but the full pressure over the low penetration rate of the madman Valley side

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Samsara world of dream content in this article 239 chapters, if you like the 239 chapters of the reincarnation of the world dream Favorites dream the reincarnation World 239 chapters! Brother's new book has been uploaded, you are interested in the book club can see Kane other book club watching: the outsider to take over the world TXT download. ISBN 1586852, or directly on the pages of this book to find, I placed recommend. Book about, is the protagonist accidentally reincarnated as not practicing magic, not practice grudge wizard, create their own cultivation methods similar to Warcraft, then, with the use of internal force, to use their own magic to the vertical and horizontal world of the story, other book club watching: the endless sword mounted TXT downloads daily three-shift a million characters look so cool UGG Neumel Shoes. ------------------------------ The following is the body of ----------------- ----------- All of a sudden, the Dragon and the world here, the former center of some of the storms, become calm now. No family would have dared to provoke the Dragon world, The Dragon and the world did not go out and attack the other family mean. In this regard, the evil stern, no way. Although the two families is a comprehensive alliance, he found the the Dragon world to help attack the other family, Huang Yan will agree. However, Huang Yan UGG Kensington, a word, Dragon world shortage of funds to help can attack other family spend, may only be your demon wings themselves. And the awe-inspiring evil, of course, will not agree to such conditions. Two family joint attack last victories, points to two families, while the contribution of the pre-war, have a family commitment. This kind of thing, I am afraid that any one of the family's patriarch, would not agree. Huang Yan is still, as always, to focus on the family members of the personal strength and improve synergies. Have the family territories to enhance the level for the family members of the Dragon and the world is not a problem, and you want to improve the strength of the family members, but also need to proceed from the other aspects. The first is the soul mounted, it can be said that most combat effectiveness of the soul by soul installed propped up. This time in the and madman Valley battle, because family members kill each other more, seized a lot of soul fitted. Installed one to take these soul mounted and Dragon world of ordinary members of the soul, the gap came out. Ordinary members of the madman Valley, has basically universal ideal for own the dual properties boutique level soul installed, and there are several pieces of rare soul mounted. What is the concept of almost half a level higher than the world of Dragon. Ordinary members of the Dragon and the world, basically systemic the single attribute boutique soul installed, even if the dual properties North Face Womens Triclimate Outlet, consistency is always less and own properties. In this way, the body a soul loaded down less than the other seventy-eight attributes. The gap is definitely not small. The second is the Heart, the Heart is the best embodies something of a family's heritage. The soul can be purchased with the soul stone equipment, miscellaneous and, in general, does not have a family to the rumored other book club watching: I warlords career. Even if there is, it will not top the Heart of the family. Because the creation of a Heart, improvements are needed more time. Heart practice this slow and low success rate improved or created by the Heart, each failure Heart also downgraded. Taken together these difficulty, it is destined to the improvement of the Heart, and must rely on time and the number of accumulation can be done gradually. In fighting madman Valley, the Heart, the Dragon and the world also eat a little loss. Valley of the Heart of the madman, regardless of a warrior, warlock, or mage, than the world of Dragon outstanding and more. Heart is good or bad, has a direct impact on a family attractive for idlers. Madman Valley Why recruit people so easy excellent addition to the size of their family, the madman Valley of the Heart, is also a very important factor. The third is a variety of powerful props. It can be said that this time, Dragon Wings of the world and the devil to prevail, thanks to the help of the powerful props. Such props and soul mounted with Heart. A permanent strength of soul soul mounted and the Heart, are affected, especially the Heart. Soul of installed every upgrade order needs to be replaced once the Heart, a good Heart, perhaps until the reincarnation of the Heart does not need to change. In comparison, the upgrading of such props, temporary strength. The props the role of time, usually quite short, However, precisely because of the role of time segment, props erupted energy is indeed the former two are incomparable. Powerful props, even if it is a big advantage of fighting, may at any time be overturned. Huang Yan in the the family territories battle for second battle, the other mages and warlocks have the same kind of the Five Elements defensive magic scrolls, then the result of the battle will be lost absolute Huang Yan five will not There are no fluke. That the power of the defense reel, it is too strong. Huang Yan ago, for this one is not very seriously, and this is also because the fighting is not sure, the only reminder of the Midas touch to get these two strong props. Thanks to this large-scale battle, this growth is not much, but the high penetration of props, but the full pressure over the low penetration rate of the madman Valley side, but powerful props. If it is a small-scale fighting, the madman Valley absolute advantage. This sudden burst of power, Huang Yan, the memory of it is also the heart. If you can get the kind of the Five Elements defensive magic scrolls, at least its own security, it is completely worry-free. The moment of crisis, this reel is an enemy of any attack will be invalid. Although the time is very short North Face Nuptse Jackets Sale, but the whole fight comeback, but it is sufficient Huashan cents doors TXT download This is Huang Yan, summed up after the war, the Dragon and the world need to improve three aspects. Soul mounted section is the best solution, on the one hand by the soul stone purchase, soul mounted the other hand, the madman Valley of the left, but also enough to solve part of the problem. Heart, this thing must rely on the accumulation of time for the job. In response, Huang Yan also no good way. However, Huang Yan is well intended, to arrange good family affairs must be properly closed time off, got onto the level of the genre, as well as miscellaneous enhance the level. Finally, is the powerful props, this kind of thing are opportunities do not ask. Course, Huang Yan, now, how to get such a strong props also have some experience. If not surprisingly, these things are to grasp the hands of indigenous people who have special abilities. Example: Aboriginal owner of the pharmacy, grocery store, blacksmith shop, leather shop, etc. enemy is likely to have a not ordinary soul body know a good thing. However, these are now without Huang Yan personally. Dragon and the world now, ushered in a rare period of peace and development, a member of the family, in addition to leveling, nothing particularly important thing, therefore, Huang Yan, arranged for all the family members, while leveling, and more to the city these places to take a turn, the same time, the task of these people in the pub, should also be the first time next and complete. As for the final results, Huang Yan to attend to. , Huang Yan, this retreat, we spent a full year's time. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------- ps: write a new book, this book is the progress of the speed up. Had intended to put a place of Huang Yan masterpiece Heart Later, early release Come. The Dragon world the size of the family, will also be a leap in this volume. Very interesting content, going out, the protagonist finally begin to abuse madman Valley friends ^ _ ^ speeding reincarnation dream world full text reading 239 chapters UGG Ansley Cheap, 239 chapters of the reincarnation of the world if you like to dream Favorites dream the reincarnation World 239 chapter!

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