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> 204: the sneak (under) climbed out of a sporting giant spider outside the room, quickly scanned into the properties of mercury in the mercury mine, climb down in droves, put tension excavation work. Behind them, liquefied spider crawled out from the room, and drill into the pit of hard digging up,ugg boots for cheap, they lifted scythe-like front paws easy cutting next Kuaikuai mercury ore, piled up in the abdomen storage bottle it ...... Yuwen Tai plan in the shortest possible time, this contains tens of thousands of tons of mercury ore deposits completely dug before Salik fell out with him, to complete the excavation plan. So dark and dreary. Bin Salman Al-sub-clan control this mercury deposits, preparation of cinnabar, purification of their use of mercury when the temperature sensor on a variety of instruments uses his mining is to extract mercury, after a series of purified concentrated eliminate the impurities, Softbank get the four liquefaction metal the liquid God civilized necessary one. Fluid inside the brain base comes proliferate, it constantly Yuwen Tai infiltrate internal drop of cell division and proliferation of metal liquid metal liquid, then create one but also a giant liquefied spider, this mining large need More liquefied spiders, Yuwen Tai expected manufacturing five thousand of liquefied giant spider, for the fastest time to dig the light this mercury veins,UGG Greenfield For Cheap. Long long ago gave this liquid brain base default instruction, when five thousand liquefied spiders manufacturing after, it will automatically create a star gate, according to Mercury of Taishan One Star door coordinates orientation interconnected, the mining good The mercury ore sent to all Mercury bases above until it finishes sending all the tens of thousands of tons of ore, and will cut off the two star gate contact. In order to prevent the release of energy transmitted by the Star Gate interesting, the entire floor will be covered with the liquefied isolation layer, and a transparent and colorless liquefied isolation layer energy fluctuations will be completely cut off, to avoid the outside of the instrument detected. Base, create a liquid brain default under a series of instructions, it will be a loyal performed automatically, and all will be the end of the story, he patted the hand, out the door dozen men surrounded ability, boarded his coaster , and sped away, trailing his five detective to see he stayed more than 10 minutes out into the the pit buildings mercury tall Sappho just to occupy in the busy command of the dark group, quietly trailing to keep up with Meanwhile, his message came to mercury pit, reported to the dark group. Salik command the dark group 24 hours to monitor him and report his move at any time, detective faithful execution of this command, no matter useful to useless, what did each hour Yuwen Tai, the whereabouts of children, whom contact, even eating and drinking Lazard sleep, have a reporting up called micromanager. Yuwen Tai also worried about any of his moves are monitored as well, out from the mercury pit, on the way, respectively, and to enter of Sappho has just requested compensation from other locations, that is really tall bars and nightclubs, with a bunch of abilities men cup Gong staggered long drink from the just transfer Feihu League headquarters building. Long, tall mercury mineral content of the number of tons? Calculate the time we need it?. Headquarters building belonging to Yuwen Tai's bedroom, his offerings repair, with the idea, asked. This Westerners rule Sim City, he has in a seizing the day, the sense of urgency, because The Salik spend the family forces, moments in secretly check it out the truth about him, Salik dare him to start, just because now far as the so-called Yuwen family atmosphere, Once the leak Dier, I'm afraid Salik always have fell out with him, he hijacked imprison and plunder his One God and many secrets. He must be dug mercury ore as soon as possible, to reach can always turn to leave the situation. will be able to tap an empty, all destined for the Mercury base through the Star Gate, purified concentrated into liquefied metal - Softbank in these ten days, you think of a way to stall for time, so do not tell you that Salik fell out, 10 days of a, then we're done I was in full swing now Compare star chart, looking for new liquefied metal raw materials, mineral location ...... Dragon with the idea in detail the results of its work tell it again. Yuwen Tai nodded ten days, in any case, he has self-confidence stays past eight tons of mercury ores, building pit content is not high, only ten days can be excavated fully excavated under five thousand of liquefied giant spider a space, this is purely mining ores, and do not need to be refined into mercury, all refined work are placed on top of the Mercury, Mercury on tall liquid brain base is huge, huge than Hengduan Mountains and under this liquid brain base. Liquid brain base, two three, like two small liquid brain Hengduan Mountains and the heads of the city of Brooklyn Will mercury mine base, only to have a series of work in accordance with preset instructions smart. Mercury liquid on top of the sinking brain base, but it is a liquid intelligent core of the city of God, with automatic growth, automatic thinking, automatically see the dragon left its liquid God of scientific and technical information for a series of building highly intelligent anthropomorphic liquid brain, says equal height similar to a Terran brain the smart solution SG brain anthropomorphic, than this two small low intelligent solution brain much more powerful. Comparison, if someone broke into the Hengduan Mountains or mercury pit, two small liquid brain only in accordance with preset instructions, into liquid hidden escape scanning is not found traces of them take a simple example; while Mercury's on the of sinking large liquid brain, like a person was able to use various means to attack the defense, If you really can not stand the intruders, before eventually turned into liquid, liquid God building hidden by various means, evade enemy scan check it two liquid brain base similar to the state-of-the-art computer chip Mercury sinking liquid brain but has similar evolutionary wisdom of liquid life adult brain,Lo Pro Button UGG Boot. Can not be compared. Because of this, Yuwen Tai Sim City, ready to be placed on top of the Mercury, where is fundamental, off the beaten track, but allow him to slow development, the raw materials of all mining liquefied metal ore is all shipped where, slowly forming a liquid the city of God, to be his Star foothold Mercury's harsh natural environment, natural range of scientific and technological means to resolve to create their own urban base. Such as labor to clean up the air, to create an artificial sun and an artificial moon, and so on. The like immediate Brooklyn Weil is an artificial sun and the moon, and to the natural environment of the the highly imitative infection star, makes family living freely in the city. The dragon tell Yuwen Tai hearts set a plan within ten days of delay time, slowly plunged into the underworld repair, he is now liquid A Valkyrie body is a fifth-order state, needs to grow to a higher realm, he's realm of the more high, in order to repair the dragon more memory, more liquid God Technology, of course, his power will be unprecedented upgrade. Order a favorable means of the bottleneck level higher the upgrade to the more difficult, so he does not give up at any point of time, Ming Xiu soul cover by is to enhance the spiritual realm, breaking ability gradually, He Jin into without his ecstasy. the surging tides elements, have been pouring into the sea to his soul ...... Salik eyes sparkling, staring at just Yuwen Tai action be submitted to a series of intelligence, abruptly, his eyebrow Mao Yiyang, eyes fixed on the latest intelligence, it is the the Rusa Fu occupy the claims of three Bin Salman Al-sub-clan industry intelligence about just Yuwen Tai, a mercury pit, a lounge bar, a star nightclub ... His eyes scanned the three intelligence Yuwen Tai carnival time is much longer than in the mercury mine drinking in bars and nightclubs, but his eyes are sensitive to stare at mercury pit Please quote ... mercury pit? Does the cinnabar raw, contains Yuwen family to master the high-tech ingredients? spend much more than the mercury pit, in his eyes, there is no value for the sensitivity of Technology, his attention is focused only at mercury mine. Pit because of mercury, cinnabar and mercury to extract the essential items of the mercury in the preparation of traditional Chinese medicine cinnabar and various temperature sensors. That Salik has long been known, if there is no God One, he will not care, but God is One magical effect, from the hands of Yuwen Tai, from a hide in the dark, it seems enormous Yuwen family of the hands, and then Yuwen Tai suddenly to patronize tall mercury pit falls in his eyes, natural daydreams elegant, feel very suspicious. Mercury pits, the originally large tracts in the infected star, you can not say everywhere, but it is also very commonplace. Just the development of science and technology, so that the various resources of the infection star almost hollowed dig to make, only to look at the interstellar access to a variety of mineral resources, the outbreak of large-scale development of the interstellar frenzy,UGG Australia Bailey I Do. Outbreak of the mutated virus, leaving the infection star becomes a harsh incomparable, near-death-like planet can not live normal, terrible variation tribal army swept, governments have collapsed, leading abilities family turned out basically all technology around the premise of gene technology development. Like this type of mercury pit in Star less rare, so the price of cinnabar and mercury soaring Yuwen Tai not appear in the tall pit Salik how also does not think about the value of mercury or cinnabar. Cinnabar, Chinese medicine, one, with a sedative function, but also some kind of violent differences can be gene injection, the essential raw materials, has potent sedative is one of the pharmaceutical auxiliary gene technology. Salik was immediately attracted by this intelligence eyes, eyebrows condensate into a ball, Cap 204: the sneak (under) Chapter 204: sneak (under the to the website www. <

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