Cave came to Jiazha children

November 23 [Fri], 2012, 17:05

The third volume of Ai Lunuo food pyramid top] 057 kill God, men are afraid of the natural enemies - 057 to kill God in general men are afraid the natural enemies I done such a thing? The was hn war, a ferocious Elda war witch has been continuous thunder and fire-breathing, he did not think to do lightning rod, holding a spear and holding a shield block fire, and then directed at the war The witch ran straight. At that time, he seemed to this war witch Zhuangfei, Knocked four is not clear. Her many problems, first Sakya then holding most Fengrui aurora sword that is thin as onion skin sword, the sword used against light armor and no A goal, in theory, can not destroy the heavy armor, Sakya continuous aurora sword cut broken the Eldar warriors hardest xiong A, how do? The second problem, Sakya how while in front of a group of soldiers ji war to escape the rear consecutive sh-spells and bows his head after a long eye it? Third question, Sakya capable of continuous high-speed shuttle run, run process re-acceleration constant acceleration and deceleration, to constantly dodge counterattack offbeat feint,North Face Mens Nuptse Jacket, how can he do,UGG Bailey I Do Cheap? She wanted to know the truth of these issues, but understand that these problems will only show their weakness, had to bite the forbearance. In fact, she even asked Sakya, Sakya can not be a clear answer the then hn war, he is straight sense to rely on instinct to fight, would like to have time to think. Accord Lena said he first cut to break what war witch long xiong, then war witch long Zhuangcheng fragments, he is also deeply puzzled. Because he really can not remember when xiong A cut-off of others? He depressed for a while, had to give up, said: Sakya sighed, but said: Miles,UGG Neumel Shoes. they will not do the old 2 and Five what, but not two scouts polite. Perhaps they are being tortured living death of those two guys, n-ng them time goes on the more they are the more impatient, more brutal means. honest with you the truth, my family who had a wrong howl 'murder ghost', she launched soared to but orcs are afraid I also nv children, she was the letter demons ... No, she is a demon nv king you know her favorite how to bully orcs it? Orc pressed to the ground to break apart the double tui, a light a fire the wooden sticks chā into orcs ** you also to the just can not know the bracelets of her hands, but chrysanthemum burst artifact. resurrection, if you do not believe, I can take you back see Kelisumo corpse, I will not speak of his head, his liver and stomach to be still unaccounted for and may have been destroyed by an unexpected explosion of flame. again with you to explain the principle of the resurrection, the resurrection of the first to recover the body of the deceased, and then sent back to the complete soul body even if the body 100% recovery, the soul returns there are also many kinds of uncertainties, the cause of death, the soul will force, the battlefield environment, the mythical peep will hinder the return of the soul long ago, I tried to summon Kelisumo the soul, soul into the home of the soul stone to be will, but you know what happened? Your tyrannical intended to kill his soul is frightened soul panic did not stay at the death scene, do not know to go to the corner which I have to worry about how to appease his soul. The Sakya thought, asked: Seven days, the spell automatically lapse. Azjol Lena said. Sakya do not know what to say, had marched Azjol Lena walk around in the dark forest. His clothes are not thick, standing in the cold and windy edge of the forest is really cold. From the inside out, he saw many animal carcasses on the ground, did not pay much attention to, think about it now feels very wrong. Vitality of Thunder Mountain is very active, but has a lot of scavengers, what animal to die in the wilderness, will soon attracted the jackal, coyote brown fox small scavengers, and then drew the crow like scavengers birds, and then a large number of insects. Trip to Oak Spirit tribes, he once made a wild boar throw in the wild boar had disappeared, leaving only a pile of fresh crushed bones through there the next day. But where animal carrion too, Sakya see wild boar, wild dogs, wolves, and a variety of poultry, frozen carrion save fairly complete skin ru, only some traces of insects chewing on. This is definitely unusual, the anomalous land there must be strange. The Sakya Shuzhaoerduo looked listener, and whispered: The Sakya secretly relax, but a sense of the heart of the crisis did not dissipate, but more strongly. Azjol Lena just how to say, 'the animals a dangerous hordes of Warcraft attacks in the past, beyond the removal of insects'. That is where insects particularly ...... Sakya dry swallow a mouthful of saliva, looked examine more vigilant, sharp golden eyes shining. Accord Lena nonsense, eyes wide open and alert around the eyes shining curious light. Sakya strongest she had seen strong, even combat power is not he show his strongest state. Although she Sakya With cold hatred, but she will not deny the horrors of combat power in Sakya. She was very curious, in the end what the Sakya scared. Accord Lena and Sakya one after walking in the dark forest. A half dead tree in front, she first took to the dead tree, the Sakya followed went up. When two people standing on the trunk, the frail old trunk can not support the weight of two people, Gala Gala split. Then think of a rustling sound hollow in the trunk, climbed out of a group of frightened beetles. Accord Lena suddenly feel relaxed right hand, the cold blade across the neck before also disappeared. She looked back, surprised discovery Sakya is bolted at an incredible rate, instant disappeared in the dark forest. Been distant trailing a team Alda soldiers rushed led soldiers quickly asked: said. The soldiers stayed stayed wonder asked: Alda soldiers suddenly without any hesitation, Pidianpidian big grab these innocent beetles. Grab enough beetles Accord Lena and the soldiers back to the mountain d-ng start preparing the final rectification work. To the resurrection of the dead have been resurrected, not the resurrection of the dead, they have to get back the soul. At the same time, they should also beware of the Sakya Querfufan. Busy gap Accord Lena chou empty d-ng Cave came to Jiazha children, two the nv soldiers are preoccupied 'monitoring'. Sakya previously left away Jiazha children used Note sh-yo bottles and medical kits. Jing ming Alda or find many clues, such as Jiazha children busy the Sakya injections of the many yo yo bottle spilled agent. They carefully tracing can know Jiazha child does ask for many medical kits. They thus yo agent for the the Sakya Notes sh-much, Sakya rehabilitation may determine Jiazha children. In addition, they are also suspicious disappearance medical supplies. Jiazha children here, Nakhon yo goods and Note sh-where? Sakya could only have been taken away. The Sakya Why take these things away? He wanted to hide? Because these doubt, Jiazha, children treatment of suspects. Accord Lena silent Jiazha children standing around, watching Jiazha children aging many faces, the mood is very complex. As a prophet, she was able to predict the future or back to the past. She has come to understand Jiazha children may do what. But she did not have much anger. Jiazha children. Because that scene always flashed in her eyes, is the miraculous recovery Sakya suddenly appeared in front,North Face Mens 3in1 Jackets Outlet. -------- Ps: see the drock Brothers posts, very pleased. <

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