the chopstick dance fly ,while a ah ,ah Tom eat like wolves and tigers ,one side from her cheeks on both sides to fly out ,although is very adorable .
And the speed is fast but still maintain the elegant ,apparently having good manners than Artoria, was a heaven underground, a bowl of rice with it, I suspect is half a bowl of rice is she gone, let her run on the top of the head to eat every meal ,I am afraid I have to go wash your hair after .
I said ah ... ... You like my head ? Finally ,I could not bear it roar asked .I cut a hedgehog head ,see you still sit comfortable . Suo Suo Suo ,tired of dead Da ,Benang also does not like it was ! Young king Arthur waving little fist ,keep banging on my forehead ,and then started a plucked hair ,as fully as a not unreasonable that child, who doesn ,I thought it was she was like what .
Don things you don !And don touch your hand the cup on the burned me asshole ! Humph Da ,although don but must do da . The little guy did not know is listened to me ,still love splashing half cup of tea, stop ,then angrily tract .
Because of, but in Benang mounts Da ,Benang know ,now the strength can tame but da ,can do a good job of advance preparation ,that is to be familiar with the Benang flavor da . Yes, I am.
I just asked a flavored milk ,you this R ǔ wetguy ,really think of me as a lower wisdom mount ?However. Eyeball grunt a turn, I sinister laughs . A familiar scent of it, I went to have a better way .
What da ,what ? Do not know the world evil little Arthur king ,easily believe me ,well ,today would give her take a lesson ,to let her know this world y īn darkside .I stretched out my hand ,holding the head ,let the little king Arthur stepped up, respectful she met down ,placed on the eyes, on the other side of curious eyes ,l ù outtoo profound to be understood .
To ... ... To close your eyes . Humph Da ,dare to cheat Benang but die da . Seems vaguely aware of my harbour evil designs of the little guy ,so crooked head ,with trapped Hu ò eyes looking at me,and then just close my eyes .
This guy ... ... Too easy to believe that people now ,when to sell her estimates do not know ,but the X ì nglattice ,also really lets the human be overcome by one of love and distressed ah ,is this one of her personality ?Look at the palm ,gently tilted, eyes closed ,beloved little Arthur king ,I secretly titter .
In fact ,I also don do anything bad ,but ,she is not to let me know her taste ?So ... ... The opportunity is rare ,because of accumulated hatred value and deep inside ,on the little guy this moment released .
Pure objective point of appreciation, the little king Arthur ... ... Adorable burst !!!Be transported with joy ,face to rub up the little hand of King Arthur ,ah, good soft ,smooth ,good ,really want to be the only king Arthur home .
Wow wow wow ... ... Face ,face rubbing up da . The little guy a scare ,estimation is the first to be so treated and some at a loss ,also ,the previous king Arthur ,as the first king ,the first strong, which Dick daring hair ,dare starts to rub her .
It takes two or three seconds to react to the little guy ,panting killifish a pulled out the sword of victory ,my this several day is not white to mix, in her hand to the sword UGG Women's Gloves Boots, is sensitive to perceived crisis ,immediately pull Tu ì Jirun .
Stand still ,but the sound courtesy of the acts ,even with dirty face against the death penalty ,the death penalty Benang ,da . Then ,the ice Valley and the emergence of love to see and hear the scene, like a doll sized delicate girls ,waving a long sword toothpick ,a two Tu ì JiLun with wheel as the men chasing the wandering around .
Artoria and clean L ù cardhas become inured to the unusual .S èsilentnight ,blood moon coquettish ... ... For most of the time in a snow storm ,stop is y ī nheavy Harlow Garth, this clear and quiet night sky, in about a year ,is also rare to see several times .
A rare s è,quietly from the ice valley below, fly the full million meters high cliff of the days of the blade ,sitting on the edge of the cliff ,a bored around two Tu ì Ji,look up ,full moon s è ,good for a while ,I sighed .
Presumably inherited the original world customs ,although very different blood s èmoon,but you see ,can still turn out my homesickness, misty shining moonlight ,it reflects a picture of Vilas they Jueli cute face .
M ō mōarms,pulled out a palm-size small gourd ,a drink, wine red S è liquid from themouth edge flow is chic ,abnormal ,put the D à ngboogie .This is from the world of old Fala there is obtained, it is said that he was going to use this to blackmail the old drunkard ,unfortunately is a failure ,the inside of the space is not large, is also unable to divide space ,to accommodate different wine .
Snow ,night ,moon ,as well as at invite the bright moon blue male purple ,also it is a poetic picture .Yes, I am. Sorry ,I lied ,but on their own could have know one ,so the gourd is filled with bars for minors .
Only the hearts of the homesick, miss Vilas their feelings ,really in the heart full to overflowing .In the taste alone with the lonely and miss the time ,under the cliff came slightly damaged empty sound ?Oh ,who is ?Arturia ?Clean L ù card?But two I guess wrong ,actually is the most do not want to see the little king Arthur .
This little guy, don come with me here in the spring autumn sorrow hurt . Find the Da ,Da is found ,the idiot ,with great courage ,as Benang mounts ,dare to leave Benang side da .
Young king Arthur shouted, also do not know by what skills ,even from the hard smooth vertical cliffs ,around back and forth bounce ,jump up slowly .This guy ,the soles of the feet long sucker ? last jumped ,jumped over towards the side ,I subconsciously will hand out, just this time, she fell on the ,with the very place .
I this mount has been training success ?For this kind of reflex action, I expressed my tears . I say ,even mount also has s ī space,before you that what ... ... What the Dragon Queen ,also may not always beside you .
Tonight feel especially hesitant ,I don this little guy bicker . Leave must say hello, hello da . This small guy shouted ,get along with her for a long time will know ,in many things, she will not really be savage and absurd ,as long as you respect her existence UGG Jacquard,this little or very good me .
But I just love to her old ,murphy ... ... Is really shake m ?This problem can think anymore . But this idiot ,what are you doing out here in Da ,stem what ? Presumably I was suddenly out of the blue stream L ù vicissitudes( ?) Temperament at little guy ,and I do not care it rare ,and asked .
?I in wine drink . Out of the corner of my eye strabismus little one eye ,a HMF ,rather the blue man you don .Alcohol. Completely ignore my blues and focus on a not essential words on the little king Arthur ,crooked head up ,with a finger ,like trying to remember what UGG Butte Boots.
Hundreds of thousands of years ... ... Even if it is for Arthur king ,also is very heavy, heavy and even wine is the most common word, must pass through difficult memories ,can be in before reincarnation fuzzy knowledge, find the impression .
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