strong standing in the race

December 25 [Tue], 2012, 15:36
Also in the holy month of complexion changes greatly at the same time, in the three lit mumbo jumbo column before, suddenly, a Daowu golden ray suddenly boom.The Daowu golden light is too large, thick beams should foot a diameter of ten miles.When it appears in an instant, Haramoto Akiryo suddenly turns into a dark sky.The great pillar rises instantaneously, the sun is like being shot down the general disappeared without a trace.A fried roared out hundreds of thousands of mazoku army is like being suddenly seized the neck, all sound again of course does not exist, this moves a static, revealed extremely strange.Although no longer the mazoku army roar,Men's Canada Goose D'Alpago Cheap, but their eyes were turned to as like as two peas blood red, from the tiniest double knife magic to the most powerful black dragon, all distributed with a horrible smell.They were in the column rises also entered a state similar to the bloodthirsty.In this great black light column in front, flame lion magic Ann Luoxian the three Lord rising mumbo jumbo column is blowing in the wind the wisps of smoke as unremarkable, while the three Lord are respectful and went down on one knee to lie in, the body completely behind the huge column for Ukrainian gold.This, this is what......Too shook.All of this crime is too suddenly too terror.Long Haochen had seen the most glorious sight is the father and the union leader Yang Haohan release their God printing throne.However, with this horrible black light columns, they are apparently inferior to too much, too many.The Ukrainian golden beams and soon finished the next day even to process.Everything is dark, only it emits light path "mount can bring this world a ray of light.Therefore, the Ukrainian gold column changes seem more obvious.It is too big, from a distance can see it.The present as the golden giant column, Ming has countless strange runes.The most important is, in this huge column, was a head of the creeping presents as the golden dragon.Not only can see the dragon body of how large the horrible coercion even air to collapse, the sky is distorted.This, this is how the presence of reperfusion!Suddenly, the Ukrainian golden light began to appear around a blue thunder, the lightning continues to shine a light, the laurel of crawling Dragon Statue was slight rhythm.Even more strange is the hundreds of thousands of mazoku army even in a distorted light. Even then in the human forces in the line of sight between dissipation.No, more precisely, should be invisible.Holy month of chivalrous face has no trace of blood, breath can only Mozu army group of contact and the great black light column, it proves one thing.The one thing he would like to see."Is he,Men's Canada Goose Heli-Arctic, really is his.Race seventy-two GUI mumbo jumbo ranked first, Lord imperial guards dragon Huangfeng show.He came here, he was personally.Hear the holy month of this sentence, the first of the generals all one color, the Holy Spirit body flash, although clench one's teeth, but his hands nails but all in palm.The first column mumbo jumbo mumbo jumbo emperor, one dragon emperor, this title forever only belong to a race.A ruler seventy-two column mumbo jumbo and all mazoku army strong presence.In death on the continent, the human always in a weak position, the main reason is that his presence.He represents the invincible, represents the invincible, represents the Supreme magic.He is the maple show.There is a beautiful name, but very strong standing in the race Pyramid top of the generation of mumbo jumbo king.Reportedly, the first generation of mumbo jumbo King led the seventy-two column Fiend comes death continent when, he was not named in the destruction of a large number of human, he is himself a human name.After each generation must use the name royal.Until today.From the first generation of Lord emperor to present in front of the inferno, is sixth generation -- emperor,Canada Goose Banff Sale.As the Inferno supreme leader, his life is more than a thousand years.
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