there is only a convenient channel

November 29 [Thu], 2012, 13:05
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( Robben .) very tight ,just ,want in those two people are aware of the situation to open such a large dark export ,it ,the Robben is a very determined .There under the stone two individuals ,one of them while eating side and another chat ,although septa farther, but the empty square nothing ,quiet environment ,Robben by virtue of their excellent auditory or can take two people speaking a clear two Chu ,but also some little nutrition .
Get the message is only useful ,these two guys obviously not good with people ,Robben see, that two people is a magician ,a knight ,tone ,showing great confidence .The knight ,is eating something that ,Robben is not feeling anything ,but the sitting next to the master ,but Robben from his body to feel a strong sense of magic fluctuation ,compare before their own saw all the magician ,Robben thought ,the magic master at least also should have the star level .
Two people there easily chat, Robben here is bitter face about escape ,do so himself here standing, standing until dawn ,when the people come to feed the opportunity to find out ?Try to return a few times, Robben heart cannot help but smile, his court in the small range of motion to run on two, the two guards will not notice .
Robben immediately once the curse is eating knight .Determine your stealth magic or good use, two guards at this distance it himself ,Robben is sent a sigh, thinking, if only waiting for the morning after ,another person to send something they want escape .
They sat I stood ,people eat I watched this situation after about a ,Robben felt bad day ,looking up at the two men behind the gold stone ,Robben rolled his eyes ,now morning breakfast still have plenty of time to go ,your silly here it worthwhile, since they have been here ,then take a little bit of risk ,as far as possible have a look of that piece of stone .
The present Robben with great care the retreated to the edge of the square ,posted here ,slipped to the two guards stood behind Robben ,the direction ,the huge stone has been completely put two personal body block behind ,present even in the absence of stealth magic ,Robben will be the two individuals perceive .
Be safe, Robben or strengthen your stealth magic ,it is with great care towards the stone by the past .Bare square, it stands a piece of clear stone ,far away from the see also do not feel anything ,slowly close ,head at this stele ,a compression force gradually began to grow up strong .
From the stone and three step, this will not be the front, the two guards on the other side of a stone ,000 himself, that in this space ,I want to run but greatly inconvenient .Fortunately UGG Australia The Knee Bailey Button,standing in the night .
Distance, Robben can clearly distinguish the stone lines .Robben did not know that this stone is it right? It is gold ,with gold and why called but Robben was very excited to see ,in this huge stone ,with a very large font carved a row of characters, from top to bottom .
A total of only six words ,looks at the other side of the stone there ,but Robben is naturally not to see .And these words ,Robben is known !Although the text to a lot of together Robben can probably guess what it means ,but there are a few words ,Robben or know what it means ,in the Robben now saw the six characters ,this is that Robben did not know the language UGG Amelie Cheap,but one of the three words together ,will probably be translation as magic .
Imperial College and indeed the court of God is there a relationship !Robben a moment reminiscent of the Imperial College in the interconnected space gate ,reminiscent of those in the small room God paper books and in the mighty magic forbidden behind mysterious stone .
The few stone records the forbidden spell level of magical knowledge ,but also is the God to be written ,Robben brows jump ,suddenly is the gold tablet is not intact ,complete a piece of stone ,in the end ,in the upper right corner of the place ,but with a little cutting angle .
The stone ,is this gold stone fragments ?But this stone fragments ,why will be saved in the Imperial Academy Library ?But look ,which seems to be a dark magic library ,but were placed in the space crack ,then ,that piece of dark lines the forbidden spell stones in which? Heart with numerous questions ,looked at in front of this huge gold colored stone .
Robben imperceptibly the move pace, this stone is in addition to the large number of God paper ,seemingly engraved countless small, faint ,there seems to be a subtle color light in the golden stone out .
Suddenly ,Robben was a surprise ,suddenly feel not know at what time has come from this stone is not twenty paces .And let Robben feared more than these, put something seems to be anxious heat ,a moment is hot hot UGG I Do Collection,if it were not for the high temperature burning myself ,maybe I will go .
Hand of old cover all become hot place ,Robben realized that this ominous, dynamic navigation clumsy double will ruin your stealth magic does not say ,there are stone two guards undetected probability also greatly increases .
Flying in my pocket touch ,Robben took out the body becomes something hot ,at first glance, but Robben had earlier made a few blocks the strap? Now these pieces of stone to burning coals of fire ,the red one, the temperature had Robben not in the hand pad layer of space barrier ,could put the palms of both direct burning .
Without hesitation ,he Benfei quickly put the stone all into space in a ring ,but in such a short time ,Robben had heard in the stone back ,the two the guards have some action .Red flash and no ,almost in the Robben hand into the space ring at the same time ,two guards as a gust of wind appeared on this side of the stone .
Two men look are not young ,especially the mage ,although in high spirits, the eyes are full of naked, but with wrinkles is to tell people a relentless years ,the wizard looks at least to be about sixty years old ,a white priest robe ,which has no decoration ,Robben looked at he was holding a top to Ruby ,who also was a stream of hot gas, presumably a fire mage .
While another knight looks much younger ,but also has Liangbinbanbai ,but his eyes ,shining like hawks ,the knights had no armor ,an outfit ,but the hands are carried a man long long sword ,blade greenish white ,while the body is black ,there seemed to be engraved in a texture ,do not know what words or magic rune .
Two people around ,look sharp in front of the sweep a few times ,are revealing a face the color of doubt .The knight hand scratched his chin, strange ,I felt something ! The mage but did not speak ,eyes half closed ,seem to be thinking about something .
Two steps outside, Robben sweat can flow down .The knight looks make nothing of back and forth looked, but every time the eyes here ,Robben will be able to feel a strong gas machine from the side sweep .
He even was nothing away ,the big giant sword is afraid to move on their own thunderclap .Relatively speaking ,the mage telepathy is also better to deal with each other force ,Luo Benjue does not think so powerful ,coupled with his stealth magic ,want to fool the mage is easier .
You say will not be a meal today have a problem? This is clearly not a soul in sight ! Search for a long time, what also do not have the feeling ,the knight appears to have been abandoned ,sword to shoulder a carry ,turned to stone by the other side to go .
The mage is a weird , is it really wrong ? A face of angry ,the wizard didn ready to use force to find the spirit of what Robben felt ,reduced pressure, only Robben could breathe a sigh of relief ,heart once again in my throat .
My own space ring ,suddenly heard a sound of restlessness ,big very surprised voice suddenly from heart and called out, Robben !You guys this end plug anything in !Here was burned out ! Robben looked down at his heart North Face Polo Shirts Sale,crying ,transparent body ,in the hands of the site has been lit a red glow ,finger on a gust of hot feeling came, those who are themselves into the space ring stone did not settle down ,had become aggravated the gets hot !This time Robben was in any case can be concealed from the .
That just turned mage .And that is go back to the stone to the side of the knight ,all turned around ,four eyes tightly pegged Robben position .Sword Knight flash very general came to the master sword body ,a transverse ,who instantly jumping a layer of gold you ,behind the mage also begins to shake up like a raging fire element tsunami wave ,very quick spell sound starts echoed across the square ,then a knight body like explosion beans like crackling ring non-stop, the moment ,the master does not know to which mediated ,how many gain Magic Knight .
Robben want to die now have a heart ,the knight mage combination ,or this regardless of knight or wizards are first-class strength combination ,this is simply to kill himself .The knight was apparently is a holy knight ,from Hugh mouth Robben already knows ,holy knight in the later strength growth completely to more practicing other grudge knight ,from the knight ,Robben felt Alan did not know how many times stronger than the coercion .
As for the master ,the master is obviously a furious Shuangxiu strong characters ,a aggregation of the element of fire, it was quickly gave the blessing magic knight .Two men after a previous ,just stood there looking out between two people is very understanding ,this situation for Robben, it is one disaster after another .
Somebody. Knight pop sound like dragon roar, roar like deafen the ear with its roar .Robben could no longer hide body ,finger on the space ring was hot to wear out ,intense heat ,Robben arms near the body from the air exposed .
Damn ,did this to be planted here ,Robben sharp eyes straight red ,the knight is the target for the first time, have been hard to he rushed over, body movement ,Robben seemed to feel the plain old empty and were weeping a ten with only edge hit to cry the door is a hell .
!Now no need to conceal traces ,live out is positive ,if fully developed strength to play a game of words ,Robben felt himself does not lose too much ,but in the court of God lair and others do ,it would be unwise ,maybe two minutes, will jump out of ten eight high order of Holy Knights and high order master ,perhaps legendary paladins and Slayers without demur .
Robben is only the idea sneak !Fortunately, only half of his arm out ,Knight also touch Robben what is now the attitude ,sword over, Robben stepped directly from the past .Big sword wielding in the knight hands like a match like light, Robben evaded the sword, noodle is a breeze induced skin sore ,than simply some wind spells hit the body also uncomfortable .
From the sword, Robben no longer delay ,at the foot of a stamp, the whole people fly straight up, straight to the corner of the square to leave here ,there is only a convenient channel ,only in where most easily open door .
To empty eyes flash ,white ,Robben is now the master with a red color of Mana Shield has blocked their way ,both hands first golden victory ,at the same time the mouth magic last endings have fast out .
They have a death wish !If other magic ,Robben thought that he might be in trouble ,but if you use this ,it your own luck !Dew in the air arm moment flashing colorful light ,Robben did not hesitate in front of the mage had caught the last !The mage eyes a naked, his hands dagger light suddenly burst ,a thin like cicada wing ,glistening mellow milky white light light wall moment in mage unfold .
There was a slight sound crisp sound ,master the next spell students being choked back her throat ,the air arm directly through the defensive force extremely strong light intensity ,then there is no barrier to break their shields ,a pinch on his neck .
This light wall Robben again familiar ,then uniform Natalie, Robben is the use of the magic advanced version ,the master seems to delay time ,so that the knight to help him, but these defensive magic ,Robben precision regulating their body element changes, almost equal to no blocking effect ,the mage bulge eyes, watching horror I pinch myself neck hand ,have ever seen in my life the most bizarre thing ,this is a non !Murder will only grow bigger, Robben think so ,direct holding this mage to later have been head over the knight threw the past ,physical force to quickly ran out of .
But Robben did not think of ,the mage and the knight is a couple years ,between life and death when tempered with tacit ally, the mage himself at the knight ,he is instantly for their own set of a thin shield ,sword Knights without demur ,directly on the master shield ,the master body slightly bent ,but basically no loss still raced Robben ran after him ,and the mage knight and the passing of time, but also the way in the knight filled again with the magic .
Knight from the Coupe instant upgrade as rocket !Luo Benzheng burning with impatience forward flying, suddenly a stream of cold air into the forehead ,suddenly back, but now the Knights are not when have lightning killed himself behind the two step is to place, raise high the long sword ,flashing dazzling dazzling gold ,lightning split down to .
There is no time to dodge ,Robben raised his arms ,and felt a Cham gold rush !As the Knights of the sword in his arms ,Robben felt like a mountain of enormous pressure from the head down ,hands the arm bone a squeaks, moaning ,Robben felt his head than could shatter crack .
A loud crack ,Robben was shot from the air it down, rumble, solid stone floor was a huge pit .Good hard conductor !Look beneath a golden humanoid smashed into the ground ,sky Knight heart secretly speechless ,just sword is cut in the human body ,but it felt like is cut in a piece of hard stone ,and even the most hardened stone .
Must have been his sword into two halves ,have a look your blade ,was not a drop of blood .With a roar ,you have a strong ,knight one long sword before he jumped over a shed wide blade ,the sword has a two length .
Janus turn, knight was rush blade straight to the ground pit inserted down .Look out. Suddenly ,from the ground up internet month mage a loud cry ,let the rider is startled . Hum, suddenly ,a huge pressure from the complete body side ,the knight directly introduced from ,, golden stone ! Herself knights and wizards, but neat exclaimed ,that stood here for hundreds of years ,there have not been any news of the gold tablets ,which accompanied by strong pressure from a too strong for a colorful brilliance .
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