Yang Cheng for the current team is satisfied

November 30 [Fri], 2012, 16:12
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultPS :Sixth blasting !If you are in at ordinary times, Huth is never afraid to fight back ,but do not know why ,today his mind suddenly lit up in a pathogenic fire ,he remembered not long ago, Yang Cheng told him what .
Whether it is to be an occupation player ,or want to be a man of indomitable spirit ,must have a temper ,not just people can never be bullied, can never be a pushover ,never without a single success ! Lewis ,your body than those who bully you are high ,are strong ,you will seem to be a tame horse ,although health but no temper is not strong ,when you find yourself in the wild UGG Noella Shoes,then you can do you now to do so many things ,including becoming an excellent defender ! ! Can he ! ! Can he ! .
.. ... Who knows Lewis Huth mind kept wandering this two sound ,as if there are two different ideas in the affected him ,but his whole person look like twisted UGG Mayfaire Boots,suddenly let out a loud roar .
See Huth clenched fist blow past ,Dominic was a hit throughout the human fly a few feet away, fell to the ground ,can not stand the pain ,but Pooh out of two teeth and a blood .When he was about to stand up, Robert has soared to his side ,an angry stare at him ,then a look as if it wants to eat him ,frightened Dominic stigmata .
Don ... ... Don ,Lewis ... ... Don ... ... But Lewis Huth as did not see it, a hand over the ground broken bottles ,a sharp break with the top in his throat ,scared he almost over dead .
I warn you ,Dominic ,don otherwise ,I will kill you ! Lewis Huth gnash the teeth in anger angry .Lewis Huth is gone, Dominic is a fool him lying on the ground ,no pain ,no attempt what revenge ,he was scared, I was scared !Just Lewis Huth hands broken bottles if from his throat rowed past, he is really dead ,then he even frighten even the dung and urine are pushed out ,but he dare not touch ,just lying there, until that moment ,he discovered that the worst of the weak man is his own !.
.. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... The very next day morning all the people assemble in Chemnitz training field ,a passenger car is punctual appear on the training pitch, responsible for shuttle two players to Dresden ,to participate in the new season first game .
This time Yang Cheng took 18 players to away ,his two team leader ,as assistant coach with Tim Hank and Paul Bayer ,together with Yang Cheng for a total of 22 people .And the second division league with 18 different teams, the Chemnitz northern senior League two teams where only a total of 16 teams ,divided the main away game competition ,basically is the area around Chemnitz team UGG Mini Bailey Button Paint Cheap,there are also many like Chemnitz two teams to participate in ,such as Rostock North Face Panther Outlet,Leipzig two team ,two team .
Yang Cheng for the current team is satisfied ,facts prove that ,before he decided to adjust the team tactic decision is correct, at least the tactical adjustment, the players have adapted very quickly ,the player the co-ordination between them is also gradually increased .
Of course ,this is just a preliminary ,Yang Cheng to stabilize the situation ,the competition to exercise the player ,wait until they are familiar with ,then slowly add more things ,such as allowing them to rise to move without the ball ,allowing them to increase mutual echo match etc.
.From Chemnitz to Dresden is only 1 hours away, the whole process all the players on the bus on the eyes closed ,no one to speak ,because Yang Cheng had announced on the bus of the discipline ,forbidding noisy noisy .
Fired Dominic et al ,plus won a warm-up match, Yang Cheng is slowly made these players trust ,from this point on the super coach auxiliary system can .Now the team promoted from the youth team and player of a total of 25, on the Yang Cheng favorability is negative players only 4 left, and they basically is in 10 less than, I believe that as long as to win a game, they will soon change perception .
In turn ,Yang Cheng better player many ,though not one of more than 70 ,but the popularity in the 69 - 45 between the players up to 7 individuals ,that is to say ,as long as Yang Cheng with a strong ,can put them into his loyal .
Of course ,according to Yang Cheng ,the reason resulting in this reason is he expelled Dominic and others ,these guys in the team does not lovable ,just before the players had nothing to do with him, Yang Cheng such a strong means to oust him this cheers the people greatly.
Then ,many players are therefore ,but his popularity sharply .But the key is to look at today game !... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... In Europe ,Dresden had always been a baroque city reputation ,which is described in the city .
Although during the Second World War, Dresden has a number of encounters the bombing ,but since two after German unification ,the German government began to invest to the reconstruction of Dresden ,hoping to make this a fusion of the Renaissance ,Baroque and classical and other elements of the various styles of the city to return to the world ,especially the famous Durbar Square area .
In the north of the square, there is a broad platform ,standing here overlooking throughout Dresden and the Elbe ,so Dresden also has an alias ,called on the Elbe, Florence ,a tower overlooking the Elbe River both banks scenery platform ,is quite famous Bruehl platform ,also known as the European balcony .
Today ,the Bruehl platform passengers attention are not placed in the river Elbe the scenery on both sides ,but are aware of a group of photos here working group .The working group from the west ,but it is not the most attractive ,really attract sb.
is the working group of the protagonist, the beautiful and moving model Heidi Krum !Look at Heidi Krum in the Bruehl platform, through the Elbe the scenery on both sides ,with platform that Ernst rietschel sculptures ,the spotlight shines again and again ,but her every act and every move has a lovely beauty UGG Jimmy Choo Kaia.
Many people say that she is Claudia Shafer ,Germany produced another be known to all the world super model ,seems to confirm the outside guess ,from her debut began to concern now ,but just two or three years ,she has become Paris ,Milan and other fashion favorite, is a German supermodel the first person .
For this has been gradually put their cause spread to Europe ,the United States ,and even the whole world supermodel ,as early as in the east to see her ,really not easy ,so there are many recognize her male fans need not move along the working group ,to simply and hope to own dream lover picture .
Today is the last day of filming ,Heidi completed all tasks after the shooting ,looks a bit tired, but still meet the fans request ,and they were photographed, but forehead do not cover a tired .
The next how travel arrangements ? Heidi asked . You can have a rest ,will go to Paris tomorrow ,I have an appointment with a fashion magazine ,they will make you shoot a group of cover ! Assistant immediately to keep up with the answers .
Dresden airport, so the working group will be returned to Hamburg ,Heidi Krum and the assistant will stay in Dresden for the night ,and went directly to Paris tomorrow morning .So busy every day in the fast pace of life through ,the iron body can a listening and speaking ,can rest ,Heidi feels relieved ,heart, looking at what .
What time is it now .In the distance someone is asked . 3 in the afternoon ! Bad ,running late, I must hurry home ! What ? This afternoon we SC Bray match ,against Chemnitz two team ! Look ,the speaker should be SC Bray part-time player ,then what did not ,directly down to the Bruehl platform .
Not far from Heidi Krum at the Chemnitz two team ,remember that night in Chemnitz meet the funny guy ,is impressive, because that day between two people actually took so much coincidence .
I will let their doubters to keep your mouth shut !You have my word. Heidi Krum, my mind up that night Yang Cheng in this sentence ,when he speaks with an incomprehensible self-confidence ,she never had a man have seen this kind of confidence ,especially when her face .
two team coach or that guy ? Heidi Krummon M laughs it ,she was born in Cologne Germany, near a small city ,she listened most teams is Cologne ,but she has not which team fans ,so don about football .
Yes, Angel ,you have no interest in going to watch a football game ? Assistant Angel frowned , ah ,Heidi ,German Bundesliga League also several days to war, Second Division League will tomorrow ,we estimate is not to look ! However ,if you want to see the ball, we can go and have a look the French team ,Paris Saint Germain ! Angel was afraid of Heidi Krum down ,added .
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