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Three hundred and ninety sixth section Kazuo before orcs poly "Well, women really are fickle of you a thousand by Baishun once useless, do not hesitate to kick open." Ye Kaihuai Green's arm, rubbing his daughters pinch of angry very dissatisfied complained. Of course, he's complaining about monthly song they heard it, because Ye Kaihuai dare say in front of the gang madwoman. "Why, Lord of adults, your arm is how is it? How as the wounded?" Behind came the sound of a doubt. Ye Kaihuai looked back cattle Kui. Look of a simple and honest, there is a sense of not a strong person. When he and Milan to come and Fengyang collar effect, is now responsible for internal affairs Fengyang collar act in Milan, cattle Kui responsible for the Fengyang collar farming. Although he is young, but things are very serious and responsible, only this year, the Fengyang collar within the food to get a large harvest. The basis of this show to go on, and within three years, food production in Fengyang collar can achieve a degree of self-sufficiency, and this is not large-scale planting high-yielding grain species premise the Ye Kaihuai found from the Royal Garden. Whether how advanced a species, as long as it is a new species, then there would be too many people dare to try planting. Can understand, after all, this is related to next year's rations problems of their own, can not be indiscreet. Fortunately, Ye Kaihuai understand this truth, and no force to force the farmer must plant species from the Royal Garden. Because he believed that the only comparison is the best way. While the farmer who planted the previous crop, Ye Kaihuai cattle Kui find someone to open a new crop is planted, the whole territory of publicity off this thing in Fengyang collar. Little anyway now Fengyang collar of people do not have to worry about that will affect the collar China's arable land. Ye Kaihuai also believe, and wait until new crops and conventional crops mature, the yield on both sides will make those long been engaged in farming peasants automatically choose the new crop, which than forced more than good. The cattle Kui ah, why? "Ye Kaihuai asked with a smile. "Your honor, something happens." Replied the cattle Kui honest nod. Said to listen to. "The Ye Kaihuai is still laughing. He liked this pragmatic talents like cattle Kui relative, the kind of all day to say the hype really hit the dumbfounded talent here in Ye Kaihuai not popular. It is for this reason, in Feng Yang the collar, Ye Kaihuai men, most pragmatic, stress is placed on competence rather than goes on to say flowers mouth. "Adults, watching necessary spring, the Xiaguan ready to ask adults about plowing matters, that time did not know the adults there empty participate in open farming ceremony?" Spring, farmers plowing is a pieces of very important things. Open plowing ceremony is similar to the general activities of the ritual, is a very solemn thing. This thing For from Ye Kaihuai living in the countryside, it is not strange, but he did not expect myself to have personally participated in the ceremony. "Well, that time I will go and see the cattle Kui, how about the new crop of publicity? Fengyang licensed how many people are willing to grow new crops now?" "A lot stronger than we did last year more than the time of the autumn harvest production came out, the publicity of the Intelligence Ministry, the new crop production soon let Fengyang collar life people know many people have begun to set aside part began to prepare to try to grow once look at this year. "" Well, You've done well but then you have to pay attention to, remember to send someone to Fengyang collar around to guide those people to try to grow new crops of new crop species law. should not affect us because they do not understand the publicity of the new crop. "ask an adult to be assured, I have men dispersed around Fengyang collar, focusing on the planting of new crops to the farmers around, and in the process of planting the things." ooh, look out ah Niu Kui you people to grow Wutaisancu, I did not expect but their hearts are very fine. "Ye Kaihuai smiled and joked. "Hey," Niu Kui simple and honest smile. "Cheers, great, I found you." On the in Ye Kaihuai and cattle Kui joke, Moses sweating ran over, look tensions. "How Moses? Peek Milan bath is to seize the present?" Ye Kaihuai grinning quips. Moses and cattle Kui playing hello, dumbfounding Ye Kaihuai said: "...... No kidding. Laugh, quick to go, that something was wrong with me." "Ah?" Ye Kaihuai see Moses look unlike false, could not help but asked : "What happened?" Orc violated its border, Kazuo shut in an emergency, go fast. everyone in this Chamber and wait for you to discuss countermeasures. hand of the "Moses took Ye Kaihuai's was, replied without looking back. "Oh." Into the Chamber, I saw the the Fengyang collar senior officials full scene. Ye Kaihuai come to see, see all silent to Ye Kaihuai. "People sit sit so that we will discuss things." Ye Kaihuai salute towards his salute all said. Perhaps Ye Kaihuai infection of calm the crowd, everyone's face gradually calm down, have seated watching Ye Kaihuai. "Well,Canada Goose Men's Vest, Hughes, you Fengyang collar highest military officer other than myself, to you final analysis, how is it? Have just told me on the way Moses Orc violated its border, the other I am still not very clear." Leaves laugh asked to sit in their own right-hand side of one of Hughes Road. . Things. Kazuo outside the customs massive Orc army three days before, this visit to the Orc violated its border reached 100,000, according to the report of Xiongfei Hu old general, bears the old generals send a messenger back to play safe, adults to decide, is war or peace? "and" everyone else hit the doorstep, and and how might talk to him. immediately reply Bears old general, stick Kazuo off and wait for reinforcements to come. "Ye Kaihuai these words said, everyone understand Fengyang leading to war. Fortunately, now the Ye Kaihuai men mostly twenties and thirties of young people, it is the young blood. Adhering to is people do not make me I do not prisoners, if we are attacked the idea of ​​the will of prisoners. Many scoff at those things over and your concept. So when they hear the command Ye Kaihuai ready to go to war, not the first time to think how to persuade Ye Kaihuai to dispel the idea of ​​war, but fast calculation in this war, and what they could do. War is logistics, Milan, logistical problem? "Ye Kaihuai asked to sit in his left hand side bits Milan Road. "No problem. Because of last year's bumper crop, and we have been in the field to buy grain reserves, so our food is adequate. Do not have to worry about the soldiers will be hungry." Milan in mind a simple estimate of the confident answer The Ye Kaihuai Road. "That's good." Ye Kaihuai satisfied nod, and see the cattle Kui said: "Niu Kui, plowing ceremony is very important thing to you to be responsible, remember, must be busy, so Fengyang the collar all understand, even outside playing in full swing, but I Fengyang collar territory, is still very stable. "understand." cattle Kui Chen Sheng replied. "Logistical things I give Milan is responsible for personnel and logistical remember to go to Milan, where the report next is the military side of things, the disparate people out of here." Ye Kaihuai unceremoniously issued a command road,Timberland Earthkeepers Boots. The military and political separation of Ye Kaihuai consistently advocated, Milan and others have long been accustomed to,Timberland 3-Eye Sale. Not a cent dissatisfied got up and left the Chamber and go do your own thing. Wait until the Chamber the door closed again, own guards stood by the door is responsible for guarding the work, without Ye Kaihuai to worry about. Raising his hand strokes make up a bunch of Hughes et al. Ye Kaihuai said with a smile: the idea that Japan used for one day, we spent much of the price to build out Fengyang Army soon began his real meaning at * female war. Honest, I really do have a little excited about it. " "Cheers, but not to excited, to be honest I'm a little nervous." the Carter sound on Ye Kaihuai said. "Haha ... Take it easy, Chou Xifu always want to see the in-laws when we establish Fengyang purpose of the military is to defend our Fengyang collar, if he can not do that, or as early as possible, to save future encounter not clean up the event when the ball dropped. "Ye Kaihuai smiling comforted. "Cheers, let alone laugh you intend to tell us about how we have to fight this battle?" Hughes asked. Interruptions in the next, "A little nervous?" Ye Kaihuai asked, smiling. "... Well, a little." Replied Hughes nodding. "Oh ..." the Ye Kaihuai smiled and patted Hughes on the shoulder and said: "Do not stress, can play a few more so after battle. Below us how to do that. Fact, defensive warfare a good fight are two ways, one is to stick to the fight and the enemy consumption, and so the enemy can not afford to waste time to recede. secure play Another is to attack, in the wild, the enemy defeated, this method time-consuming shortest But there are risks, because if the enemy is strong for us, we not only can not the enemy dislodge also affected because Chiliaobaizhang leaving a defensive war. Hughes, if war over command of any one of you, you will choose what kind of defense? "said Ye Kaihuai very fine, and the future can not be enjoying these people expect Hughes. Listening to Ye Kaihuai questioning, Hughes and Moses chose the first one, while Carter and the Vatican chose the second. The four-member selection finished, watching Ye Kaihuai want to hear Ye Kaihuai choice. Judgment from their choices Ye Kaihuai preliminary Hughes four people in Hughes and Moses are securely send, pay attention to one step at a time, at every step, while Carter and the Vatican is adventurous, easy to use and odd. "Do not look at me, people embarrassed." The Ye Kaihuai shy like said. His remark, Hughes four people could not help but rolled his eyes. This guy can not be a serious point of it? Say positive things happen.
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