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December 28 [Fri], 2012, 16:42
8-2 chapters Tze-ho hear these words, Sam face shows the tide red to excitedly splash kneel on the ground, we should kowtow to Li Yiming again. Li Yiming chuckled, running Gangqi blocked, said: "had a moment's apprentice ceremony from the get you worship, now is not busy,Timberland Fur Lining Sale!" Sam muddle, only nodded his head to get up. Aside the turtle immeasurable quickly Hershey Road: "Congratulations lord received good Christians, Congratulations less is the main worship White door!" Li Yiming nodded his head and said: "turtle immeasurable things you do very good, which apprentice ceremony feast to deal with and furnished by you! "hear these words, turtle immeasurable nodded, said, hastened to say good-bye to the left for disposal of things go. Here, leaving only Yi-Ming Lee and Sam duo. Li Yiming rare to give birth to a divided people 'feel to will classics of several Cultivation, explain to Sam. Has repair mid-saver Li Yiming, the explain these basic classics, simply come in handy. After explaining, Li Yiming personally a polished real dollars into his body to help him get through the meridians, walking orifices point induction Reiki, bleed air into the body, condensation infuriating. Sam talent is unusual, but Li Yiming is not ordinary, just an hour's effort to help Sam condensation infuriating. Finally, to teach the one most suitable for grinding the flesh 'Black Tiger boxing', as long as he insist on grinding flesh in the future, will be impulsive and infuriating consistency, will be able to precisely into the innate period, to become a practitioner. To run things on the just completed and mentoring to teach for the first time, the turtle the measureless will apprentice ceremony feast. Will appear ritual feast, white and ripple children sitting out around the first then turtle telepathic, turtle San Niang, purple dragon, sand no Shuo Yuan Ying four-level master. As for other saver master, on both sides of the separation, vast stirred up hundreds of master battle Alas general. Li Yiming sat division bit the turtle the measureless you with the Sam came and, under his guidance, Sam picked up the pace, three thanks to nine prostrations, the orderly completion of the entire apprentice ceremony. Apprentice ceremony will become, Li Yiming looked at Sam, a slight chuckle: "You are now my subglottic disciples, if again 'Sam' Sam 'cried but it is not appropriate, you also ought to have a name is, I do not know your parents may have to take you a name, or your original surname is it? "Sam heard, his face showing a hint of bitter, shook his head and said:" Qibing Master, Sam since childhood, his parents died. nameless. "Li Yiming nodded his head and said:" so you anonymous and last name, then they told me, surnamed Li Your parents are dead, but not with the homeless people, just miserable life experience, and was born overseas, and I gave Zi Hao word, hope you did not forget hometown, and Bing Chenghao natural mind you can object to it? "Sam heard Li Yiming asked, though also do not understand the meaning of the name of,Canada Goose Men's Manitoba, but also quick to shake his head, said they had no objection. Li Yiming chuckled, Fu Zhang laughed: "Well, that case, from now on after you called Tze-ho!" Tze-ho! "Sam repeated, his face showing even pleased to get a nice magic weapon Mo Yang, and 'thump' kneeling down and worship: Tuer Tze-ho thank Master Ciming! "Li Yiming slight chuckle:" Good, good, good disciple, since you coach, that is my seat great disciple. masters can not be stingy I have a Body magic weapon, but had taken from a the treasure trove grade and effect are good, you may have them! "Li Yiming waving is a Biguang flying out directly poured into Sam who, I would see a cyan dragon on his arm. Slightly startled, an arm guards Mo Yang to manifest. Armguards on thirty-ban whipped the stop turned out to be a fourth grade magic weapon. This magic wand magic, is the reason Li Yiming and white from the the Aoki palace come to a judge 'dragon Armsplint', but rare protective magic. Although the Sam knowledge is not enough, do not know this baby's precious, but others see, suck down cold lump endless. This product magic defense is the many the Yuan Ying masters are longing for the things, I did not expect the and Li Yiming easily be given to them for their own apprentice, visible degree of attention. Everyone thinking in the end of the send what gift does not look shabby, sitting the ripple Erque Li Yiming Xiashou failing a jump to the Li Yiming seat next, repeatedly shaking of with Li Yiming arm Road: "Daddy,cheap canada goose parka, daddy, ripple the ripple children follow dad for so many years, the the ripple children is the leading disciples of the ripple children only want big disciple thing the children do not comply, "hear the words, Li Yiming could not help but to persuade a few words also can not be the case, had to admit the ripple children is the leading disciples, Tze-ho is the situation of the two disciples, then remove an equally good magic weapon, to the ripple children this girl, she was liking. Watching ripple children jumped off the seat, patting the head of Tze-ho, 'small Young, Young' shouting when Li Yiming exposed helpless smile on his face. Tze-ho did not make any dissatisfaction, after all, in his simple, small their heads inside, in front of the little girl since his Master's daughter, longer off than the time spent in his Master around, let alone inside the books he had read a called 'reached first' the ripple child with him than obvious is the so-called 'up to', that she is also a matter of course for the leading disciples. Listening Tze-ho shouted 'senior sister apprentice', the ripple children pleased to be jumping up. In charge of the the jellyfish Palace vice temple, she inherited a the true spirit jellyfish Orthodoxy, in addition to Li Yiming and white, others respect her even afraid of her, but still her as a child. Now finally have a small Young than she, she naturally happy. Said ripple the children happy normalization happy, and the presence of other people may some frustration. Originally they ready for a gift to Tze-ho, but thought grab a ripple children to the. Watching the battle, Where a gift messengers amazing. Fortunately, Li Yiming repeatedly robbed several demon king, we are quite affluent, sending a ceremony, although some heartache, nor regarded flesh. The feast after the apprentice ceremony, Li Yiming stay in the the jellyfish Vice temple being personally teach Tze-ho period of time, to lay the foundation, it slightly arrangements, let his own practice. Just quit jellyfish Vice temple shortly and report matters will be the Baiyu cents and left Wen-yang duo approached. Left Wen-yang turned over one thousand products Ling, with white jade cents went together to inquire about the news. Two of them worthy maritime sea hustle over, not missing began to open up the joint, will soon get the message to fire that Dan Union. As the forces of Li Yiming among Since Duzhi Wu memory general, Dan Fire Union non but simple disciple, and is among the top ten in the Horizon disciples strength. Member hundred shot junction Dan disciples or four ten, the number was quite small, but all equipped with superb art of alchemy refining. Its deputy chief, were named the right way and to do not use. But the true masters of alchemy and the master of the mixing device. Dan Fire Union due to the possession of more than 70% of the the Horizon disciples level inside a division alchemy and mixing device division, there are often many people to seek help with them. Therefore, the case of our own strength is not transcendent, but numerous foreign aid. The ten disciples forces inside half they have allies. Even elders find their alchemy, refining. Horizon can be described as being to the wind was the wind rain rain arrogant not. Li Yiming After hearing the report, the mouth evoke a hint of sneer came and said: "You say that Dan Fire Union's largest business is operating a specialized refining alchemy Dan fire floor, is it?"
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