Zhu Meichuo then gently biff

December 12 [Wed], 2012, 12:59
The first one six chapters of the false Prince case this night is not quiet ,Shangyi just off the Wu Shen ,ushered in the third batch of guests tonight ,this time Emperor Xuan to teach leader lady Akashi ji .
This point Shangyi is expected, no matter others ,Emperor Xuan teaching must be sent for yourself ,see Ashi Ki, Shangyi also blunt ,direct and asked: who put me in Nanjing .Are you doing ? Ming Shiji smile a cry, and said: pull you into coming to Nanjing ,we have any good ?We now have enough trouble ,that also want to get you involved ,this is not what we do .
Shangyi frowned ,said: this is obvious to me was involved as an enemy, but you ,who will? It is certainly not the east ?They should be very clear, but a princess to Beijing, immediately identified the prince is false .
The total will not really be spontaneous ? Akashi Ji shook his head ,said: certainly not spontaneous ,but does anyone really in the dark on that ,and not just the pull you in, the false prince ,and compassionate monk and Tong Fei ,seems to have a man in the behind the scenes Shangyi heart suddenly move, said: this will not be sent to people do ? Ming Shiji showed a favorable light ,nodded ,and said: it is possible, because all three have a common feature ,that is from the north, we have to find some clues ,but want to thoroughly check out, I still need some time .
But a pressing matter of the moment is how to do now ,Zuo Liangyu has sent troops to the East ,and this time you go to the capital ,and plan how to deal with this matter ? Shangyi said: Zuo Liangyu is known as the eight hundred thousand army, but is in fact a bluff and oneself ,can have fifteen to sixty thousand is very good, but his people the good and bad are intermingled ,were a motley crew ,and therefore nothing to be feared ,I also heard that Zuo Liangyu is now seriously ill ,and Nanjing City, firm, and Huangdegong ,Liu Liangzuo two army ,beat Zuo Liangyu is not difficult .
As for me the Beijing, you rest assured ,not deliberately misrepresent ,I have one to let anyone none approach ,but need your cooperation . Listen to the Shangyi had finished ,Ashi Ki nodded ,said: your this approach very well indeed, our people have to say .
This should really thank you . Shangyi said: this is nothing, now the army has been stationed in sturt to DS, momentarily possibly south, I also want to get things settled here ,and then against the Qing river .
Now Huangdegong ,Liu Liangzuo transferred to the backward Nanjing ,Jiangbei empty ,you have not thought about how to fight ,the South ? Ming Shiji smile a cry, and said: we can only walk one step ,the first to present as pressing danger ,no way ,it will only return to cross the Yangtze River ,Yangtze River natural barrier for the avoidance, resistance to Qing .
Shangyi shook his head ,said: you this military level ,it also has the world for the ambition ,since ancient times are the one must keep the Huai River ,keep ,Huai River will be lost .
Yangtze River natural barrier if it is impassable ,the world long north-south divide . Ming Shiji was saying a word not only refuted ,with an open mind to consult him, said: so what do you say ? Shangyi : Huai West is sure to keep ,I keep the Huaihe River East ,can block the dodo .
Shi Kefa would not let him come back to Nanjing ,he remained in Yangzhou ,many people can live well .But still ,Jiujiang Huguang line ,I still couldn enough troops to .Can only send a part of Navy, hold the Yangtse river .
So beat Zuo Liangyu, let Liu Liangzuo and Huangdegong shou-back Jiangbei ,ensure they pay enough supply group .Substituted He Tengjiao for Zuo Liangyu ,hold the Huguang Jiangnan ,but He Tengjiao must stop Ajige .
So now immediately sent for and Li Zicheng make peace, and he charges to support ,let him keep the Jiangbei Jingxiang line ,only he can stop Azig . Ming Shiji smile a cry, and said: other things are much easier to handle ,but Li Zicheng peace, might have some trouble Shangyi said: it is your thing ,I was out of the way ,according to don decided by you, but do not keep Nanjing ,I will have no other way, etc.
the break with Nanjing . Ming Shiji almost begged : you know ,but those of Donglin Party and Li Zicheng peace, but also will rise together and expel sb .Now we are in the same boat ,everyone lips teeth ,if Nanjing lost, you also do not defend Zhejiang .
Therefore we also speak frankly and sincerely ,make concerted efforts for good . Shangyi glanced at her ,smiled and said : your confidence in me ? Akashi Ji said: now do not know who ,throughout the south only your business can withstand the Qing army .
I know you must have a way . Shang Yi smiled and said : tsitseu vetseu ,ass not to wear ,this is to say that again .And you finally know make concerted efforts with the word ,is the ratio of Donglin Party is strong, I will teach you a way ,combined with Li Zicheng is inevitable ,but the bag might as well let Ma Shiying go back .
I only have a way, you can also shoot ,shoot out . -- -- -- the split line -- -- -- segmentation line -- -- -- the very next day early in the morning, Zhu Yousong palace in Nanjing or in the .
Shangyi with civil and military officials in the palace after the pilgrimage ,finish each at his sides .Only in the middle of the throne ,sitting with Zhu Yousong ,seems to be more than just when the emperor when a round ,and fat .
While in Zhu Yousong Dragon chair side ,but also added a side seat ,let the headband phoenix coronet, a gorgeous Gong Zhuang Zhu Meichuo sit .But in any of following ,hang ten beaded chain ,people can not see her face .
Zhu Yousong cleared his throat ,said: love ,these days ,the north to Prince for debate on, then the emperor and I ,early without resentment ,I do because of covet the world and to harm their blood Yin heart !But the emperor world, not a different surname child chaos !So I have sent for from Zhejiang to the female ,Kun clearance Princess resolution authenticity ,to tomorrow .
I am the son of Prince ,if true ,is my son, thought that the crown prince ,I never goes back on his word ,if too lonely to be false, I will never forgive .The Secretary of state to think how to .
All his Chorus : the emperor wise . Zhu Yousong nodded ,was about to deliver an imperial prince was selected .When Zhu Meichuo stood up ,said: emperor uncle ,niece with a few words, to speak in front of .
Zhu Yousong fat face a smile ,said: the child, what you say . Zhu Meichuo is the face ,opened a retaining surface bead chain ,said: my lords, in this palace resolution too alone before, to please adults of the palace identity without error, if it can be .
If the house resolution after Prince authenticity ,one against the palace false ,today this hard ,not doing useless work ? She finished the sentence ,Zhu Yousong immediately : right ,right ,don wait for a moment think over, they deny it .
Then Wu Shen column ,said: the princess had Xiandi Testament witness, not false ,who dare to family life to protect ,Princess identity will undoubtedly on ,otherwise please chop l family and city ,no complaints .
Zhu Meichuo smiled ,and said: Wu cabinet often heavy . Wu Shen said ,also took the Chongzhen said ,other people what to say ?And if now questioned Zhu Meichuo ,it is obviously appear guilty .
Therefore, all the ministers had to admit that ,Zhu Meichuo identity ,UGG Patent Paisley Boots.Zhu Meichuo nodded ,said: you adults while all admit the palace identity without error, but it still the public ,that the palace identity is false ,if this is the case ,when how to deal with .
Zhu Yousong immediately : emperor identity sure as a gun ,if anyone dares to challenge ,no matter who, when to irreverent conviction ,you love that ? Forced to the copies, and all his staff can say no ?It also had to nod in agreement .
There are several East officials also exchanged a eyes ,they were going ,if Zhu Meichuo recognized results not Fu and their requirements ,ready to question Zhu Meichuo identity ,Mens North Face Polo Cheap,their bad head ,let no man go to office in the folk scene, did not think of Zhu Meichuo appearance ,take this road to the block house ,too .
Huang Zongxi in the crowd to see Shangyi eye ,heart ,just the princess this statement ,it is Shangyi teach ?It seems that the person was really is unpredictable .And this time, identification ,really can not say .
Then Zhu Meichuo said: since you adults have confirmed the palace is correct, then the house also can tell the prince .But the prince of the palace to identify ,only one ,nobody in the house ,but to identify true and false too independent ,and someone will say that the house is clearly really engage in malpractices for selfish ends ,Prince ,was the palace of that false ,or the false Prince identified as true .
The palace is not intended to personally identify the true and false of prince . The Zhu Yousong also a bit silly ,do not understand Zhu Meichuo what do you mean ,hall also rang a talk voice .
Zhu Meichuo then gently biff palm ,from behind the screen and out of three and she was wearing the same Gong Zhuang phoenix coronet ,age woman ,but even the each side ,is the same costume .
But they see very clear ,Canada Goose Men's Banff,each person and Zhu Meichuo are very different ,so although the clothes are the same, but also very easy to identify .Zhu Meichuo : this house is going to make the prince ,to identify the palace ,if the prince is true ,we can from this group of people recognize the palace .
How do you think this adults recognize how? Who would have thought this matter will evolve into such ,some at a loss ,hall was silent for a while, Zhu Yousong to pat dragon chair armrest ,said: way ,this is the only way the most fair, who also can not say anything to .
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