the ups and downs moment

December 04 [Tue], 2012, 15:14

Chiang Barbara has a full coma the night, this little girls lying in bed motionless, the upper body is thick bandage, exposing one pair of white baby's shoulders to see the windows, Liu Ziyang is imagination, Blessings, if this little girls breasts larger absolute perfect woman. Explain bubble - book _ () under the authority of the doctors of several so-called Chiang Barbara coma and now completely normal, not much time will wake up the crowd outside this assured down. Temperature Cher adjust the medicine is good, went to the windows before facing the outside of the Liu Ziyang secretly winked Shua what put the curtains as to give Chiang Barbara injections. Fork, but also pull the curtains to make a needle, not an ass, have not called to see! be so heartless to destroy the happiness of others? And Jiang Qianqian agreed to participate in the charity gala time, Liu Ziyang turned out of the hospital, he waited at nothing, the opposite outside, but a whole lot of trouble waiting for him. Plainfield Gangster start huff last night, has caused a tremendous sensation, Liu Ziyang name instantly brought countless people exclaim that he is the king of Liu Ye come after the plains. His cruelty to his bloody, is for him to put on the cloak of the devil. Liu Ziyang I myself did not feel peace is often what is not the same as the day is not to be an every day too, little girls is not a bubble? Merely upper certainly more stripped naked little devil gestures is true. his face still a hint of makeup, the people looked lively and a lot of just his face and no reason to become more sorrow. See Qin Lan again, it may be and usually is not the same, and lead to the inference from yesterday a dream, Qin Lan is probably Liu Ziyang girl looking for a few years unsuccessful, the sister of weeks if Man! Now things are not yet conclusive, Liu Ziyang did not show anything unusual, approached things took her hand, smiled and said: her it would not move her nothing to the atomic bomb,North Face Gore-Tex Sale, the hospital doors away, took a few steps Liu Ziyang did not keep up with, looked back and wonder, this guy brow Wei Zhou, staring at my ass daze. Son Yang brother, what? This skirt is pretty good, the ass wrapped or ... as if to have to go inside. Liu Ziyang rushed a dodge her block, the doctor said Chiang Barbara take some time to wake up, go now useless, and Qin Lan look certainly also sad to see Chiang Barbara now coma. Qin Lan, doctors said Jiang Zhenzhen now need to rest, If Nothing special is better not to disturb her, and so she woke up we see her again. Liu Ziyang burst heartache. Hesitated for a moment, Qin Lan, or agree to the proposal of Liu Ziyang Jiang Zhenzhen woke up and then look at her, and turned to follow him walked toward the outside the hospital. In the end to see how to the Qin Lan ass it? Liu Ziyang all the way in pondering this problem and am still no good way, but he is prettily a big girl,UGG Knightsbridge, Qin Lan ass is not casually posters do not know what Liu Ziyang thought to follow him for a while, suddenly turned and Road: But to see her, took Qin Lan is right? Weeks if Man natural Needless to say, this girl has long been that of Liu Ziyang their minds, their relationship did not open, nothing at all. The Qin Lan, Liu Ziyang do not say, but it can be confirmed that she was certainly interesting, Jiang Zhenzhen not on every day in their own ears mantra this: Do not disappoint Qin Lan,UGG Women's Evera Shoes, do not live up to the Qin Lan, otherwise the sister I legs and hack you! Rival to meet different kind of spark will not work either? The scenes flashed the Qin Lan weeks if Man Rush Liu Ziyang mind ... But think about the two girl does not like so impulsive immediately nodded, and they will have to play a car, to go toward the direction of the University Hospital for the plain. If they really are two sisters, maybe what mental telepathy. The ...... weeks if Man is lying on the bed daze right leg tied the thick plaster hanging in the bedside, the doctor said at least two weeks in order to get out of bed. Her mother was sitting on the side to peel an apple, his mouth could not help talking about the good of Liu Ziyang. a facade to open a barbecue restaurant, so the future will not have the sun and wind so hard ... of panic, and quickly said: your father support you, waiting for you on the Beida our family moved there better to do something to take care of you, huh, huh! If Man gratuitous burst of upset, turned the apple on the table, Cheguo quilt cover his head these days not to see sub-yang brother, she was feeling empty, like write a song: When I'm alone when it comes to hold you, you can also think of you when I was lonely, if they lose you, for me, life is no longer what ... For a time, the ward quiet, but the weeks if Man, but my mind was the ups and downs moment no peace, she was really confused, does not know how to deal with the relationship with Liu Ziyang. Heart forgive Liu Ziyang, but she hoped that he was able to get rid of that circle, and lead a normal life. to say the truth out, knowing that Liu Ziyang will not hear, and she was a lot easier. Look, shocked, sub Yang brother how will this? The side also followed by a girl ... Weeks if Mann did not think the truth should be heard under this big shame to get into the quilt, but see Qin Lan has reached out to her, only flushed with fever the quilt Tunxia the polite and Qin Lan shook hands. Liu Ziyang surprised a moment, is it true, and they want these two little girls because their own blows? Out? No, I do not go out! the house to look at the smoke-shrouded face and two things seem to be entering a stalemate. a wry smile, shook his head, fat face more than just ugly, explain the The plains will fall into disarray ah ...... He also knows that Lam Kin Kok said yes, but the matter is not so simple! Chapter, flowers long a lot, a little later there will be a chapter, flowers brothers continue jacking! Bese!

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