addition to Army soldiers provincialism

January 24 [Thu], 2013, 12:23
Zhuang Jihua in the heart smile, this no wonder after several decades to Mrs. Thatcher forced a confused mind, Deng Xiao Ping Zhou Enlai were negotiating style and very different, Zhou Enlai rarely so overbearing, and his negotiating disputes while J ī fierce, but the atmosphere is always very gentle; Deng Xiao Ping also were mild, but in words but holding the head.Their common characteristic is frank, do not care about the little things."Hostage. No, I am worried about Wei Lihuang lack of strength," said Zhuang Jihua thoughtfully: "Mr. Deng, from what happened in Xinjiang, Stalin is out to do, I worry is, Wei Lihuang scored Mongolia, conflict and Soviet troops, he is slightly weak."Deng Xiaoe didn't think he firmly shook his head: "this is my party to worry about, either now or in the past, our party and the Soviet Union have relations, armed conflict with the Soviet Union, will produce great confusion in the ordinary Party members and soldiers, our party support the recovery of Mongolia is the largest support our party can do."In the face of Deng Xiao, E Ping frank, Zhuang Jihua some helpless.Wei Lihuang to Mongolia, Zhuang Jihua most worried about is in conflict with the Soviet union.From the strength of speaking, the gap between the obvious, China does not have with the Soviet fighting strength, so Zhuang Jihua was very worried, Wei's shortage of troops."Well, I agree that the party did not send troops to Mongolia,",Canada Goose Men Citadel Parka; Zhuang Jihua immediately gave up this request, but he also estimates that Yanan will not agree, but he still want to have a try, have a look and decide their attitude, and now Deng Xiao E Ping's attitude is very firmly, he is no longer the problem on entanglement."General Lin Biao to attack the northeast, also agreed to this, but I want to know his march route."Zhuang Jihua to talk about this,Men's Air Max 95 Sale, let Deng small chalk flat some accident, he thought Zhuang Jihua would be first on the food thing is discussed, never thought that he would talk about the problem."General Lin Biao's march route is through Rehe, into Liaoning, and then along the south of Greater Khingan Range, to the Heilongjiang attack."Deng Xiaoe said he was considering, North China Bureau deputy secretary, is not responsible for specific operations, Peng Dehuai is responsible for it.Zhuang Jihua's eyebrows is tiny wrinkly, he felt Yanan's move to the Northeast Local intentions.Lin Biao entered Liaoning, certainly not south to attack Shenyang, but will attack the Changchun north main line, the Kwantung Army gathered in Shanhaiguan, Jilin Heilongjiang area is empty, Lin Biao could easily procurable, Zhuang Jihua did not believe that Yanan will be the land vomit."General Lin Biao I believe," Zhuang Jihua tried to say: "however, I think that Lin Biao's forces in the north and the army should act together, in accordance with the unified deployment of North China theater."Deng Xiaoe Ping Zhuang Jihua, in the heart of speculation about his move to, reason why the central government asked him to Zhuang Jihua informed Lin Biao's action, in addition to Zhuang Jihua's understanding, there are important factors, after the war, the Eight Route Army the New Fourth Army losses of the same lot, weapons and ammunition is scarce,Polo Ocean Challenge Suits, the Northern Line logistics warehouse all arms and ammunition supply the wei.Lin Biao March route is one more populated area, it is difficult to meet the needs of the one hundred thousand army food, ammunition, needless to say, the report Lin Biao to the central army artillery, average every gun only three rounds, each soldier had only seven rounds of ammunition, two hand grenades, in addition to Army soldiers provincialism seriously, the soldiers to ideological confusion, for at least a half a month of ideological education."As the Zhuang general said, I am not good at the party army assault," Deng Xiao Ping during a heavy smoker, took the cigarette from the cigarette case, and so on, and then continued: "the central thought, I still take the army guerrilla manner, with the positive military attack on the northeast."
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