the the former mountain elixir many

November 23 [Fri], 2012, 14:48

> 1 go outside the forest streams water, saw different blinks in the sky to look at, Bitian above, is a mass of blue shadow, and a group of golden Battle endlessly in the air issued from time to time that Dodge light splendor, reflect twinkle Xia shadow. The WWw.qUANbEn.CoM start two groups of light and shadow to wrangle very tight, can not see the shape looks, they fight a moment, gradually slow down, this emerged the systemic appearance. Blue shadow is a never seen Big Bird, quintana Cui Yu iron Ling, tail dragging long feather two to thirty feet long, colorful, slightly a flying, suddenly the magic from the sky with splendor. Steel beak as sword, the color of Zhu; eyes Biguang radiance, like a beacon; overhead more arrowhead colored feathers,UGG Ultimate Braid Cheap, like a crown; neck and long thin blue one, and swayed the sun for a photo, the Blue Wave sparkling, very nice; wings slightly stretched it expand to, there is the length of Shu Zhang, Tsui and bright, a pair of claws dark, such as iron, Wu Guang faint, looks sharp anomalies to slightly a soar in the air, the more graceful abnormal Horse . Mass of golden only Chixu size, which emerged in an odd beast, shaped like civet cats, Tongshen golden head of hair curl, Zhuangruo lion, the tail was like a loose ball, for the green color, slight tilt, dual mesh blue gem naked shoot, the quadruped each filled with a cloud gas, body care in the air, riveted in front of cyan big bird, mouth different tsunami again and again, his body golden stud straight erected gotta play like Nuji air. Air bird Blue Bird let golden odd beast posturing, only to get a pair of blue-eyed sidelong look at it, revealing a look of disdain, not very Dali. But as long as the the golden little beast a paddling with a single step clouds, the Yang body want to run when, square slightly worked his tail Minister Yu laser flying out to sweep the little beast who played it rolled in the cloud in a few stopped the momentum, just give up. Golden little beast with red a few times, have to get out shall not mind Nuji pair of blue eyes of the Blu-ray the smoke Chixu long mouth red radiance, an order desperately afraid that the opponent is too powerful, but also the hearts of did not dare look. Luo Yan below extremely lively, but they know but Spirit Mountain Fukuchi here, back to how there are so exclusive, and mentor in the cliff, and how no matter? My heart down somewhat surprised again. Just listen to the air long beep tone Qing Yue, resounded through the sky, busy looked up, I saw in front of golden flash a rainbow photoelectric shot down and landed on its own arms, hands naturally hand clinging to speak, tentacles at extremely hot, it would only civet cats lying motionless in the hands, the whole body is stiff, like fainted. Luo Yan joyful heart, speak, above a black, a huge shadow flutter down, the breeze cover body, upper and lower body, stand like a mountain chewy coming Luo Yan, see the momentum of emergency extremely, shouted, two-finger and pinch sword fingers flying out of one to three feet long segment Baimang issue Sensen Jianqi, straight Ying straight on, he was just a few months, the skill by leaps and bounds, daily meditation hard, but infuriating already concisely forming this sword, strength than the original early on Kunlun strong on more than ten times. On both sides want to bump into each other, a thin Jinxia turned the volume up, are blocked in the middle, facing the Red Sun roll, it will be that group red balls wrapped around the real figure Since air emerged mouth light shouted: Luo Yan below to see real, real patch of the Jinxia seemingly slow, but anxious if lightning, after the hair while the rock abruptly to stand in the middle, he issued birth Jianqi, a touch like go down the drain, groups of no trace. Luo Yan then I discovered that their own bold look very good, was surprised to find the master, not quite take that to heart, and looked down into the hands of and could not help but surprised, just the little guy even in which blink of an eye, ran a trace . Luo Yan heard hastily dog ​​the Bluebird show of hands for the ceremony, called The bird cyan Big Bird gave him glances, suddenly a hovering, flying into the sky, a few ups and downs, it disappeared over the Wing. Luo Yan look heart uneasiness, do not know what offended the brothers busy looking master one, and see the master look the same, this calm down and just listen to the master asked: ? said: small mammals from the soil to take out, widened the eyes of a pair of blue firefly firefly ground, staring straight into the real, mouth also strange cluttering, maybe the sound was just another macro, to reluctantly look like a heart. this little thing laughed. And turned his head a little beast, wanted to drill into the soil, suddenly stopped, take the eyes look real two, this turned front Luo Yan called twice trace a body, and go out into the left shoulder jump to go Luo Yan, front paws grasping a few Fuxia Shen, still take eyes looking at the real person. Too Cang real see, Xiao Ma said: to the mountain, you can not go to a thief, you according too? fragmentation? against Luo Yan growl or two, as if complaining. The Luo Yan hearts of more and more love, stretched out his right hand into its touch, it also lend a blood-red tongue, licked Luo Yan little hands. Suddenly blue shadow from the sky, flying straight down, Luo Yan flew overhead, the Steel Talons of a Young, falling a fire red fruit, Luo Yan quickly pick up,UGG Women's Sora. See the little beast Bluebird,UGG Bailey Mini, the legislation to Luo Yanhuai in drilling to go into hiding. Too Cang real Luo Yan laughed: be considered send your gift, you will eat it! take small things or is stolen, angry over the pages have to mess with your brothers! on, mouth want to bite a scare Qingluan opening steel hook long beak, suddenly fled into the cuffs Luo Yan. Luo Yan asked: fog, the Sanko it can fly evasive, the mountain heavy ban law,North Face Mens Gore Tex Waterproof Outlet, only his innate body fetish no evil can wander in and out, just because the the former mountain elixir many, he came once or twice, it depends on the mountain refused to leave several to stealing your senior sister apprentice humble panacea red room, and also made a wolf track, young children, who are charged with the responsibility of Moriyama, there is naturally sorry, a few times to get him, he slipped in from the pulse to go, so he launched by the former Mountain forbidden law, the entire ground Caine if steel, static and so it is the right time, today he went to the red room to steal the drug, green children saw the chase over, he was nowhere to escape, had shamelessly you first hide first went on a hide, the unpreparedness was found pregnant with your body the sun real fire refining treasure more thing it settle down, so this bow, and deny thee main, otherwise things slippery lightly figure where its opponents, Yamashita several places, is it irritating fast turn over of the day, after some time, you naturally know it at the cunning. drilling and from the cuffs, Wang Luo Yan hands the fiery fruit take a roving eye, the mouth is barking again and again. Too Cang real see many times, did not find a Lantian real, and also can not help but shook his head and said: Qiken willing! After hiding, is burst munching. Luo Yan This Lantian implemented eat, speak, colorless, tasteless, insipid, not far from the forest fruit delicious and great stone color do green, accounted for more than half, the flesh is actually not much, a few mouthfuls to eat The End. Side of the stone in my hand, I saw young children brothers stretched out long beak in a cut on the nuclear Dayton piercing a small mouth, mouth Jumping trace plainer gas, green children first arrived, motioning Luo Yan absorb green gas , the Luo Yan Mangjiang stone scrape the lip, the thing that strikes down a mass air flow fluently in DC, and then quickly finished things just lower abdomen, speak, the body relaxed abnormalities like efficacy is still on top of the fruit. It too 苍 real, see Luo Yan after eating, said this: Meet your the Shishu cold Plum Fairy and senior sister apprentice to the previous mountain hall, Too Cang real hope Green one child, smiled and said: regarded the uncles also her favor. Having said from her to remove a suet thumb Yuping, handed in the past, young children see, swallowed, blew into the real a few times, Viiv abnormal sound. <

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