thoughts were interrupted

November 26 [Mon], 2012, 17:10

> Chapter 148 gentle Famous WWw,UGG Over Knee Twisted Cable Cheap! QUANBen! COM Panasonic Sachiko seen Famous, originally atheistic eyes light up, immediately want to be up from the bed, he was Famous one to hold down the forward Panasonic Sachiko said. Panasonic Sachiko to see the Famous that full feelings eyes, a warm heart, pale face showed a trace of red, chapped lips twitched, just wanted to talk, but again is Famous to prevent, Your neck is injured, the doctor said that this period of time not to speak, lest wound breakdown. the eyes,ugg classic sale, Famous help it let go of her hand, got up and came to the table next to beds, pick up a pot of water, poured into a disposable cups, cups over the rising wave of steaming water vapor, Famous hand this cup water, mouth blowing toward the cup gas. Panasonic Sachiko looked Famous look of focus in these cups of water to cool the tears fell down, could not,UGG Australia Coquette, at this time, she feels he is the happiest person in the world. Soon, the hot water has to be Famous to cool, and then you see the Famous handed the straw to her lips off the table to customary picked up a straw inserted in the cup, then immediate end to Panasonic Sachiko said: When her down to swallow the saliva, brow wrinkled mouth put the straw to spit out. The doctor! Doctors ... Famous turned around, and was surprised to find Panasonic Sachiko blink twice toward their eyes. Famous squat body, to seize the Panasonic Sachiko hand, a look of tenderness, said: neck injury will not hurt. looked down, only to find the name of a gypsum on his neck, so she could not bow, head only slightly biased the other side. Famous looked at the Panasonic the Sachiko red face, I could not help but feel a burst of emotion. Is it this time I go peach blossom too much,UGG Boots For Men For Cheap? How old to get into a debt situation? Liu Pan Pan, the Murong Cher, Sachiko Matsushita how like me? But I've got A-mei had, how to do? Famous think this would be terribly upset, and can not figure out the things that they do not think about Famous shook his head, addiction guilty will be facing the Panasonic Sachiko said softly: went to the door, the Famous facing two bodyguards standing in the doorway and said: Korean general. Famous's thoughts were interrupted, turned around, and see is Zhao days Qi, they smile Zhao days Qi said: threat. Famous finish the sentence, and asked: Wind said: Here, the old blushed, his face a little scowl. usually an effort he's most proud of, do not think that there silent last night but was to large halo, so many years he has never encountered so, how can we let him feel loss of face, how can not let him feel guilty. Dragon team?! Did not talk about the real situation that happened yesterday. Famous finish after facing Zhao Tian Qi said: exhibits grateful. Famous things put Cao Lei told Zhao Tianqi, from their first meeting, Famous him to beat black and blue, and then told him that palace Suigetsu him to seize his OVA to broken, forcing him to elicit the people behind the scenes, unavoidably, told Zhao Tianqi. PS: still can not catch up before twelve hair, however, the second chapter or out, although the number of words just does not, but the moment can not be lazy, it is more recent things I hope to be able to understand the fruits, fruit there is no way to update, but rest assured, the fruit later even if no matter how busy, did not dare off more the more time off, the fruit from the eunuch is a step closer, in order not to eunuchs, the fruit will be working hard to update. Thank you for your support! Good night! <

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